Blue Star Status Review: Testosterone Expert Says "Is it worth it?"

Blue Star Status Review: Testosterone Expert Says “Is it worth it?”

Testosterone supplements are considered by many to be the ultimate supplement—this Blue Star Status Review explores whether this product is deserving of that accolade.

There are hundreds of so-called T-boosters on the market. The problem is that many are underdosed, contain “filler” ingredients, or are simply ineffective.

You know what I’m saying, right?

Yet choosing the right testosterone supplement can be life-changing—elevating muscle gains, increasing fat loss, and boosting sex-drive.

This Blue Star Status Review lifts the lid on this testosterone booster—exposing its ingredients, working processes, and whether it produces real results.

If you can handle the surprising truth, read on bro.

Blue Star Status Review
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Blue Star Status Review

Let me kick off this Status testo booster review with some brief background. This product comes from Blue Star Nutraceuticals—a company with over a decade’s experience in bodybuilding nutrition.

Status by Blue Star Nutraceuticals is the company’s flagship product—a testosterone booster. Supplied in pill form to be taken daily, it’s designed to naturally elevate testosterone levels—safely.

This product doesn’t contain any of the hormone testosterone itself (which would be illegal)—just compounds which have been scientifically proven to heighten the T-count.

Blue Star Status Ingredients

Blue Star Status Ingredients

For full transparency in this Blue Star Status review, I’ve included an image of the ingredient label above.

Here is how some of the key players work:

Zinc and Magnesium

Two minerals which numerous studies have indicated stimulate the testes into producing more testosterone.[1][2]


Also known as DIM, this leafy-vegetable extract is able to block the testosterone-killing estrogen—thus elevating T-levels.[3]

Eurycoma longifolia

A flowering plant, sometimes called Longjack, that experts have shown can heighten T-production.[4]

Trigonella Foenum Graecum (Fenugreek)

Has the incredible property of “freeing” testosterone that’s currently tied to SHBG (sex-hormone binding globulin). When it’s bound it’s unable to provide positive bodybuilding effects.[5]

KSM-66 (Ashwagandha)

A compound which not only has been scientifically proven to elevate testosterone but research has also shown that it boosts muscle recovery and overall strength.[6]


A patented form of black pepper extract, which studies illustrate increases the absorption of the other compounds—raising their efficacy and speed of action.[7]

How Does Blue Star Status Work?

As shown in this Blue Star Status review—science has indicated the ingredients can elevate T-levels.

However, it’s the benefits that a heightened testosterone count provides which are of most interest to the serious bodybuilder.

Raising T-levels results in:

  • Fast muscle gains—testosterone is a key factor in muscle protein synthesis—the more you have the faster your muscles grow.[8]
  • Enhanced strength—studies have proven that boosting testosterone levels elevates power and strength.[9]
  • Heightened sexual performance—raising the T-count leads to impressive firm erections, heightened fertility, and increased libido.[10][11][12]
  • Increased fat loss—high testosterone boosts lipolysis (fat loss)—leading to a tight and defined physique.[13]
  • Enhanced mood and focus—elevated T-levels stimulate the production of the neurotransmitter serotonin—giving you confidence, energy, and focus.[14]
  • Offsets aging—as testosterone declines with age, supplementing is ideal for guys who aren’t interested in bodybuilding—rolling back the years to improve sex life, alleviate depression, and heighten vitality. [15][16]

However, while the benefits are impressive, this Blue Star Status review wouldn’t be complete without the downsides, explored next.

Blue Star Status Side Effects

Blue Star Status Side Effects

You’re unlikely to suffer from any Status testosterone booster side effects—as all the ingredients are 100 percent natural.

However, as people react differently to supplementation, if you suffer from any adverse reactions—cease use.

Blue Star Status Pros and Cons

Here are some quick Blue Star Status pros and cons:


  • Includes compounds which science has shown can elevate testosterone levels.
  • No filler ingredients.
  • 60-day money back guarantee.
  • Available in numerous countries around the world.
  • Side effect free—will not cause the dangerous health issues that steroidal testosterone can induce.
  • Completely legal—for casual use or sporting competition.


  • It contains a proprietary blend of ingredients to boost absorption—quantities cannot be judged for efficacy.

Blue Star Status Before After Results

To recap, we’ve seen already in this Blue Star Status Review that this supplement contains ingredients proven to elevate T-levels. But, what are actual users seeing?

Here are the results that guys using the Blue Star Status testosterone booster have experienced.

“I started using this brand about 3 weeks ago…This is making me feel pumped and ripped already. The muscle mass is tight…2.3% reduction in body fat.

NF Paez

“I took this for 30 days straight…I had greater mental clarity…I have had more endurance. I am able to hit high reps in addition to being able to blow through some high-intensity workouts.”

Jon Holland

I felt increased energy…an increase in my pumps at the gym, and at the end of my first month I could see substantial fat burn and muscle gain.”

He Yk

“I ran a 30-day supply of Status…during these 30 days, I was able to up my PR on the flat bench by 15 pounds to 250. I was also able to hit several more reps at 225.”

Dale Fredricks

Furthermore, a common thread among the testimonials was that using Status in one of the Blue Star Nutraceuticals stacks increased results even further.

Where to Buy Blue Star Status?

This Blue Star Status review has shown that it’s an effective supplement. If you wish to purchase it, this product can be obtained from the official Blue Star website, Amazon, and

Blue Star Status Review Conclusion

Testosterone boosters are one of the great all-around supplements. They boost T-levels legally, leading to greater muscle mass, increased fat loss, enhanced recovery, and improved mood and confidence.

Although there are many trashy supplements currently in the market—Blue Star Status isn’t one of them.

This product includes ingredients which have all shown to heighten testosterone production. Furthermore, genuine customer testimonials illustrate that it does work—fast.

Hence, if you’re looking to increase your training returns—there are far worst supplements out there. It’s worthy of consideration.

Blue Star Status Review FAQ

“How to Take Blue Star Status?”

Consume three capsules in the morning, with food or without.

“How Much Does Blue Star Status Cost?”

When obtained from the official website, Blue Star Status costs $69.99 for one months’ supply.

“Is Blue Star Status Safe?”

As this product is made from natural ingredients, there are unlikely to be any adverse health effects.

“Where Can You Buy Blue Star Status?”

This supplement is available from the official Blue Star Status website,, and Amazon.

“What’s Better Blue Star Status vs Nugenix?”

If we compare Blue Star Status vs Nugenix customer testimonials—it appears that guys witness greater benefits when using Blue Star Status.

“Does Blue Star Status Really Work?”

Customer testimonials are very positive. Furthermore, the ingredients included in the supplement have been scientifically proven to elevate testosterone levels.

“Is There a Money Back Guarantee?”

There’s a full 60-day money back guarantee.

“How Long Do You Have to Take Blue Star Status Before Seeing Results?”

Some guys report increases in strength within the first seven days. The most impressive results are witnessed after one month’s use.

“Do They Ship Worldwide?”

Delivery to USA, UK, Italy, New Zealand, Canada, and Australia is available when purchased from the official website.



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