Big T Review – Cutler Nutrition – Side Effects – How Does It Work?

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 What Is Big T By Cutler Nutrition?

big t review
What’s better than Big T? – Find out here.

After pounds of new muscle mass?

If so, you may be consider a testosterone booster.

Testosterone boosters are designed to enhance the most powerful muscle building hormone in your body: testosterone.

Each product out there contributes it’s own unique combination of ingredients and Big-T by Cutler Nutrition is no exception.

Designed by Jay Cutler himself, which anyone who is involved in bodybuilding will know about, this fact makes you think it should stand up and deliver excellent results.

Is that the case?

Let’s take a closer look in this Big-T by Cutler Nutrition review.


Big t review


Big T By Cutler Nutrition Ingredients – How Does It Work?

One look at the ingredient levels in Big T reveals what we see time and time again: a proprietary blend.

This already should make you put the brakes on the product.

Sadly, you won’t know exactly how much of each ingredient you’re getting, making it a challenge to know just how effective it really is.

We do see that you get 1200 IU’s of vitamin D3, which is 300% of your total daily requirements.

This is a good thing as those who suffer from low vitamin D also tend to report low testosterone as well, according to scientific studies.[1]

In addition to this, we also see that Big-T contains broussonetia, American saffron, as well as Nelumbinis Semen as well Aspidosperma quebracho-blanco.

These four ingredients are unlike anything seen before in testosterone boosters, which does set this product apart.

All herbal in nature, it does appear that American Saffron can have a positive effect on testosterone,[2] although whether this effect is primarily realized in improved sexual function or in increased lean muscle generation is not fully known.

We also see that broussonetia may act as an aromatase inhibitor, so this could be beneficial for helping to keep your overall estrogen levels down. Since estrogen opposes the action of testosterone, this then means that you should see improved muscle building results.

Nelumbinis Semen does appear to help combat depressive like symptoms according to some studies,[3] so if you are someone who is feeling a bit down, this could help bring you out of that.

As depression can also lower overall testosterone levels, this could hold promise for those who are suffering.

Big T did not make it to the list of our top 3 best testosterone boosters in the world.


  • Is an all-natural product
  • Shouldn’t produce many side effects
  • May help to increase testosterone levels
  • Could help boost bone strength thanks to the vitamin D included
  • Is a reasonable price


  • Does not give full dosage information
  • Must be cycled after 8 weeks
  • Lacks the ZMA combination
  • Will not help to optimize performance at all
  • Contains properiatary blends
  • Does not come with a 100% money back guarantee
  • Big T is missing a few key ingredients and did not make to our list of the top 3 best testosterone boosters

The Verdict

Overall, while this product does offer some hope of benefits and is reasonably priced, there isn’t a lot of evidence on the ingredients it contains that prove it will help you build lean muscle mass.

Other products on the market that contain ZMA or the other well-known testosterone boosters such as tribulus or fenugreek may be more effective options for both enhancing muscle mass as well as increasing your libido levels.

This product is likely primarily riding on the name behind it – Jay Cutler, which most people do respect in the bodybuilding industry.

Don’t let that fool you into buying it without doing your own research however. With plenty of testosterone boosters out there, there is a lot to choose from.

The fact that it contains proprietary blends and is missing a few key ingredients it did unfortunately not make it to our top 3 list of testosterone boosters.


Where To Buy Big T By Cutler Nutrition

You can purchase Big-T by Cutler Nutrition on for $26.90 per 28 capsules serving. This will last you around one month, so you’re looking at a price per day of around $1.

How Do I Take Big T By Cutler Nutrition?

For optimal results, you’ll want to take one capsule of Big-T by Cutler Nutrition first thing in the morning on an empty stomach.

The product manufacturers state that after 8 weeks of continuous use, you should stop the product for a four-week break.

Some may want to do this earlier than that, stopping at the four week mark.

Cycling this supplement will yield optimal results and ensure that you keep responding to it.

Does Big T By Cutler Nutrition Come With Side Effects?

So what side effects can you expect to experience with Big-T by Cutler Nutrition?

The good thing is that because this is a herbal product, risk of side effects will be quite low.

Most people should tolerate the product fine and not suffer any unwanted symptoms.

As always though, be sure that you do check with your doctor before taking it.

Some herbal ingredients can have negative interactions with other medications you may be using, so this could result in unwanted side effects there.

Likewise, it may also reduce the effectiveness of certain medications, therefore, you’ll want to get the green light from your doctor for that reason as well. If you aren’t using any medications, then this won’t be a concern for you.

Does Big T Come With A 100% Money Back Guarantee?

Big-T Does not come with a 100% money back guarantee. You can only return the product within 30 days if you buy it directly from the website in unopened & unused condition.

Do you have to cycle on/off with Big T?

You have to cycle the product after using it for 8 weeks.

What Testosterone Boosting Ingredients is Big T missing?

We would recommend a product that contains ZMA or the other well-known testosterone boosters such as tribulus or fenugreek they may be more effective options for both enhancing muscle mass as well as increasing your libido levels.

What’s better than Big T?

If your aim and goal is to increase testosterone levels and build muscle mass you should definitely consider using a testosterone booster.

However Big T is not one of our favourite testosterone booster. See our top 3 recommended testosterone boosters here.


Nimptsch, Katharina, et al. “Association between plasma 25‐OH vitamin D and testosterone levels in men.” Clinical endocrinology 77.1 (2012): 106-112.[1]

Lee, Dongho, et al. “Aromatase Inhibitors from Broussonetia p apyrifera.”Journal of natural products 64.10 (2001): 1286-1293.[2]

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