Big Ramy Has COVID: What happens now?

Big Ramy Has COVID: What happens now?

Big Ramy the monster bodybuilder has been tested positive for Covid-19.

He confirms this one his Instagram page.

Real name Mamdouh Elssbiay is one the most massive bodybuilders in the bodybuilding industry today.

This is a devastating blow to this already vulnerable industry, as he will have to withdraw from competing at Europa Pro 2020. Who will want to watch when Big Ramy isn’t competing? That’s what people are wondering right now.

big ramy covid
From @big_ramy on Instagram

Big Ramy COVID Statement

In Big Ramy’s Covid statement he wanted to make it clear that he is feeling just fine and that he is taking all necessary precautions to stop the spread of the virus.

Obviously, he is frustrated with the situation. He goes on to say that because of this he may not be able to qualify for Mr Olympia. Which is of course the lively hood for bodybuilders like Big Ramy. He has had his eyes on the Mr Olympia titles for years now. Some say he should have won Mr Olympia a few years ago, that the judges were unfair.

Check out Big Ramy’s COVID statement in full here:

View this post on Instagram

I would like to make the official statement that I have tested POSITIVE for COVID-19. Therefore, I will not be able to compete this Sunday 11/10/20 at @npceuropean championships. I wanna wish good luck to the athletes and the promoter of the show my friends @emilio_martinez_romero and gian rico . I am devastated with this news as this is completely out of my control and it is the second preparation i loose cause of this virus… I stayed 5 months stranded in dubai after the cancelation of arnold australia and now another big chance to qualify for olympia just vanished in front of my eyes… But life goes on and the show must go on if it was just about me i would go and compete!! I have a little cough but nothing that bad but it would be irresponsible for me to risk older people life…So I will fight this little virus and get back to doing what i love the most :Bodybuilding… I want to thank everyone around the world for always supporting me YOU ARE MORE THAN FANS YOUR FAMILY . Please, know that I will be taking all precautions to not transmit this virus to anyone, i will quarantine myself a couple weeks and return stronger and healthier than ever.. I wanna thank my sponsor @dragonpharma_llc for supporting me all the time and providing me with great products for my preps and this time i will use their new Rx Line to boost my immune system and fight this corona #bodybuilding #BigRamy #teamdragonpharma #DragonPharma #TeamBigRamy ps: please understand the state of mind i am in right now i will take a couple days off social media thanks for those who will understand God bless everyone

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Big Ramy IFBB Europa Pro 2020

What happens to Europa Pro 2020? Now that Big Ramy isn’t competing. Well, the competition is still scheduled to take place in Spain.

The winner will qualify to compete at Mr Olympia.

This will be even more exciting to watch, as the top spot is open for grabs.

Will Regan Grimes take the top spot instead? He’s a worthy contender for sure.

Will Big Ramy compete at Mr. Olympia?

After testing positive for coronavirus, Big Ramy said in a statement:

“…and now a big chance to qualify for Mr Olympia just vanished in front of my eyes..”

Fans are still hoping that he recovers just in time for the competiton as they really want to see him compete against 7x champion Phil Heath, who is looking to finally get his crown back this year.

Phil Heath vs. Big Ramy would have been great. But now in this new world, nothing can be taken for granted.

Hopefully we will be able to see these two monsters compete head to head. As you can see from his recent posts, he was PREPARED to crush the competition:

What are the fans saying?

It’s obvious that people do not want to see Big Ramy have to cancel his shows.

Here’s what a few people are commenting on his posts.

Dennis James fellow pro bodybuilder had these nice words to say:

Blessing Awodibu, viral superstar in the bodybuilding industry had this to say:

Dennis Wolf, fellow monster bodybuilder wrote nice things to Big Ramy:

We at BroScience would like to wish Big Ramy a speedy recovery and all the best!

Hopefully he will crush this set back fast.

Good luck Big Ramy! We love you!

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