Beverly International Mass Maker Ultra Review: Is It Good?

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Beverly Int. Mass Maker Ultra

The product balances carbohydrates and proteins to support muscle building and energy needs during extensive workouts.

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Beverly International Mass Maker Ultra is a dietary supplement engineered to cater to the needs of individuals aiming to gain lean mass effectively. Its blend of proteins, carbohydrates, and fats is specifically formulated to support muscle recovery and growth, making it a popular choice among strength athletes, bodybuilders, and fitness enthusiasts who are looking to increase muscle mass without adding unwanted fat. With a careful balance of ingredients geared towards optimizing lean mass gains, this product positions itself as more than just a typical weight gainer.

Understanding the appropriate usage and dosage is crucial for maximizing the benefits of Mass Maker Ultra. It is commonly recommended to consume the product in the morning, after workouts, or as a meal replacement, depending on individual caloric needs. Consumers often highlight the product’s taste and mixability as positive aspects, contributing to the overall practicality of including Mass Maker Ultra in a regular fitness and nutrition regimen. Recognizing the variables that affect user experience, such as comparison with other mass gainers, potential side effects, and value for money, are important when considering this supplement as part of a diet plan.

Key Takeaways

  • Beverly International Mass Maker Ultra is designed for lean mass gains with a specific protein, carb, and fat blend.
  • Recommended use includes post-workout and meal replacement for tailored calorie intake.
  • Positive consumer feedback often cites palatable taste and ease of mixing.

Overview of Beverly International Mass Maker Ultra

Beverly International’s Mass Maker Ultra (MMU) is designed for those seeking muscle growth and weight gain. The product balances carbohydrates and proteins to support muscle building and energy needs during extensive workouts.

MMU is formulated with a 2:1 ratio of carbohydrates to protein. It includes:

  • 50 grams of carbohydrates per serving
  • 25 grams of protein per serving
  • Sources of protein include Milk Protein Isolate
  • Carbohydrates sourced from brown rice and ancient grains

In addition to macronutrients, MMU contains medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs) for an added energy boost.

Taste Profile:
Users report a pleasing taste:

  • Vanilla flavor reminiscent of desserts like cheesecake and vanilla pudding
  • Chocolate flavor likened to chocolate syrup mixed with milk

For those aiming to gain weight, it is recommended to take one or more servings daily, particularly after workouts for optimal recovery.

Additional Highlights:

  • Lower in sugar compared to some weight gainers
  • Can be mixed with water and retains a pleasant taste
  • Includes fast and slow releasing proteins and carbohydrates to sustain energy and support muscle recovery

Beverly International positions MMU as not only a muscle building supplement but also as a product suited for athletes with high-energy demands, looking for quality ingredients without excessive sugars.

Nutritional Profile

Beverly International Mass Maker Ultra Review

Beverly International Mass Maker Ultra is designed to support muscle growth and performance through a comprehensive nutritional profile. This section will provide specific details regarding its macronutrient composition and vitamin and mineral content to better understand the product’s potential benefits.

Macronutrient Breakdown

The macronutrient ratio of Mass Maker Ultra is tailored to promote lean mass gain with a 2:1 carbohydrate to protein ratio. Each serving contains:

  • Carbohydrates: It includes slow-releasing carbohydrates like brown rice and ancient whole grains.
  • Proteins: A blend of fast and slow-digesting proteins, including Milk Protein Isolate (MPI).
  • Fats: Incorporates fats from coconut oil and medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs), known for their fast-burning properties.

The precise distribution of macros per serving (listed as calories, carbohydrates, proteins, and fats) is designed to fuel lengthy workouts and aid in recovery and muscle building.

Vitamin and Mineral Content

Mass Maker Ultra provides a nutritional profile that extends beyond macronutrients, though specific vitamin and mineral content is not highlighted in the provided data. Consumers are encouraged to refer to the product’s label for detailed information on the vitamins and minerals included and to understand how these micronutrients can support overall nutritional balance and well-being.

Benefits and Performance

Beverly International Mass Maker Ultra Review

Beverly International Mass Maker Ultra is designed to aid users in their quest for lean muscle mass and improved recovery post-workout.

Muscle Building Support

Mass Maker Ultra provides a blend of milk protein isolate, whey protein isolate, and egg proteins. This combination aims to facilitate sustained amino acid delivery to muscles, which is vital for muscle synthesis. Each serving includes 25 grams of protein to support muscle growth.

Recovery Enhancement

Enhancing recovery, Mass Maker Ultra contains ingredients like MCT oil that may help with energy replenishment. Proper recovery can enhance overall training performance, including elements such as strength, power, and stamina, by reducing muscle soreness and rebuilding muscle fibers.

Usage and Dosage

When considering Beverly International Mass Maker Ultra, it is critical to adhere to recommended serving sizes and understand the timing and frequency of consumption to achieve the best results.

The product’s label provides detailed instructions for the serving size. Typically, individuals are guided to consume a specific number of scoops with water or another preferred liquid. The exact amount can vary based on body weight and caloric needs.

Timing and Frequency

After workouts: It is often recommended to take the supplement following workout sessions to aid in recovery and muscle building.

First thing in the morning: Introducing it as part of a morning routine can help kickstart the day’s nutritional intake.

Before bed: Taking the supplement before bed may support overnight muscle recovery and growth.

As an occasional meal replacement: While not a substitute for whole foods, it can serve as a meal replacement when necessary.

Frequency should align with individual nutritional goals and daily protein requirements, keeping in mind the importance of a balanced diet.

Taste and Mixability

Beverly International Mass Maker Ultra Review

Beverly International Mass Maker Ultra is praised for its exceptional taste and ease of mixability, offering a palatable experience for users seeking to increase their muscle mass with quality nutrients.

Flavor Options

Mass Maker Ultra from Beverly International comes in Vanilla and Chocolate flavors. Testimonials suggest the Vanilla flavor is reminiscent of rich, creamy desserts, with comparisons to vanilla pudding and even Crème brûlée. The Chocolate option is reported to have a natural cocoa aroma, and its taste has been likened to a childhood treat of milk mixed with chocolate syrup.


Consumers report that Mass Maker Ultra has a notable ability to dissolve easily in water, indicating high solubility. This feature emphasizes the product’s convenience, as it can be quickly prepared with minimal clumping.

Comparison With Other Mass Gainers

Beverly International Mass Maker Ultra is positioned in the market to compete on the elements of nutritional profile and targeted results. It focuses on a clean carbohydrate to protein ratio designed to aid consumers in muscle gain with minimal fat increase.

Caloric Density

Mass Maker Ultra provides a significant caloric boost with a balance skewed towards carbohydrates. Compared to other mass gainers like Serious Mass and Naked Mass, Mass Maker Ultra offers a 2:1 carbohydrate to protein ratio, with 50 grams of carbs per serving. Naked Mass, while similar in its clean ingredient approach, has a more calorie-dense formulation, which might benefit those looking for quicker weight gain.

Protein Quality

The protein in Mass Maker Ultra is characterized by its high quality, with 25 grams of protein per serving in a blend that’s beneficial for muscle repair and growth. When evaluated against alternatives like Dymatize Super Mass Gainer and BSN True Mass, Beverly’s product focuses on the inclusion of fast and slow digesting proteins, designed for prolonged absorption—a feature discerning users might prefer for sustained amino acid delivery to muscles.

Potential Side Effects

When considering Beverly International Mass Maker Ultra, it is important to understand the potential side effects that may be experienced. Consumers should be aware that, like any supplement, individual reactions can vary.

Digestive Issues: Some individuals might experience digestive discomfort, including:

  • Bloating
  • Gas
  • Upset stomach

This could stem from the high protein and carbohydrate content, or from individual sensitivities to the product’s ingredients.

Allergens: Mass Maker Ultra contains ingredients that may trigger allergic responses in some users, notably from:

  • Milk proteins
  • Coconut oil

Individuals with known allergies should review the product ingredients carefully.

Weight Gain: The product is designed to assist with weight gain. Users should manage their overall caloric intake to ensure the supplement aligns with their fitness goals and does not lead to unwanted weight gain.

Blood Sugar Levels: With a focus on carbohydrates to aid mass gain, the product could impact blood sugar levels. Users, particularly those with diabetes or insulin resistance, should monitor their blood sugar and consult with a healthcare professional.

Interaction with Medications: Users taking prescription medications should consult a healthcare provider to rule out potential interactions.

As with starting any new supplement, it is advisable to discuss it with a healthcare professional, especially for individuals with pre-existing health conditions, those who are pregnant or nursing, or anyone under the age of 18.

Consumer Testimonials

Beverly International Mass Maker Ultra has received positive feedback from multiple users, particularly from those in the United States. The product’s effectiveness is frequently mentioned, with one user stating:

  • Effectiveness:
    User from July 17, 2022:
    Rating: 5.0 out of 5 stars
    “It has never failed me when training for my goals. As long as they keep making it, I’m gonna keep buying it because it works for me.”

The sentiment on reliability and results is echoed by several customers who have made repeat purchases. Another area of interest is the product’s appeal to those looking to gain lean mass:

  • Lean Mass Gains:
    Reviews hint at a strong preference among customers aiming to build lean mass, including strongmen and individuals who are serious about mass and muscle gain.

Product flavors are also discussed, with specific mentions to the vanilla and chocolate varieties, although the testimonials do not give explicit descriptions of taste:

  • Flavor Options:
    Chocolate and Vanilla
    Reviews suggest that users are satisfied with these options, though they focus less on flavor and more on the outcomes related to muscle and mass gains.

The overall tone from the user reviews suggests confidence in the product’s ability to deliver results, emphasizing consistent satisfaction over time and commitment to continue using it as part of their fitness regimen. Loyal customers highlight the product’s contribution to their fitness goals, reinforcing the brand’s trustworthiness among its user base.

Price and Value

The Beverly International Mass Maker Ultra is presented as a premium nutritional supplement catering to individuals looking to increase their mass. The product is priced to reflect its position in the market as a high-quality offering.

When assessing its value, consumers will notice that the Mass Maker Ultra contains a strategic blend of proteins and carbohydrates. The price point varies by retailer, but typically, a 3-pound container might cost around $36.99. For those who prefer to subscribe and save, retailers such as Tiger Fitness offer a 10% discount, reducing the cost to approximately $33.29.

A breakdown of its constituents offers further insight into its value:

  • Caloric Content: 390 calories per serving.
  • Protein: 25 grams per serving.
  • Fats: Includes medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs) and fats from coconut oil.
  • Unique Formula: Combines 4 types of proteins (fast and slow-digesting) alongside high-quality carbohydrates.

Considering these factors:

  • Consumers find value in the diverse sources of proteins and fats, devised for sustained release and absorption.
  • The convenience of a mass gainer with a blend of macronutrients can be economically beneficial compared to purchasing these components separately.

The price for Beverly International Mass Maker Ultra reflects its position as a comprehensive supplement tailored for muscle-building endeavors. Potential customers should weigh the cost against their nutritional needs and goals to determine the overall value for their personal use.


Beverly International Mass Maker Ultra (MMU) is a product designed to support muscle growth, weight gain, and enhanced recovery for athletes. According to customer feedback and product descriptions, it offers a high-calorie blend of proteins, carbohydrates, and fats. Users highlight the taste, mentioning flavors such as vanilla and the scent of cocoa. MMU is characterized by its blend of fast and slow-release proteins, alongside high-quality carbs, which are essential for an athlete’s muscle-building and energy needs.

Consumer reviews reflect mixed experiences, citing both satisfaction with the product’s effectiveness and preferences for certain flavors. Some reviews mention an issue with receiving the incorrect product flavor, pointing to potential customer service snags. Safety concerns are minimal, but one review mentioned the presence of aluminum in the product, which may need further clarification for health-conscious consumers.

The product is marketed with claims of increased caloric potency—390 calories per serving—to facilitate mass gain. It incorporates medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs) and fats from coconut oil, which are said to provide a quick source of energy for workouts.

In essence, individuals considering MMU should weigh these reviews and product specifications against personal goals and dietary needs. As with any supplement, it is advisable to consult a health professional before initiating use.

BroScience Verdict
Beverly Int. Mass Maker Ultra

The product balances carbohydrates and proteins to support muscle building and energy needs during extensive workouts.

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Frequently Asked Questions

This section aims to answer common inquiries regarding Beverly International Mass Maker Ultra, providing readers with a clear understanding of the product’s effectiveness, recommended usage, and ingredients.

What can I expect in terms of results from using Beverly International Mass Maker Ultra?

Individuals using this supplement can typically expect an increase in muscle mass when combined with regular exercise and adequate nutrition. Results vary based on factors like diet, workout intensity, and individual metabolism.

Are there any known negative side effects from using Mass Maker Ultra for weight gain?

Some users might experience digestive discomfort or allergic reactions if sensitive to dairy or other ingredients. It’s important to follow recommended servings and consult with a physician if unsure.

How does Mass Maker Ultra compare to other leading muscle mass gainers on the market?

Mass Maker Ultra is notable for its blend of fast and slow proteins, high-quality carbohydrates, and fats from sources like coconut oil, offering a balanced nutritional profile designed for muscle gain.

The manufacturer generally recommends consistent use over several weeks or months alongside resistance training to observe noticeable muscle gains. However, the exact duration can depend on the individual’s overall training and nutrition plan.

Can Beverly International Mass Maker Ultra be used for purposes other than bodybuilding, such as for animals like goats?

The product is specifically formulated for human consumption and bodybuilding. It is not intended or recommended for animals or any use other than as a dietary supplement for humans.

Does Mass Maker Ultra contain any steroids or banned substances?

Mass Maker Ultra does not contain steroids or substances banned by mainstream sports organizations. Consumers are advised to review ingredient lists to ensure compliance with specific regulations or competitive sports requirements.

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