Best Testosterone Boosters for Women 2020: Top 3 That ACTUALLY Work

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testo boosters for womenThe best testosterone boosters for women can have amazing effects on the female body – and trust me, I’m not talking about beards!

Let me say this:

We all wish there was a way we could make our lives a little bit better, right? Whether it’s raising sex drive, boosting energy levels, elevating mood or just getting that body toned and tight.

Well, there’s a simple way!

The best testosterone boosters for women can have all those effects, and much more!

I’m not kidding!

Women using these awesome supplements have seen massive improvements they never believed were that easy!

The frustration of shedding fat is gone. They have unlimited energy at home, work and the bedroom, and, what’s more, they are getting the awesome figure that they always dreamed of!

In this Best Testosterone Boosters for Women article I will let you into the secrets behind these fantastic pills!

You will learn that many of the myths you heard are totally untrue, discover how these supplements work and, to top it all, the 3 best testosterone boosters for women available on the market today!

Let’s get straight down to it!

Benefits of Higher Testosterone Levels for Women

woman in shapeGuys have testosterone, women have estrogen.

Well, while one is definitely the male hormone and one the female, fact is, men and women have both.

What’s more, they are both essential in either sex.

But, as this is about testosterone for women, I’ll just stick to that!

It’s damn obvious I know, but women don’t have balls to produce testosterone!

Instead it’s produced by the ovaries and adrenal gland.1

But here’s an alarming fact:

Often, many women’s testosterone levels are too low.

For starters, testosterone production declines with age.

In addition, menopause, hysterectomy, stress, poor diet and oral contraceptives can all lower those important T-levels.2 3 4 5

Here’s the good news:

Boosting testosterone not only restores natural bodily health, but can have awesome effects for the female body.

Cranking the testosterone into overdrive has the following awesome effects:

  • Protects against cardiovascular disease
  • Regulates menstrual cycle 6
  • Increases mood and prevents depression 7
  • Boosts energy levels 8
  • Raises strength and stamina 9
  • Builds strong and dense bone tissue
  • Promotes tight, toned muscle 10
  • Improves focus and mental function
  • Revitalizes skin through collagen synthesis 11
  • Prevents against fat gain 12
  • Promotes healthy red blood cell production
  • Increases sex drive and orgasm pleasure 13
  • Enhances clitoris sensitivity and arousal 14

See, I told you it was important!

What Happens If a Woman Takes Testosterone Booster?

To start, let me turn that question on its head!

It’s probably easier if I tell you what will NOT happen!

Taking the best testosterone boosters for women, or for that matter even the ineffective ones, will NOT:

  • Give you a beard or moustache
  • Turn you into a she-hulk
  • Give you acne
  • Make you go bald
  • Lower your voice
  • Make you grow balls
  • Increase sweating
  • Make you obsessed with cars, football and beer (unless you already are!)

Honestly, and I do mean this seriously, none of these effects have ever happened, or could even possibly happen, by taking a testosterone booster!

Here’s where the myth comes from:

We have all heard the stories, or seen the images, of the slightly ‘manly’ women that certain countries entered into athletic events in the 1970s and 1980s.

And yes, they were definitely masculinized.

Here’s a fact:

They were taking steroids. Not testosterone boosters.

There’s a big difference:

Steroids are synthetic manipulations of testosterone, which are often injected directly into muscle mass.

This is an unnaturally large hit of hormones which can play havoc with the body and lead to awful side effects.

T-boosters are nothing like that.

The best testosterone boosters for women use natural ingredients to kick start your body into producing more of this essential hormone.

There is no actual testosterone in these supplements.

No injections, no side effects – just 100% incredible results.

You are simply assisting your body into producing more.

muscular woman high testosterone

So, definitely, no she-hulk proportions.


Let me tell you something:

Testosterone does build muscle.

It’s one of the prime factors behind muscle protein synthesis. So when you exercise, your muscles will become tight and nicely toned.

Leaving you with simply an awesome body!

But don’t get me wrong:

If building serious mass is your thing, and why shouldn’t it be, testosterone boosters will really help speed things up.


Building phenomenal muscle size comes from lifting the extremely heavy iron combined with protein supplementation and a dedicated workout regime.

Getting muscle like that is both planned and worked for – it doesn’t come from a T-booster alone!

Here’s the bottom line:

Testosterone boosters will not make you look like Schwarzenegger or turn you into a hairy beast.

You will simply receive all the awesome health benefits I mentioned earlier, and, if taken in conjunction with an exercise regime, enable you to be tight, slender, toned and freakin’ gorgeous!

best testosterone boosters ingredients for women

Best Testosterone Boosting Ingredients for Women:

This article is called Best Testosterone Boosters for Women for a reason.

Not all the supposed T-boosters on the market are effective.

Many of them are either underdosed or contain a formulation that’s just ineffective.

However, I’m here to help!

When choosing your testosterone supplement look for the following ingredients. All of these are essential in a T-booster, and, most importantly, all have scientific evidence behind them.

Vitamin D3

As a vitamin that is produced by exposure to sunlight, many women are lacking in D3, especially if they are employed in a natural light free environments such as offices.

This vitamin has been shown in studies to be essential for testosterone production in females. Ensuring that this ingredient is included within your testosterone booster will make those T-levels rise! 15

D-Aspartic Acid

An amazing amino acid which can raise testosterone levels.


This element has two main important characteristics essential for increasing testosterone.

Firstly, it promotes the efficacy of vitamin D3 which we have already discussed.

But that’s not the best thing!

Trials have shown that even modest supplementations of boron can double testosterone levels in women! 16


This Asian plant extract has some incredible qualities!

It boosts energy, increases stamina and raises sexual arousal and desire!

And yes, you’ve guessed it!

Studies show that fenugreek is an effective way of boosting free testosterone levels in women! 17

Stinging Nettle

best testosterone boosters for women nettle

Not just an annoying and painful plant!

I’ll explain why:

Your body contains sex hormone-binding globulin (SHBG).

This glycoprotein attaches itself to testosterone in your body – basically rendering it useless for producing all the benefits listed earlier in this article.

Nettle extract reduces the ability of SHBG to ‘handcuff’ testosterone, thus making more available to benefit your health and make you look incredible! 18

The bottom line:

These are the key ingredients that you should be looking for in the best testosterone boosters for women.

But to save you some time, I have researched the most awesome testo boosters for women available for you already!

Best Testosterone Boosters for Women: Top 3 Safe and Natural Supplements That Work

1. TestoFierce

best testosterone booster for women

This is one hell of a testosterone booster!

Testogen is made by the guys at TruFIERCE

This company has an awesome reputation for some of the best health supplements on the market, and for good reason.

They work!

Packed full of testosterone boosting ingredients, this supplement has all of the bases covered.


It’s only available on the official testofierce website.

The Good

Let me start by saying this, virtually everything about Testofierce is positive.

Listen up:

The ingredients are nothing short of phenomenal. It includes all the scientifically proven T-boosters for women: vitamin D3, d-aspartic acid, boron, fenugreek and ashwaganda.

Trust me:

This formulation is going to really get those testosterone levels raised, and fast!

But there’s even more to this supplement!

Testofierce also contains zinc which is known to boost the immune system, promote a healthy thyroid, improve mood and prevent depression.19

In short, the benefits of Testofierce are:

  • Made by a serious player in the supplement market
  • Contains all the essential T-boosting ingredients
  • Zinc and magnesium for extra health benefits
  • Incredible customer testimonials
  • Offer a 90 day money back guarantee
  • 100% natural ingredients
  • Side effect free
  • Contains no harsh stimulants

The Drawback

To be honest, it’s difficult to find anything to complain about with this awesome testosterone booster.

But, if I was to be harsh, I would say the price.

It’s not the most expensive T-booster, nor is it the cheapest.

It is, however, a premium price for a premium product. But with the amazing results this supplement can provide, it’s damn worth it!

In addition:

It’s also only available at the official Testofierce website – not GNC or Walmart, but that’s not a great issue!

BroScience Verdict

Without question, TestoFIERCE has the best testosterone boosting formulation available on the market for women today.

It truly is #1.

All the ingredients are 100% safe and scientifically proven T-boosters.

Hands down, if you are looking for the best testosterone boosters for women, then look no further than Testogen.

Just head on over to the official TestoFIERCE website to start on the road to looking awesome!

2. Testogen

top testo boost for women

Another good supplement at #2 in this best testosterone boosters for women rundown.

Testogen is made by Wolfson Berg, and again, are a trusted supplement manufacturer.

Their official website does place stress on the importance of testosterone boosting in women, which is good to see.

Often this aspect is neglected.

Like the #1 product Testofierce, Testogen is made from 100% natural ingredients – there are no dangerous synthetics in here!

The Good

Supported by a money back guarantee, you know that Testogen have faith in their formulation.

And to be fair, it is good.

Let me show you:

Testogen has the powerful scientifically backed T-boosters I mentioned earlier:

  • Vitamin D3
  • D-aspartic acid
  • Fenugreek

As we have seen in this Best Testosterone Boosters For Women article, these are essential in any serious booster.

In brief, the positives are:

  • Reliable manufacturer
  • Available on official website and Amazon
  • Contains three of the best T-boosting ingredients for women
  • Money back guarantee
  • Testofuel put value on raising female T-levels

The Drawback

Sadly, it can’t all be good! Otherwise it would be #1!

Testogen does fall down slightly in the formulation.

Although it contains the excellent ingredient of fenugreek, the dosage is much lower than in the awesome Testofierce, so it will not be as powerful.

BroScience Verdict

Make no mistake, Testogen is a good product.

Aimed at both men and women, this testosterone supplement has some excellent ingredients that will increase T-levels.


It lacks a couple of the real potent T-boosters.

Testogen just does not have the power to make it the best booster.

This supplement is available from the official Testogen website and also on Amazon.

3. Prime Male

prime male

Prime Male is another UK supplement. It’s made by Propura Ltd.

And yeah, I know what you’re thinking!

The name ‘Prime Male’ sounds a little strange when we are looking at the best testosterone boosters for women!

Despite the branding, as I mentioned earlier, no testosterone booster will turn you into a guy, so don’t worry!

However, it has a nice formulation which is why it has made it to #3 in the best testosterone boosters for women.

The Good

Looking at the ingredients, it’s clear that Prime Male is indeed a serious T-booster.

Listen to this:

It contains the awesome d-aspartic acid, boron, nettle and vitamin D3. This supplement will get those testosterone levels raised!

There’s more:

Prime Male offer a 90 day money back guarantee. If you are not happy with results, simply return the product for a refund.

Here’s an overview of the good:

  • Contains excellent T-boosters
  • Money back guarantee
  • Reliable company
  • Good customer reviews

But there are some downsides!

The Drawback

As the name suggests, this product is primarily designed for men, especially those hitting their 40s and 50s wanting to turn back the clock.

While the T-boosting ingredients work whoever it is aimed at, much of the formulation is targeted specifically for the men.

I’ll be honest:

Things such as luteolin and ginseng will do you no harm at all, but they are in the formulation to assist with male libido and erectile dysfunction.

Basically you will be paying for superfluous ingredients you don’t need!

And another issue:

Some of the potent T-boosting ingredients are under dosed. They do not have the power contained in #1 Testogen.

BroScience Verdict

As Prime Male contains proven ingredients, it’s a good formulation.

But, it’s not the best booster for women.

I believe it would help those T-levels increase. However, why pay for ‘male’ ingredients you do not need?

Prime Male is only available from the official Prime Male website.


I’ve mentioned it before in this Best Testosterone Boosters for Women article:

Testosterone boosters will not turn you into a hairy, muscle-bound she-hulk.

It’s essential you know that!

They will, however make you feel awesome, have amazing effects on your overall health, help you shed fat, increase sex drive and pleasure, and leave you tight and toned!

But, be careful:

Remember to choose a T-booster with ingredients that are scientifically proven to raise testosterone levels in women.

Here’s the bottom line:

Testofierce is the #1 testosterone booster for women available on the market today.

Head on over to the official TestoFIERCE website, and start on the road to feeling and looking damn incredible!

Best Testosterone Boosters for Women FAQ

“What Does Testosterone Do for a Woman’s Body?”

Nothing bad!

This hormone will help build toned muscle, improve libido, help to shed fat, raise stamina, improve skin as well as numerous other benefits listed above to general health.

Safe testosterone pills for women will provide all these effects!

How Can a Woman Naturally Increase Testosterone?”

The most effective way to raise T-levels significantly is to take one of the best natural testosterone supplements for women.

There are also lifestyle changes that will have a limited effect. Such as getting more sleep, having sex, exercising, avoiding alcohol and going out in the sun!

“Can Women Have Low Testosterone Level?”


As with men, female testosterone levels decline with age.

In addition: stress, alcohol, diet, smoking, menopause and oral contraceptives all lower T-levels.

“What Are the Symptoms of Low Testosterone in Females?”

Most typically, these symptoms include:

  • Low sex drive
  • Fatigue
  • Weight gain
  • Lack of muscle tone
  • Poor concentration
  • Aging skin
  • Lack of, or, unsatisfying orgasms

How to Naturally Increase Testosterone in Females?”

Eat healthily, avoid alcohol and quit smoking. Also, ensure you get a proper night’s sleep and do some exercise.

However, the best way is to take a T-booster. These 100% natural testosterone supplements for women can raise T-levels with no side effects!



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