Best SARMs for Bulking and Cutting Revealed(2019) - Do they work?

Best SARMs for Bulking and Cutting Revealed(2019) – Do they work?

They’re currently the most on-trend bodybuilding supplement—but what are the best SARMs on the market?

Being the new kids on the block, there’s little reliable information available out there explaining exactly what these novel enhancers can do. Or their side effects.

You’re with me on that right?

Yet, the best SARMs can help you to achieve your bodybuilding targets—fast.

This article brings you the best available on the market for both bulking and cutting, the benefits you receive, and the side effects they can induce.

If you want to have your mind blown—let’s get down to it.

Table of Contents:

Best SARMs for Cutting and Weight Loss


When looking at the best SARMs for weight loss and cutting—we’re talking about taking a completely holistic approach.

The most potent examples of these are able to address numerous androgen receptors that can assist with not just losing the fat, but also with preventing the loss of muscle and decreasing the likelihood of injury.

Here are the most effective SARMs for cutting and weight loss available.

1. Ostarine / MK-2866

Ostarine (also known as Enobosarm and Ostabolic) is manufactured by GTx Inc primarily as a drug to help treat the symptoms of both bone and muscle-wasting diseases.1

It’s one of the most popular SARMs currently on the market—as it has the ability to work as both an effective muscle building tool and most powerfully as a cutting aid.


The reason that Ostarine is one of the best SARMs for cutting and weight loss is that it can address two key areas—promoting the dropping of pounds while ensuring that muscle mass is not lost. Even while undergoing a severe caloric deficit.

A recent study conducted with 120 male volunteers illustrated that supplementing with just 3 mg of Ostarine per day resulted in a total loss of 0.6 kg (1.3 pounds) of fat mass. While this may not initially sound that dramatic—when used for cutting a dose of around 15 mg is typically used.2

Scaled up, this would result in an impressive 3 kg (6 pounds) of unwanted weight dropped.

What I need to stress is that this loss was all fatduring this same study muscle mass was either increased in the participants or retained.

And that’s important. Often during cutting, hard-earned muscle gains are lost. Ostarine is one of the best SARMs for protecting muscle mass—meaning you’re left with impressive definition and vascularity.

One final point to note is that many users report improvements in joint fluidity and fast tendon and muscle repair when using this SARM. These can be areas which can suffer the most during a serious cutting phase.

Protecting the body through the use of Ostarine can ensure that gym days are not lost—and muscle retention and fat loss targets are achieved efficiently.

Side Effects

The two most common side effects directly associated with using Ostarine are headaches and back issues.3

Additionally, unlike some steroids, there are few reports of it turning into DHT (dihydrotestosterone) which can promote androgenic side effects.

2. Cardarine / GW-501516

Although not technically a SARM, as it targets specific areas it’s often included in this group. It was developed back in the 1990s by GlaxoSmithKline and Ligand Pharmaceuticals.

Cardarine (sometimes called Endurobol)  was created to alleviate metabolic and cardiovascular disease. Studies on mice illustrated that it increased aerobic and muscular performance. Thus, making it immediately attractive to athletes and bodybuilders.4 5


Here’s the quick science. Cardarine attaches itself to the PPARδ (peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor-δ) receptors. In doing so, it “reprograms” the muscle fibers to boost endurance.

If your tech-minded, think of it as overclocking your CPU.

In essence, it allows the body’s muscles to work much harder. This means that endurance levels rise—allowing you to push yourself much further in whatever physical activity you compete.

This increased workload requires energy, which the body finds in fat. Hence, unnecessary weight is lost.

Furthermore, Cardarine affects nutritional uptake. It promotes the use of fatty acids as an energy source as opposed to its usual choice of carbohydrates. This means that even if you’re the laziest gym guy in the world—your body will be burning more fat for energy, even when sedentary.6

Side Effects

Although definitely one of the best SARMs for weight loss—it’s possible it could cause the worst side effects too.

To be fair, a 2009 study which exposed guys to 2.5 mg of Cardarine per day for six months illustrated that no adverse health effects were experienced.7

However, that’s not the full picture. If you recall, this SARM was originally tested (on mice) as a metabolic improving drug. That research was soon canceled, as it was found to cause cancer in numerous organs of the (mouse’s) body.8

And while the 2009 study showed no issues—remember, that was at a dose of 2.5 mg, most bodybuilders use 25 mg upwards daily.

As long-term effects are not understood—be careful.

3. Ibutamoren / MK-677

Often referred to as Oratrope, the specific actions of this drug make it one of the best SARMs for dropping the pounds during a cutting cycle.

By directly activating the ghrelin receptor, this SARM has shown to stimulate the production of both growth hormone and IGF-1 (insulin-like growth factor 1).9


The ability to elevate IGF-1 is what makes this SARM most appealing for weight loss.

Firstly, this hormone has a direct effect on fat. A 1998 study on 24 obese guys using 25 mg of Ibutamoren per day saw a vast increase in their BMR (basal metabolic rate). That is, the amount of energy the body uses while at rest.10

By elevating BMR, increased energy is required to fuel the process—meaning that pounds are dropped.

Additionally, research has indicated that low levels of IGF-1 are directly correlated with weight gain. Hence, the more efficiently that Ibutamoren can stimulate this hormone’s production, the less poundage you will carry.11

Finally, Ibutamoren works as a muscle protector during the cutting cycle. Its ability to promote growth hormone and IGF-1 ensures that gains are not lost even during a caloric deficit.12

Side Effects

Human studies for this drug are still ongoing—and it should be treated with some caution.13

There’s an increasing concern that overstimulating the brain’s ghrelin receptors could prove damaging to mental health. Research has been conducted which suggested that it may lead to irrational levels of fear and possibly even cause dementia.14 15

Best SARMs for Bulking and Mass

sarms pill

While SARMs can prove to be potent tools for weight loss—undoubtedly it’s their muscle building action that makes them of most appeal to the serious bodybuilder.

By directly influencing anabolic receptors—they can target muscle growth with fewer of the side effects of steroids.

Here are the best SARMs for bulking.

1. Ligandrol / LGD-4033

Originally formulated by Ligand Pharmaceuticals (now under the marketing of Viking Therapeutics) this drug was originally conceived as a treatment for muscle-wasting diseases and osteoporosis.16

It’s considered by many to be one of the best SARMs for immense mass gains, leading some guys to refer to it colloquially as Anabolicum. Yet, it can come with some unpleasant downsides too.


This SARM binds itself to selective anabolic androgen receptors but ignores liver and sebaceous glands—meaning that muscle gains can be achieved without affecting the skin or wrecking your organs.

Unlike some steroids (and SARMs) users report that this has fast-operating characteristics. Hence, you’re not waiting for weeks to witness results.

Research has shown that this SARM has the ability to pile on enormous mass without any of the fat gains or water retention issues associated with similar acting steroids.17

Ligandrol operates well as a “stand-alone” SARM—although it’s often stacked to achieve the most dramatic results.

Side Effects

At first sight, Ligandrol seems to lack any of the major side effects associated with steroids that produce the same muscle building effects. It isn’t hepatotoxic nor will it damage the heart or prostate.

The issue is, it could wreck your balls.

Studies have indicated that this SARM can inhibit natural testosterone production. Just one milligram of Ligandrol has shown to suppress the testes ability to produce testosterone for around 56 days—the usual bodybuilding dose is 10 mg.18

2. Testolone / RAD-140

This SARM is still undergoing tests by Radius Health Inc. as a possible treatment for breast cancer.19

Yet, understandably this isn’t what attracts the bodybuilding community. For guys looking for pure mass gains, Ligandrol is definitely the #1 choice.

However, for those who want to gain immense strength combined with pure, hard, and cut definition—Testolone may be one of the best SARMs.


Although scientifically referred to as RAD-140, Testolone has gained its popular name due to its ability to mimic the awesome power of testosterone. A recent study indicated its remarkably similar effects (on rats at least).20

By having a strong affinity to both bone and muscle receptors, this SARM has both regenerative and building effects.

Like testosterone, Testolone can promote muscle protein synthesis, boost fat loss, rapidly increase strength, and enhance recovery. Most remarkably, it does this without the usual steroid-testosterone side effects of an enlarged prostate and heart issues.21 22 23

In addition to its physique enhancing powers—it’s possible that Testolone could be good for the brain too. Falling testosterone levels have shown to be a cause of both lack of focus and most alarmingly Alzheimer’s Disease.24

Current research on Testolone is exploring its ability to mimic testosterone in promoting mental clarity and health.25

Side Effects

Users report that the most significant side effect they suffer from when using Testolone is increased aggression and agitation—as they would when supplementing with most testosterone derived steroids.

Yet again, like Ligandrol, the biggest issue is with inhibiting natural testosterone production. Studies have indicated that T-levels can drop to as low as 200 ng/dL—the average guy has around 680 ng/dL—that’s a seventy percent fall.

3. S23

An investigative drug (that is, it’s still being tested) from GTx Inc.

For creating mass, it has some seriously powerful effects. However, it’s worth bearing in mind that S23 is being developed as a male contraceptive pill. So, as you can guess, it does interfere with your balls somewhat.26


S23 is generally considered to be the SARM which exhibits the strongest binding affinity to androgen receptors.

It’s one of the best SARMs for muscle building as it exhibits extremely high anabolic properties with relatively low androgenic effects. That is, many of the side effects that steroids can induce such as acne, aggression, and headaches.

In fact, while it has shown not to enlarge the prostate, there’s some (anecdotal) evidence that it may even reduce its size. This could make it appealing as a stacking SARM with steroids that can promote this unwanted side effect.27

S23 elevates muscle mass fast—without water retention or fat gains. Users also indicate that it can improve strength and endurance.

Side Effects

As mentioned, this SARM has a major effect on the testes—and that’s represented in the side effects too.

Both testimonials from users and scientific research have indicated that S23 results in the balls shrinking. What’s more, testosterone production is so severely affected that PCT (post-cycle therapy) is usually required to restore natural T-levels.28

Best SARMs Stacks

While all the above SARMs can be used alone—when stacking they can become much more potent.

Whether cutting or bulking—combining the best SARMs will result in faster and more impressive results.

However, a quick word of caution. If this is your first time using SARMs, don’t begin with a stack. Always carry out one complete cycle of each individual SARM first to ensure tolerance.

Here are what I consider to be the best SARMs stacks:

For Weight Loss

If you’re looking for the ultimate in weight loss, while ensuring you retain any hard-earned muscle, the two best SARMs to stack together are Ostarine and Cardarine.

As discussed, Ostarine has proven in numerous studies both to be both an effective weight loss tool and lean-mass preserver. The effects of Cardarine means you can still perform at impressive levels at the gym—while undergoing a caloric deficit.

Typically cutting can lead to lethargy and reduced training time. This stack enables you both to lose weight while pushing the body hard.

A typical stacking cycle would involve utilizing 15 mg of Ostarine and 10 mg of Cardarine per day over 10 weeks.

For Muscle Gains

To really send mass gains off the scale, the ideal stack is Ligandrol and Testolone.

By combining both of these SARMs you’re getting the best of both worlds. From Ligandrol your achieving pure bulk. The testosterone-like effects of Testolone assist to promote these gains—while in addition increasing strength and dropping the fat leads to impressive definition and vascularity.

However, as both of these SARMs can inhibit natural testosterone production—it’s best to go easy on the doses.

A sensible bulking cycle would include stacking 10 mg each of both Ligandrol and Testolone for 10 weeks.

Best SARMs for Women

woman sarms

For women looking to tone up as well as lose weight, the two best SARMS are Ostarine and Ligandrol.

We’ve already discussed the muscle boosting and fat-shedding power of these SARMs—making them ideal for achieving the aforementioned goals.

What makes these SARMs ideal for women is that they’re (relatively) well tolerated by female physiology. Neither of them exhibits the androgenic downsides that you would associate with similar acting steroids.

Hence, unwanted side-effects such as a deeper voice, massive bulk, and hair growth are highly unlikely.

Where to Buy the Best SARMs

Obtaining the above best SARMs isn’t as easy as heading over to GNC, Walmart or Walgreens—they simply don’t sell them.

As these supplements are not approved by the FDA as dietary supplements (and currently banned by WADA)—they can only be obtained as “research chemicals”.

Finding the best place to buy SARMs involves conducting an internet search to find a vendor that purports to sell these drugs. Yet, as the industry is unregulated, remember that you:

  • Will be purchasing a product which hasn’t been tested for safety.
  • Have no guarantee it includes the SARM (or the dose of that SARM) that it states.
  • Could pay money and receive no product in return at all.

Perhaps word of mouth from your buddies down the gym may suggest the best SARMs source. But, as they tend to appear online as fast as they disappear again—that information could already be out of date.

Legal Steroids VS Sarms

Since Sarms are not approved my the FDA and long term use of these chemicals is uncertain we cannot recommend using Sarms.

Because we don’t know the risks exactly of using them and they could potentially be dangerous.

Legal steroids are however safe and contain only ingredients that are legal.

With no side effects whatsoever.

For that reason alone it would be more safe to use legal steroids rather than sarms.

Legal steroids are natural supplements that mimic the effects of real steroids without the side effects and health risks.

The bulking stack is already been used by thousands of individuals that achieved great results.

If you are interested in learning more.

There’s also a cutting stack available.

Which is designed to burn of fat while retaining muscle mass.

With thousands of happy customers it is in our opinion one of the best stacks to lose fat fast.

If you want to learn more:


We all want the ultimate in training results—and it’s a fact that the best SARMs can skyrocket our returns.

Whether we’re looking for immense mass, fat loss, or enhanced strength—there’s a SARM (or a stack) that can provide phenomenal results.

In many cases, these training enhancers can provide vastly similar results to those provided by anabolic steroids—in many cases with much milder side effects.

However, never assume that they’re completely safe.

Some of the more potent SARMs are known to exhibit testosterone suppressing tendencies—that may require further supplementation to reverse the problem.

But maybe more concerning is that the long-term effects of SARMs are not understood, many haven’t been approved for human use, and some have shown to possess carcinogenic behavior.

Undoubtedly the above best SARMs can build impressive muscle and toned definition—but at what price?



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