Best Protein Intake Timing for Muscle Growth

Best Protein Intake Timing for Muscle Growth

So you want to know the best protein intake timing for muscle growth?

In this article we will discuss when it is best to consume protein for muscle growth.

Best Protein Intake Timing for Muscle Growth

Diet obviously plays a crucial role when it comes to bodybuilding – any experienced lifter will tell you that.

It’s important to give your muscles a continuous flow of nutrients to fuel those intense workouts, prevent muscle tissue breakdown and to replenish glycogen stores.

Now, obviously the quality of the food plays a role but also the frequency.

If you still eat 3 meals per day it’s time to add in some snacks throughout the day.

Aim for 6 small meals per day spaced out by 2-3 hours.

Best Protein Intake Timing for Muscle Growth

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That’s not to say eating only 3 meals per day won’t give you gains – you will still make progress just not as fast as if you had consumed the same amount of nutrients over 6 meals.

That way your muscles will always feel full and energetic.

Without the constant nutrient flow they will have a hard time growing! Protein intake in particularly is important as a lack of high-quality protein in the diet can lead to muscle breakdown!

Protein isn’t stored the same way as carbohydrates are.

It contains valuable amino acids that are needed by the muscles to grow – so your body will use those calories to rebuild muscle tissue rather than store them as fat.

If you don’t pay attention to your protein intake your body could end up going catabolic – your body burns its own muscle mass to provide fuel.

Obviously this isn’t an ideal state for someone looking to GAIN muscle mass.

Therefore, make sure you are getting at least your bodyweight in protein every day and spread that intake out throughout the day.

In fact, eating regular, small meals throughout the day increases your metabolism and reduces the stress on your digestive system!

Nutrient Intake Timing

When you wake up in the morning chances are you haven’t had anything to eat for at least eight hours, likely more.

That means your body is likely using stored carbohydrates as energy. However, you want to make sure your body doesn’t start breaking down muscle tissue for more energy.

Grab a fast-digesting protein like whey protein isolate and have a scoop in the morning.

Whey protein tends to contain a great amino acid profile which is extremely beneficial first thing in the morning.

After the shake feel free to have some solid foods like eggs, meat or oats.

Feel free to also have whey protein isolate throughout the day when an actual meal isn’t possible – just don’t get all of your protein from that source, it’s good to have whole foods in there as well.

Another great time to have whey protein isolate is right before and especially after you train.

Best Protein Intake Timing for Muscle Growth

This gives your body the nutrients it needs to recover and quickly rebuild that muscle tissue.

Before you go to bed is a great time to consume casein protein.

This type of protein, such as cottage cheese, digests very slowly and keeps you feeling full for longer.

Your body will work throughout the night to break down the protein and therefore is less likely to burn through muscle tissue.

A lot of people say you shouldn’t eat right before going to sleep but that’s not the case – just avoid eating sugary foods that will make it hard to fall asleep.

Keep Your T-Levels High

Testosterone is the male muscle building hormone and without sufficient testosterone in your body you simply won’t be able to add on muscles.

That’s why it’s extremely important to keep the testosterone levels as high as possible, so you will be able to add on more muscle mass.

If you find out that your testosterone levels are lacking in any way a great way to increase the natural testosterone production in your body is taking in ingredients that boost testosterone.

The easiest solution is purchasing a testosterone booster that contains multiple ingredients that are proven to boost testosterone in the body.

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