Best Pre-Workout For Crossfit (2020) - Top 5 to use before WOD

Best Pre-Workout For Crossfit (2020) – Top 5 to use before WOD

When looking for the best pre-workout for crossfit there are a few things to keep in mind.

In a perfect world, you’d want a pre-workout that delivers relentless energy, improves performance, enhances focus, boosts endurance, and gives you that calm state of mind at the same time.

As you know Crossfit is one of the most intense form of exercise and pushes your body to the limit when performing a hard WOD.

Pre-workout supplements can help you maximize your bodies performance when going through an intense workout.

However you have to choose the right pre-workout supplement that is a good fit for CrossFit.

That’s because not all pre-workouts are really for CrossFit because they lack ingredients, are too low dosed or lack ingredients that are good for a CrossFit workout.

In this post, I have found the top-performing pre-workout, especially for CrossFit the kind of supplements that kick in fast and help you push your body to the absolute limit.

Best Pre-Workout For Crossfit – Top 5 products


prefierce pre-workout

PreFierce is the best pre-workout for Crossfit because it kicks in fast, provides you with long lasting energy without a crash, includes ingredients that boost performance, increases power, stamina, helps your body stay hydrated during an intense workout, increases blood flow, muscle pumps and helps with burning off fat.

With a gigantic 19.5 gram serving this pre-workout has every ingredient you’d possibly want for a hard WOD.

Prefierce doesn’t have any of the banned or illegal ingredients that cause anxiety, restlessness and a huge post workout crash.

It relies entirely upon ingredients that are safe yet proven to be extremely effective.

We are talking about an overkill dose of the performance enhancers Citrulline Malate, Beta-Alanine and Betaine.

On top of that the formula has the L-Theanine and caffeine combination both listed at 250 mg which provides long lasting energy and laser focus. The L-Theanine helps to prevent that post workout crash which is very common with cheaper pre-workout formulas.

To help the body stay hydrated and burn off fat we see that PreFierce contains coconut water powder along with acetyl-l-carnitine which helps the body use fat as a fuel source in a more effective manner.

Prefierce is the whole package and the thing I really like is that it contains no illegal or sketchy ingredients that come with dangerous side effects.

2 .Bulk

bulk pre workout

Bulk from Transparent labs is an extremely effective pre-workout formula with loads of ingredients that work perfectly for Crossfit.

The formula contains 14 ingredients which is impressive but what I like is they are still able to dose the fundamental proven ingredients generously.

We are looking at great dosages of the performance enhancers Citrulline Malate, Beta-Alanine and Betaine.

Along with the proven ingredients caffeine and L-Theanine together for that smooth calm energy boost.

There are loads of ingredients in the formula some better than others and I may not agree with all of them because they are in “the grey area” like synephrine. 

The formula has the basics of a good pre-workout in great doses which makes all the other ingredients simply a bonus.

With this pre-workout in your arsenal you shouldn’t have a problem with crushing your next WOD easily.

3. Pre W.O


Pre W.O. from Dymatize is a great formula with a large serving size and proven ingredients.

With one of the biggest dose I’ve seen on Citrulline Malate at 8-grams that alone will make sure you get some great muscle pumps and improved blood flow while training.

We also see the common proven 3.2 gram dosage of beta-alanine which helps performance and endurance.

The formula also has a big caffeine dose along with taurine and L-tyrosine.

We also see the inclusion of betaine in this formula.

So overall this formula will work well for energy, muscle pumps, focus and performance.

Most of the ingredients are in ideal doses and contains ingredients that work very well for a hardcore crossfit workout.nbes

4. Redcon 1 Total War

total war pre-workout

Total War from Redcon1 is a great pre-workout formula that has most of the ingredients you’d want for a hardcore WOD.

The formula has the proven L-Citrulline malate which improves blood flow, performance, and muscle pumps.

Also, a legit dosage of Beta-Alanine helps improve performance and delay fatigue.

There is a humongous caffeine dose included but it doesn’t have the L-theanine which may lead to that you experience that dreaded post-workout crash. 

A nice inclusion in this formula is the agmatine sulfate which also helps with increasing muscle pumps.

Overall it’s a good product that contains the basics you’d want especially for a stim junkie who wants much caffeine.

5. C4 Ultimate

c4 ultimate pre-workout

Out of all the C4 pre-workouts there is only one that is good. That is of course C4 Ultimate.

With a ton of proven ingredients in good dosages this makes it really effective for crossfit.

We are looking at a good dose of Citrulline Malate, Beta-Alanine and Betaine which will ramp up performance.

It also has Creatine Nitrate and there are tons of studies around about the effectiveness of creatine. Usually I really don’t like creatine in pre-workouts but if you are into that then I guess it’s only good news.

A large caffeine dose, inclusion of taurine and l-tyrosine should ensure you get plenty of energy and focus during your WOD.

C4 Ultimate has all the fundamentals of a proven pre-workout with some added ingredients.

There are a couple of issues though, it doesn’t have L-theanine which works so will caffeine and on top of that there is a proprietary blend that doesn’t reveal exact dose of ingredients.

This isn’t a huge upset as the formula reveals dosages for majority of ingredients.

Overall a pretty solid pick for a Crossfit workout.


Is Pre WOD pre-workout good for CrossFit?

Disregard the name if you look at the ingredients you see that it contains many under-dosed ingredients. This formula is average at best and not one of the top pre-workout for Crossfit.

What to eat before Crossfit?

Make sure to eat enough the day before a Crossfit workout as you will burn off many calories while training. If you aren’t following a specific diet I would recommend eating a meal consisting of carbohydrates and protein 1-2 hours before working out. Here are a few examples of what would be a good meal: 

  • Chicken breast with rice and vegetables
  • Oatmeal, fruit, and protein powder
  • Fish with sweet potatoes and vegetables

Just before the workout, you can grab fruit for an extra kick.

Can you take pre-workout on an empty stomach in the morning before a WOD?

Yes, you can, you may feel the effects even better of the pre-workout since your body absorbs it faster.

What kind of supplements to CrossFit athletes use?

Not everyone uses the same supplements but typically CrossFit athletes use pre-workout, protein powder, BCAA, and vitamins.

Is Creatine Good for CrossFit?

Creatine is good for strength, power and could benefit cross-fitters in that area.

Can you use pre-workout before evening WOD?

It depends on when you go to sleep, also if you are tolerant to caffeine or not. I would not suggest using a pre-workout formula 3-5 hours prior to bedtime unless it is a stimulant-free formula.

Is Beta-Alanine good for Crossfit?

Beta-alanine is great for CrossFit as it reduces lactic acid buildup in the body helping you train harder for a longer period of time, most of the top pre-workouts contain Beta-alanine.


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