Best Muscle Building Secret That Men Neglect

The Number 1 Muscle Building Secret That Most Guys Skip Every Week

If you have made the commitment or are currently working towards putting on muscle, congratulations – you are setting on a path towards one of the most rewarding and beneficial goals in all of fitness. A lot of non-lifters seem to think that muscle is just about aesthetics and it has no practical use. The reality, however, is that muscle is one of the biggest determining factors as to how many calories you burn naturally throughout the day not to mention it controls glucose usage. Which is why you will learn how to gain muscle faster if you take the number 1 muscle building secret seriously.

So…. in order to reveal what has been kept private until now you need understand some basics first.

It’s not just about getting big – adding some muscle will help with just about every fitness goal. Unfortunately there are so many contradicting pieces of advice online about the best way of going about the entire process – in fact, despite all the information out there many people still have a hard time putting on mass.

frank zane muscle building secret

Are you one of those people who can’t seem to add any size?

The truth is that this is actually extremely common and causes a lot of people to drop bodybuilding altogether. While being skinny might seem like a great problem to have for people who struggle to lose fat, it can be frustrating when you are putting in solid work at the gym without anything to show for it.

Fortunately for all you hard-gainers out there, we are going to break down some solid tips on how to finally make those sick gains. To get started, we will go over some of the basics of hypertrophy.

Best Kept Muscle Building Secret Of The Pro’s


First of all, a lot of noobs out there seem to think the best way to get a great chest or huge arms is to work those muscles over and over again while neglecting others. While this is better than not working out at all it certainly won’t give you the best bang for your buck. Lets dive a bit deeper – hormones.

Both men and women require the same hormones, testosterone and human growth hormone in order to grow.

Men naturally have larger amounts of testosterone in their bloodstream which is one of the reasons they are able to build muscle more easily. While performing dumbbell curls will help release testosterone they don’t stress many different muscle groups thereby limiting the overall effect. It’s the larger compound lifts that stress multiple muscle groups and thereby cause the body to release more testosterone and growth hormone in response.

You can learn here more about how testosterone ACTUALLY helps you build more muscle.

Get Excited for Leg Day

Sorry to ruin the surprise, but chances are that header gave it away. Even if your main goal is to get a barrel chest or 20 inch biceps, you absolutely need to work legs. It makes all of us experienced bodybuilders cringe collectively when we see untrained noobs coming into the gym and heading right to the preacher curl machine. Your legs are not only your strongest muscle on your body but also the biggest.

Remember earlier when we mentioned that pumping iron caused your body to release testosterone and hgh into the bloodstream? Well what better way to release as much as possible than to work the biggest, strongest muscles in your body? The weight you will be lifting with your legs will be way higher than say your biceps (if it’s not you must have one weird looking body) so of course you will get a great response from it. You might

be thinking “well that’s great, but I don’t care about releasing testosterone when i’m working legs, I just want to do it when I’m working chest”. Well, the good news is the testosterone released will benefit ALL of your workouts as it sends a signal to all muscles that it’s time to grow. Just give it a shot and you will see quickly just how well the rest of your body responds. Not to mention you won’t be wearing skinny jeans with your XL hoodie anymore.

Don’t Settle for the “Wrist Curl” of Leg Exercises

If you’re still reading this it’s a good thing – it means you haven’t totally written off the crazy idea of having a leg day and, god forbid, you might actually give it a shot. Now comes the next hurdle – doing the right exercises. See, the reason people skip legs isn’t entirely because they don’t want to put muscle there but often it’s because the exercises are pretty damn tough.

Compound leg exercises that work the quads, hamstrings, glutes and calves are challenging and fatiguing – don’t be surprised if you have a difficult time walking the next day and we sure hope you don’t have to walk up a set of stairs after your gym session!

best muscle building secret
bodybuilders keep this private

Squats, lunges, deadlifts and leg press are all exercises that fit the description and will have your muscles releasing more testosterone than your body knows what to do with. Don’t just take our word for it – a quick google search will show you that there are tons of studies done that confirm this claim.

Working legs is 100% not broscience. One study even even showed that squatting heavy weights can up your testosterone levels by as much as 10x ! It’s not just about making size gains though.

Your body has to work hard to move that weight and repair those larger muscles which means you will be burning more calories around the clock.

The Next Step

So we’ve convinced you, that’s good. You’re probably wondering what the next step is. First of all you need to decide if you want to do an entire day for legs or split it up. Some people like to do quads and hamstrings on separate days.

For example, if you are trying to emphasize chest growth, it can be beneficial to work chest right after quads and take advantage of the synergistic effects of your heightened testosterone levels. Performing hamstring exercises after a quad day that includes squats can be tricky since they might already be weakened from the beginning of the workout thereby limiting what you can do for your hamstrings.

Spend some time experimenting and do what works best for you here. The structure isn’t as important as the actual exercises you will be performing.

The squat should be your main focus here, with 3 to 5 sets in the 8 to 12 rep range. It should be a challenge to do this – if you are able to go all the way up to 20 reps with perfect form then it’s time to up the weight!

The last few reps of each set should be challenging and require you to dig deep.

Always make sure you are using proper form, however.


If you’ve made it this far you are either a) bored out of your mind at work, b) bored out of your mind at school, c) have an incredible attention span or d) taking this seriously and planning on trying it. Anyone out there looking to gain muscle simply cannot afford to ignore their legs. The lower half of your body represents a huge untapped natural source of growth stimulus that can accelerate your overall progress. After awhile you might even find that leg day becomes our favorite day of the week!


You’ve probably realised by know that one of the major benefits of training your legs so hard is that it helps you build muscle as well on all your other favorite muscle groups. Including on your chest and biceps of course mate.

But HOW?

Training your larger muscle groups , such as your legs, with extreme intensity releases natural testosterone and growth hormones from your body.

BOOM that’s the big secret of training legs AND most guys that are serious about gaining muscle also supplement with high quality natural test boosters.

Key word here being natural – with ingredients that have been proven to boost your testosterone. The importance of natural ingredients can’t be overstated here as they will make sure your progress if safe, sustainable and won’t compromise your overall health.

Testosterone boosters have gotten bad rep over the years because of companies marketing them as steroids….. They’re NOT dangerous steroids…… but natural testosterone boosters can be extremely effective IF they contain the proven ingredients, that actually work. You can check out our testosterone booster supplement guide if you want to learn more about raising testosterone levels safely and effectively.

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