Best Motivation EVER For Bodybuilders Feeling Like Giving Up

Best Motivation EVER For Bodybuilders Feeling Like Giving Up

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I get a lot of emails and hear a lot of personal stories from guys that are bummed out, depressed, feeling like they wont ever be that bodybuilder they want to become.

I also see some personal accounts on these boards and I want to respond to some of the guys who are 140 to 210lbs and are really trying in bodybuilding but that I see are giving up hope.


If you put your nose to the grindstone and be persistent, consistent, and driven my promise to you is that you will make it to a very elite bodybuilder in the not to distant future.

I went 3.5 years once without missing a meal (6 a day)–if i did miss a meal i set my alarm clock at 3am and got up even when i was dead tired and cooked it and ate it.

If you really want this bad, and have that “im going to get this shit done” attitude, I guarentee you that youll end up where you want.

Will you be a pro? No and neither will 99.99% of everyone else out there.

But if you push the limits and do what I have been trying to do with everyone for the last 4.5 years on the net (turn yourself into a fat burning, muscle building, blast furnace) you will get there.

Arnold Schwarzenegger
I am noone special but I had people calling me “stickboy” and laughing how skinny I was in the beginning when I told them i was “trying to become a bodybuilder” with my ever present shopping bag with all my meals in it so I could eat every 2.5 hours.

Screw those people! Guess who kisses my ass now when I go back to my old home town on the East Coast and go into my old gym. I dont want to see anyone in this forum thinking “man im never going to make something out of myself as a bodybuilder” BULLSHIT!!!!

Yes you will and dont let anyone tell you otherwise! Prove them wrong. Pick the bodyweight you know you need to be at and eat up to that bodyweight while doing cardio and carb cuttoffs to keep lean.

Eat like a massive 300lb monster and cardio like a guy who is 8% and your going to end up at 250 jacked!

This is your life, dont listen to those people doubting you, they are going nowhere themselves and want to keep you at their level. Shore up all holes in your regimen. Training, supplementation, diet, sleep, stretching, consistency in all of those is the key.

There is no doubt in my mind that I can turn anyone (and i mean anyone) into something special if they are willing to be meticulous, steadfast, and stay the course 100%.

Alot of you keep jumping around and doing different things but if you really sit back in your chair and think it all out–YOU KNOW EXACTLY WHAT YOU NEED TO DO!

Almost every single guy reading this right now can turn themselves into one of the 5 best bodybuilders in their gym. DO NOT TAKE NO FOR AN ANSWER!


I had a pack of friends when I was 20 years old I used to hang with. They dwarfed me. I had by far the worst genetics but I had 50 times the willpower of those guys.

One was muscular and naturally shredded, one had incredible genetics and looked like a bodybuilder anyway but when he lifted he got pretty incredible looking, one was 250lbs and a big monster with very limited lifting (lazy), one had slightly better genetics than me and he was also pretty determined.

I bypassed all of them in spades, every single one of them because I have a “no fucking way am I going to fail” drive to this sport.

The next time you look in the mirror and doubt yourself and get bummed out because your not where you want to be, I want you to remember this post. If you want something bad enough and go at it with the best of your abilities and smarts, you might not become the best, or pro, or top of the class at it, but you will become PRETTY DAMN INCREDIBLE at it, because of your fortitude and hard work.

Dont let any son of a bitch tell you otherwise–this is your life-Get in that freaking powerack, make that logbook your bitch AND GET IT DONE!

Writer: Dante Trudel For Intense Muscle

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