Best Foods That Burn Fat Faster Than Any Other

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Let’s be real here, dieting is tough especially for those of us who are endomorphs. Which is why eating the best foods that burn fat is the way better alternative.

Also, sometimes it can seem like cutting weight is an impossible task at times particularly if we don’t have the time or energy to be doing high intensity interval training every day.

Fortunately there are a lot of foods out there that will actually make it easier for you to lose fat.

Check out the guide below for some foods that have fat-loss properties you may not have been aware of before.

Best Foods That Burn Fat and Help You Get Shredded Fast

best foods that burn fat

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Apples and Berries

The old adage “An apple a day keeps the doctor away” is actually true as it turns out. When it comes to fat loss, apples and berries are particularly helpful because they contain pectin.

This is contained in the cell walls of most fruits but is particularly plentiful in apples. It’s responsible for keeping the cells together to make the fruit sturdier and stable.

In addition to keeping the shape of the fruit, it also helps limit the amount of fat the cells in your body are able to absorb. When you consume pectin from fruits like apples and berries it binds with water and attacks fat cells forcing them to release their fat deposits.

As a result, your body will carry less fat – not to mention they are pretty delicious!

Low Fat Dairy Products

For a long time there was a movement away from dairy products based on the fear that consuming them would cause you to gain weight. Updated research however suggest quite the opposite – that you should be buying more of these foods if you are looking to shed some pounds.

Studies have shown that consuming a diet high in dairy can actually double the amount of fat you lose under a low-dairy diet, even if you are actually consuming the same number of calories overall.

This particular study done at the University of Tennessee looked at 32 obese adults and split them onto three different calorie restricted diets. The high supplement/ low dairy group had a total calcium intake of around 1200 mgs per day of which 800 mgs was from calcium supplements.

Another group consumed 400 mgs of dairy with no supplement and the last one consumed 1200mgs just from dairy products and no supplement.

While all groups monitored had lost weight, those on the diet that was high in dairy lost an average of 25 pounds compared with the 18 and 14 pounds lost by the medium and low dairy groups, respectively.

Additionally, the high dairy group lost a much higher percentage of body fat as compared to the other groups.

Citrus Fruits

In addition to being delicious, citrusy fruits like oranges, lemons and grapefruit contain vitamin C that has fat burning properties.

It reduces the actual content of fat and can even liquify it, making it less potent and easier to be flushed out of your system. As a result, having some vitamin C products can help reduce the amount of fat you put on.

They also make for great snacks throughout the day.


In addition to adding to the taste of many of your foods, garlic can also help reduce the amount of fat you carry on your body. Just make sure you don’t overdo it before meeting up with any girls as the bad breath might kill you chances of hooking up!


You probably know that celery contains so little calories that you actually burn more calories just by eating it. Fortunately there are tons of other vegetables out there with similar properties.

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Broccoli, for example, takes your body 80 calories to digest a 25 calorie piece.

Not bad right?

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There are a lot of other vegetables that fall under that group including cabbage, cauliflower, cucumber, lettuce, spinach, turnips and asparagus.

Soy Products

Soybeans contain lecithin which will help your body prevent fat from forming on your cells. Additionally it can help break down existing fat deposits.

Nutritionists recommend consuming soy about three times per week.

Using fat burners to get rid of those last pounds of stubborn fat

This is where it really starts to count but also where it starts to get tricky. We’ve covered this before in details in our ultimate guide to getting shredded faster – You can read that here.

Fat burning supplements with proven ingredients can speed up the fat loss when consumed with a healthy diet and proper training regime. Not all fat burning supplements are created equal and many of them are ineffective.

Few of our favorites are:

  • Green tea – burns fat in three different ways
  • Cayenne pepper – boosts metabolism
  • Glucomannan – stomps on your appetite

If you’re one of the people that are going to be taking your fat burning progress to the next level and supplement with a fat burner then please make sure that you do it correctly. There’s nothing worse than seeing guys spending money on fat burners that have ineffective fillers in their pills.

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