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If you’re trying to build the body of your dreams you should know by now that diet is one of the most important factors of shaping your body. And choosing the right foods to eat can be hard sometimes.

So I put up a list, a list of bodybuilding foods that will definitely help you build muscle and to get stronger.

This list contains my favourite bodybuilding foods. Foods that have helped my a lot on my journey to reaching my dream physique.


Organic peanut butter

You may ask why peanut butter? it is full of fats!
That is the reason why i love it. It is full of essential fats and it tastes so good. I love to eat teaspoons of peanut butter in between meals. And if you are bulking peanut butter is a great addition to your diet. It is high in calories, full of healthy fats and proteins.


I like to eat oats for breakfast. They are cheap and full of good carbs.
Perfect way to start the day with a bowl of quality oats.

Sweet potatoes

If cooked correctly they taste awesome.  They are high in fibers and have healthy carbs in them.
I eat them with my chicken, meat and fish.


Full of quality proteins and also a little bit of creatine in it!
Definitely a good choice for bodybuilders.


Not the best taste but i like it because you can buy it canned and therefore take it with you if you don’t have time for cooking!
Full of proteins low on fat and carbs!


The mother of proteins!
It is probably one of things i eat the most.  It tastes good and easy to cook.
Full of proteins,  low fat and carbs.


These foods should definitely make it easier for you to build the body of your dreams



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