Benefits of Optimal Testosterone Levels for Young Men

Benefits of Optimal Testosterone Levels for Young Men

It Reduces Body Fat

benefits of testosterone

Testosterone is arguably the most important hormone when it comes to body composition. It influences insulin as well as metabolism so it’s no surprise that a drop in testosterone levels can lead to a less attractive body.

As testosterone levels drop we tend to put on more fat. Unfortunately the effect quickly becomes amplified as that additional body fat tends to increase estrogen levels leading to even more fat gain. This loop is the reason why obese men tend to have very low testosterone levels and high estrogen levels. However, if you take steps to break this cycle by boosting testosterone levels you can work your way out of that negative physique.

In fact, many men report becoming noticeably leaner after increasing their testosterone levels without even trying to diet!

It Strengthens Your Mind

Not only will testosterone reduce your chances of developing Alzheimer’s – it will also improve the overall functioning of your mind. Studies show that men with higher testosterone levels tend to think more clearly whereas those with low t-levels tend to experience memory loss and brain fogginess.

While this link might be more apparent in older men it doesn’t mean you should ignore your t-levels now: make it a priority to keep your t-levels elevated so that you don’t find yourself in a deficit when you get older.

It Increases Muscle Mass

This one shouldn’t be a surprise, after all bodybuilders around the world inject themselves with synthetic hormones all the time in order to build more mass. We aren’t saying you should do that – but you should look to boost your t-levels naturally in order to improve your own physique. Men with higher testosterone levels tend to put on muscle mass a lot more easily not to mention they retain their muscle mass when on a cut. If you have been putting in hard work at the gym and aren’t seeing much progress it could be because your hormone levels are out of balance!

It Strengthens Your Heart

Many studies have shown that having high t-levels reduces risk of heart disease while others conclude the opposite. So at this point it’s unclear whether having high t-levels keeps you from having a heart attack.

However, by having high testosterone levels you also likely have more muscle mass, less body fat, less stress, better mood and higher quality sleep – all qualities that lead to a longer, happier and healthier life.

It Strengthens Your Bones

Osteoporosis or bone fractures affect women as well as men – so don’t think you are immune from this. Often it’s low testosterone levels that are the culprit when it comes to poor bone health. It reduces the density of the bones which is why so many elderly men who has low testosterone levels also suffer from osteoporosis.

If you don’t want to grow up to be a fragile old man make sure you get your t-levels handled now!

It Reduces Depression

Do you often feel depressed? As it turns out it could possibly be a result of low testosterone levels. Studies have shown that young men who have depression tend to have low t-levels. It’s unclear whether the depression causes t-levels to drop, or the other way around – depression causing low t-levels.

However, these studies also found that boosting testosterone levels resulted in an improvement in mood. This is why so many people recommend lifting weights as a way to decrease stress and improve your mood!

It Increases Libido and Strengthens Erections

What’s one of the most obvious signs of low testosterone levels? Weak libido and erectile dysfunction. If you find yourself disinterested in sex or having difficulty achieving erection then it could be because of low testosterone levels.

Men with higher testosterone levels not only have stronger erections but they also crave sex more often. The quality of sex improves and so does the frequency given that you will be putting more energy into pursuing women!

It Reduces Risk of Alzheimer’s

Multiple studies have shown a link between low t-levels and Alzheimer’s. Increasing your t-levels will actually slow the development of this disease, showing why it’s even more important to lift, eat healthy and do other things that lead to high-testosterone levels even as you get older to avoid some of these nasty illnesses.

It Helps You Attract Women

Studies show that women tend to gravitate towards men with higher testosterone levels. These men tend to be more assertive and appear more masculine making the women feel as though they connected better.

It Makes You Take More Risks

Men with higher testosterone levels tend to take more risks – regardless of their social standing. Even men of lower status will take more risks to advance if their t-levels are higher.

Likewise men with lower testosterone levels tend to play it safe and are more conservative.

It Makes you More Competitive

Men tend to be much more competitive than women which can be explained by their higher testosterone levels. It drives them to win and achieve greater accomplishments. T-levels become elevated before a major fight, competition or meeting which is how we are often able to perform above our usual ability.

Men who experience a large drop in t-levels after losing a competition are more likely not to try again, whereas those who do not experience such a drop tend to have another go at it.

How to boost testosterone levels

Some of you guys have been really skeptic on why we constantly talk about test boosters. I get that it might be annoying especially if you’ve never actually tried a product like that before. You’re probably just thinking “why would I even need this?”.

Well guys to be honest we would never recommend something that we know wouldn’t benefit you. That would be wrong.

I hope that one day some of you at least will believe us because we’re in this together and we truly want the best for you and we truly believe that you will feel better once you start taking care of your testosterone levels.

Check this conversation out from our Facebook page as an example:


But anyway, let’s keep going with this article:

We’re not going to lie to you like most other muscle building blogs.

One of the most sure ways to boost your testosterone is with steroids.

But that’s one of the dumbest things you could ever do to your body.

First of all it actually messes with your body’s own natural testosterone production, but it also can come with nasty side effects such as man-boobs and baldness.

Besides the supplement industry has already developed safe and natural supplements that supercharge your bodies OWN natural testosterone production. – Click here to see the top 3 test boosters.

And that is what a testosterone boosting supplement with natural ingredients can do. This will help your body naturally produce more testosterone on it’s own so that your gains will be permanent and your higher t-levels will be sustainable.

Just make sure that your supplement contains these proven ingredients in our testosterone boosting guide. Because some supplements companies are putting ineffective fillers in theirs to make more money.

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