Bench Presser Rages At Spotter For Assisting Him, Joey Swoll Responds

Written by James C., M.S.(C), PT

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Bodybuilder and gym advocate, Joey Swoll, recently addressed an increasingly pervasive issue within the gym community.

The issue at hand involves a viral video of a man, angrily lashing out at his spotter during a bench press attempt at a personal record (PR).

In the video, the spotter, presumably asked to assist the man with his bench press attempt, offers a hand.

However, the man pressing becomes visibly upset when the spotter assists him, arguing, “I had it.” He then proceeds to slam down the barbell, take off his lifting belt, and throw it on the ground, creating a scene in the gym.

Reacting to this unsavory behavior, Joey Swoll has voiced a call to end such unnecessary negativity within gym culture.

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In a video response, he outlines the importance of communication and gratitude when asking for assistance during workouts, particularly during a spot.

Swoll points out, “If you’re asking a stranger at the gym for a spot, the least you can be is grateful.They’re taking their time to help you, and if they don’t spot you correctly, most of the time, it’s on you for not effectively communicating your needs.”

He then proceeds to offer a few tips for both the spotter and the person lifting.

These tips include details on the lift-off procedure, asking about the lifter’s intent (whether they’re aiming for a certain number of reps or a PR), hand placement, when to assist during the lift, and how much help to provide during the lift-off.

According to Swoll, an important part of fostering a positive gym culture is not only about being grateful but also about taking the opportunity to educate others.

He emphasized, “If they don’t know what they’re doing, instead of bashing them, be the one to guide them, helping them to improve, ultimately making the gym a better place.

Joey Swoll’s message acts as a timely reminder of the importance of respect and patience when interacting with others in shared fitness spaces.

After all, everyone is there with a common goal – to improve themselves physically. Let’s hope that his words encourage a more positive, understanding, and supportive atmosphere in gyms worldwide.

Bench Presser Rages At Spotter For Assisting Him, Joey Swoll Responds (video)

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