Being A Bodybuilder In A Relationship VS Being Single

Being A Bodybuilder In A Relationship VS Being Single

Many bodybuilders out there have found the girl of their dreams, their future wife or just simply their girlfriend. What is the biggest difference between bodybuilders who are in a relationship vs those who are single? We talked to a few bodybuilders that have gone through several breakups and asked them what they thought the main difference was.

phil heath bodybuilder with girls

You could be pussy whipped VS being free

Many bodybuilders that have started some kind of a relationship with a girl are often times like dogs in a short leash. They slowly but steadily stop hanging out with their friends, don’t show up to parties and the only thing they do is train and spend time with their girlfriend. I think we all got one mate in this position. While the bodybuilders who are single will spend much quality time with their mates.

It’s a full time job fulfilling several girls VS limiting yourself to one

As good looking bodybuilders it is our responsibility to take care of ourselves and if you think about it,  someone has to take care of the most beautiful girls on this earth. That’s when the bodybuilder steps in, due to high demand of good looking bodybuilders by hot girls, bodybuilders will often times pleasure several girls each month. VS the bodybuilder in a relationship has limited himself to be with only one girl.

Bullshit that drives you crazy VS Chilling in the cpu

Bodybuilders in a relationship can’t avoid bullshit arguments that will drive them crazy. Reasons for that could be you spent all of the rent money to buy protein powder or you don’t spend enough time with your crazy girlfriend (according to her). That’s an issue that single bodybuilders don’t even have to think about, they can be laid back chilling in the computer, drinking a protein shake while their mate who is in a relationship is having the worst time of his life.

You have guaranteed sex 3 times per week VS living wild

Bodybuilders in a relationship will most of the time have sex at least three times per week with their girlfriend. It’s like a safe bet being in a relationship you most of the time get what you expect. But bodybuilders that are single can have sex: zero – 20 times per week with different girls. It’s like gambling you don’t know the outcome until the end of the game.


Having money vs having no money

Everyone who has been in a relationship knows that the guy pays 75% of the time when you go out. It’s a disgrace how women want guys to pay all the time. That is the reason why guys who are single can save a lot more money than those who are in a committed relationship. If you think about it guys in a relationship have to buy expensive birthday, Christmas presents etc. for their girlfriend and if they don’t their girl gets mad at them and deprives them of sex for like 2 weeks. So financially speaking it’s obviously much better to stay single.

Being forced to meet people you don’t want to know VS Choosing

Bodybuilers in a relationship are forced to meet up with people that are important to her girlfriend. So they might have to go to dinner parties with her boring friends and family several times per year. That’s a tragedy that bodybuilder who are single cannot relate to, because they choose the people carefully they want to spend time with in their lives.

Breaking it down

So if you decide to go down that road to be in a relationship with a girl she has to be pretty damn special(my opinion). You are depriving yourself of so many good things once you start a committed relationship (money, sex experiences, freedom, spare time, etc.) If you think about it this way: “You have to benefit of being in a relationship” what I am trying to tell you with that is that the girl should make your life that much better , that you can think to yourself: “She is giving me more than she is taking away, I am benefitting from being in this relationship”. If you cannot honestly say that to yourself, than you probably shouldn’t be in the relationship.

Author: Charlie Green For BroScience

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