Bang Master Blaster Review: Does this pre-workout really work?

Bang Master Blaster Review: Does this pre-workout really work?

A pre-workout that promises to provide incredible explosive returns—this Bang Master Blaster review will expose the whole truth.

Listen up.

When we hit the weights we want to produce a dynamite workout that’s going to create results that are virtually on fire.

I know you’re nodding in agreement.

What’s more—this is what the best pre-workouts on the market can deliver.

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At the end of our sessions, we want to feel an immense burn that shows we’ve set our muscles alight—enabling them to return more immense and impressive. But sometimes, pre-workouts can promise to be incendiary—yet turn out to deliver little more than a tiny spark.

This Bang Master Blaster review will reveal all.

By examining its aims, ingredients, and functions, you’ll discover whether this supplement is going to send your training nuclear—or simply fizzle out.

Bang Master Blaster Review

Bang Master Blaster Review
Want to know what’s better than Bang Master Blaster? Find out in our article on the best pre workout supplements on the market.

This supplement is manufactured by VPX (Vital Pharmaceuticals) Sports Nutrition—a company fronted by its founder, scientist, and inventor Jack Owoc, which claims to have been established in 1993.

Its products are all targeted toward the sports energy market—including pre-workout powders, drinks, and snack bars.

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Bang Master is the key supplement in VPX’s varied supplement line—a powder-based pre-workout, which they claim:

  • Is a scientific breakthrough.
  • Has become the most disruptive innovation in sports supplementation in 30 years.
  • Is recognized as the top pre-workout available today.
  • Contains massive doses of proven performance enhancers to take training past normal levels.
  • Is the best pre workout in history.

Does any of that sound like hype?

Well, if you think that, you’re not the only one.

In 2008, Hansen Beverages (the makers of the famous Monster energy drink), took VPX to court, stating that the claims made on its energy products were untrue and misleading.1

Although, that was for an energy drink and not this pre-workout—but you see my point.

However, it’s entirely possible that this supplement could be the best pre-workout ever conceived—keep reading this Bang Master Blaster review to find out.

Who Should Use Bang Master Blaster Pre Workout?

Who Should Use Bang Master Blaster Pre Workout

If you were to believe the hype—then everyone should use this supplement if they really want to enhance their workout performance.

But, marketing-speak aside—this product, and in fact most pre-workouts, are designed for guys who:

  • Are currently dissatisfied with their training performance.
  • Want to increase energy levels to hit the weights for longer.
  • Need to improve endurance and stamina for knocking out extra reps.
  • Require focus to concentrate solely on their workouts.
  • Demand explosive power to push out the real heavy iron.
  • Want to see their recovery times improving—allowing them to get back on the bench sooner.
  • Are unhappy with the results that their current training provides.

Who Should Not Use Bang Master Blaster Pre Workout?

The best supplements can yield vast improvements to our workouts. But, I need to be honest in this Bang Master Blaster review—pre-workouts aren’t suitable for everyone.

The bros who should be avoiding this supplement are:

  • Young guns—this is strictly an over 18s product.
  • Armchair bodybuilders—if you’re looking to gain muscle by sitting on your ass, knocking back a pre-workout drink will have no effect.
  • Those who think they can eat what they want; however good the pre-workout, if you’re stuffing your face with unhealthy trash, it’s going to provide lethargy that even the best supplements can’t overcome.
  • New gym members—supplementation is the last thing to worry about—first sort out your diet, develop a training plan, listen to the experienced guys, and learn how the gym equipment works.

How Does Bang Master Blaster Work?

How Does Bang Master Blaster Work

As I mentioned earlier in this Bang Master Blaster review—there seems a lot of self-referential marketing hype laid out by the manufacturers.

VPX Sports Nutrition makes no effort on its official website to explain how it works—just the mind-blowing, shocking, and phenomenal results you can expect.

I’ll help them out.

Looking at the ingredients, it appears that this pre-workout aims to improve performance by:

  • Using compounds that work as stimulants to boost energy levels.
  • Giving the body muscle-building and stamina-raising amino acids.
  • Including ingredients that are designed to improve the delivery of oxygenated blood to the muscles.
  • Staving off fatigue by using compounds thought to prevent muscle acidosis.

That’s the idea. But are the ingredients proven to achieve these results? The next part of this Bang Master Blaster review will show you.

Bang Master Blaster Pre Workout Ingredients

Bang Master Blaster Pre Workout Ingredients

In this part of the Bang Master Blaster review, I want to individually examine the key ingredients listed above—to see if they can actually deliver. Let’s take a look at the Bang Pre Workout powder nutrition facts.

Hydroxypropyl Distarch Phosphate

A somewhat unusual ingredient.

This compound is known to increase endurance levels—but it also provides a couple of other concerning effects:

  • While elevating stamina, it also increases fat loss—useful if you’re cutting I guess, but not so much if you’re going through a bulking cycle.2
  • It reduces the absorption of iron and zinc—two compounds necessary for the bodybuilder as they create red blood cells for muscle oxygenation and testosterone for mass gain.3 4 5

An ingredient I’d rather not consume when looking to bulk up.

BCAAs (Branched-Chain Amino Acids)

Compounds which are known to kick-start protein synthesis and fuel muscle building.6 7

However, in my opinion, they’re somewhat superfluous in a pre-workout. Usually, these are ingested as a sole BCAA complex or through ingestion of whey protein. Useful in a performance enhancer, yes. Essential? No.

L-Citrulline Malate

What’s better than finishing your set and witnessing skin-splitting muscle pumps?

Citrulline malate elevates nitric oxide levels which results in the opening up of the blood vessels. This means more oxygen-rich blood floods into your muscles increasing strength, forming explosive power, and building awesome pumps.8 9


An ingredient which boosts the production of ATP (adenosine triphosphate), responsible for the contraction of muscles.10

Betaine Anhydrous

Sourced from the root vegetable, beets, this ingredient can elevate strength and power, improve endurance, and increase muscle growth.11 12 13


No one enjoys lactic acid. At best, it’s painful, at worst, it signals an end to your workout.

Beta-alanine can prevent the build-up of this unwanted compound, meaning you can power through longer sets.14


An ingredient that’s found in all the best pre-workout supplements—for its ability as a stimulant to boost energy and raise focus. Care should be taken (discussed soon in this Bang Master Blaster review) to avoid its side effects.15 16

Highly Branched Cyclic Dextrin

A carbohydrate that’s thought to increase sporting performance. However, there’s little evidence available to support this—apart from a study which indicated it prevented fatigue in mice that were subject to swimming tests! 17

Creatyl L-Leucine (Super Creatine)

Creatine which has been synthetically bonded with the amino acid leucine—claimed to make the creatine even more potent. Apart from studies indicating that it’s safe for human consumption—it seems there’s no research indicating performance-enhancing effects.

Bang Master Blaster Pre Workout Ingredients Breakdown


I want to go into a little more detail in this Bang Master Blaster review.

Firstly, let’s talk about the best pre-workouts available on the market. These supplements have one thing in common—they contain ingredients that are proven to elevate training performance and are delivered in effective doses.

I’ve put together a short list of all the compounds you should look out for in a potent booster—here’s how Bang Master Blaster measures up:

  • ✓Caffeine
  • ✓Beta Alanine
  • ✓Citrulline Malate
  • ✓Betaine Anhydrous
  • ✘L-Theanine
  • ✘Acetyl-L-Carnitine
  • ✘Black pepper extract (Bioperine)
  • ✘L-Arginine

Containing four of the best pre-workout ingredients—it’s an ok supplement.

The inclusion of 2.4 grams of beta-alanine and 6 grams of citrulline are nicely dosed, and will definitely keep muscle acidosis at bay and produce impressive pumps.

But, I have an issue with the Bang pre workout caffeine content.

At 350 mg, it’s a hefty dose which will probably induce some unwanted side effects. Often, l-theanine or taurine is included to reduce these adverse reactions and prevent crashing—but it’s absent from Bang Master Blaster. Although to be fair, there is a Bang Master Blaster caffeine free version available.

Furthermore, as I’ve mentioned, I would consider the inclusion of creatine and BCAAs in a pre-workout as overkill—it would be much more preferable if they were replaced by the nitric oxide-elevating arginine and inflammation-busting carnitine.18

Bang Master Blaster Pre Workout Side Effects

Bang Master Blaster Pre Workout Side Effects

As you will recall from earlier in this Bang Master Blaster review, it delivers a high dose of caffeine not offset by theanine or taurine.

Significant levels of caffeine can promote:

  • Headaches
  • Insomnia
  • Diarrhea
  • Rapid heartbeat.19
  • Raised blood pressure.20
  • The jitters.
  • A post-caffeine “crash.

Bang Master Blaster Pre Workout Before After Results

The best pre-workouts can take our training from normal to almost superhuman levels—but are these the results you can expect from Bang Master Blaster Pre Workout?

For the most in-depth Bang Master Blaster review, I researched what users of this supplement have experienced. This is what they said:

“Gave a nice short first initial rush.”


Good energy and focus!”

T Jones-Boyd

“Perfect amount of energy.”


Is not effective. Waste of money.”


“It doesn’t give me that rush I need to go hard at the gym. Also, I get a splitting headache afterward.”


“The energy isn’t very intense or long-lived…experienced a noticeable crash after about 2 hours.”

A Crouch

It seems the only benefit guys are receiving is a little energy rush (from the caffeine), which then induces headaches and crashing.

Where to Buy Bang Master Blaster Pre Workout?

If you’re wondering where can I get Bang Pre Workout near me—this supplement can be purchased from the official VPX Sports Nutrition website, Amazon, and Walmart.

Bang Master Blaster Pre Workout Review Conclusion

Bang Master Blaster Pre Workout Review Conclusion

As we’ve seen in this Bang Master Blaster review—it appears to offer little more than a “pop,” rather than an explosive bang.

While claiming to have revolutionized the pre-workout market—it’s distinctly average.

Let me be fair.

The inclusion of caffeine, beta-alanine, and l-citrulline is great to see—proven performance enhancers that are delivered in effective doses.

However, there are simply too few boosters in the whole formulation to push it toward the top of the pre-workout pile—and the high caffeine content, not softened by the inclusion of theanine, is a cause for concern.

The bottom line.

It’s nothing spectacular, or groundbreaking.

For a serious training supplement that will send your workouts ballistic, select a supplement with the TNT-like ingredients I listed earlier.

Bang Master Blaster Review FAQ

“How to Take Bang Master Blaster Pre Workout?”

Mix one scoop of the powder with 12 ounces of water and consume around 30 minutes before commencing your training.

“How Much Does Bang Master Blaster Pre Workout Cost?”

One container (548 grams—only 20 servings) costs $44.99 when purchased from the official VPX Sports Nutrition website.

“Is Bang Master Blaster Pre Workout Safe?

While unlikely to cause any long-term health problems, the high caffeine content could induce headaches, agitation, stomach upsets, and diarrhea.

“Where Can You Buy Bang Master Blaster Pre Workout?”

This product can be bought from the official VPX Sports Nutrition website, Walmart, and Amazon.

“What Does the Bang Master Blaster Flavor Review Say?”

Some guys like the flavors, others consider them to be too sickly-sweet. Overall it appears that the favorite among users is the Blue Razz variety.

“Does Bang Master Blaster Pre Workout Really Work?”

Some users have experienced energy boosts—although improvements in stamina, endurance, focus, and recovery time seem lacking.

If you did a comparison between bang powder vs can—you might conclude taking the pre-prepared tinned caffeine drink is simpler for the same effects. Although, the Bang Pre Workout drink nutrition facts on the can label don’t state exact doses of the key ingredients.

“Is There a Money Back Guarantee?”

If you return the product within 30 days of purchase and it’s both undamaged and unopened, you can receive your money back.

“How Long Do You Have to Take Bang Master Blaster Pre Workout Before Seeing Results?”

Some users have experienced energy boosts within 30 minutes of taking this supplement—however, it appears that it has little effect on recovery time or stamina—even with extended use.

“Do They Ship Worldwide?”

If this supplement is purchased from the official VPX Sports Nutrition website, only shipping within the USA is available. If you buy from a third-party, check with the individual seller for worldwide shipping options.



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Top 5 Testo Boosters
Top 5 Fat Burners
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