Average Guy Became A Bodybuilder And His Cheating X Wants Him Back Now

Average Guy Became A Bodybuilder And His Cheating X Wants Him Back Now

Average Guy Became A Bodybuilder And His Cheating X Wants Him Back Now

We got this story sent to our inbox from one of our fans who wants to remain anonymous. He tells us told this is a real story of him and his x girlfriend who cheated on him because “she didn’t get enough attention from him” so she told him. Without further ado here is the story/email we received from this young fan

“Hey guys hope you are doing ok, I wanted to share this story of myself and what happened in my life with my x girlfriend. I have always had the average looking physique and never really worked out seriously in my life(nor be successful in any endeavour in my life). My girlfriend broke up with/cheated on me about 10 months ago (probably because she thought I was a loser) and said exactly this “You don’t give me enough attention so I had to get it somewhere else”. I was devastated for about 2 months. I got depressed, fat, and I did not take care of myself. Than I stumbled on this great video that you posted here on BroScience: Breakups create bodybuilders and I started to follow your page(I owe you guys a lot, I really started getting into bodybuilding once I started following this page) I thought to myself, I deserve to happy, I deserve to be the best version of myself emotionally and physically. I really started to train hard and got obsessed with bodybuilding, I found out that I have great genetics for bodybuilding I have always had vascular arms even though I didn’t even train. My physique started developing and just after 6 months of hard training I already looked like I had been lifting for 2 years. I was also dressing better, felt better emotionally and the breakup had pushed me to be a better version of myself. I was really happy with myself and how things were going in my life (and still I am). I have not been focusing much on girls and to be honest I have only slept with about 3 women since my breakup. I am really focusing on my career I am working hard to become a successful investment banker and I have been making some good cash for the past months, I really have a passion for that. So sleeping with different girls and partying has not been a high priority on my list if you know what I mean. I noticed that girls are giving me much more attention than before but I am really not looking to get into a relationship at this point in my life. The funny thing about this is as soon as my X girlfriend saw how much I had upgraded in my life (I look better, got a better car, I got some pretty good gains, I am making A LOT more money than before, I have a new apartment etc.) she has continuously texted me, called me and told me that this was the biggest mistake of her life to cheat on me. The funny thing about that is that when I was at a low point in my life (when she cheated) She was so confident in her decision that I was not good enough for her and that she deserved someone “who gave her the attention she deserved”. Now that I am on my way up in life and becoming successful, got some money and a pretty dope car she is trying to win be back over. The funny thing about that is that I don’t want nothing to do with her and she can F herself. Just wanted to share this story with some of you guys who are going through a tough time now and let you know that you can go through this and become successful in life regardless if some bi*ch broke your heart.”

We want to thank “mr anonymous “for sharing this story with us here at BroScience and hope that this story will help some guys out there.

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