Arnold Schwarzenegger's Unbelievable Workout Schedule From 1974

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Unbelievable Workout Schedule From 1974

Everybody wants to look like King Arnie did back in the days. Am I right? I mean just look at him. Tall, aesthetic and alpha.


This pic is taken at the Mr Olympia competition. Back when the competitors actually looked good. But how did Arnold train in order to look like this? Below you’ll find his insane workout schedule. He trained twice per day, in the morning and in the afternoon. He always super-setted chest and back together, which is also becoming more and more popular with guys these days. But he did A LOT of sets like you’ll see below. I bet he was at least training couple of hours at a time. Not as much as King Rochard Panini who trains for 8 hours, but impressive nonetheless. When he wasn’t training he was either eating or having sex. But ask yourself first. Are you willing to the work? Because Arnold wasn’t lazy when it came to training like most guys these days.

You sure? Okay. Here it is.


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