Arnold Schwarzenegger's Hilarious Bodybuilding Pranks

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Hilarious Bodybuilding Pranks

Arnold Schwarzenegger the legend and bodybuilding champion has a good sense of humour, throughout the years he was competing he sometimes pranked his workout partners and acquaintances and did it in a hilarious way.

arnold pranks

First of all, it was in Munich. I have always loved a good prank, and this one was one of my favorites. The guy was a little wild. We mostly pranked the guys who showed up huffing and puffing and acting tough. So this guy was already saying he was going to win the competition. I told him that the new trend in posing was sound effects. The higher your arms are, the higher the pitch of the scream. As you get lower, you drop your voice. I told him not to worry about the reaction, this was the big thing in America and England and Germany would catch up. By maybe the fourth scream, he was dragged off stage and thrown out the back door. There were no repercussions for him, except some embarrassment.

arnold squat

Another great one was the time we oiled up a tough guy who wanted to squat with us. He literally waited for me by the squat rack for 12 hours on two days until I came to squat. He knew I would be there at some point because I squatted that frequently. When I put on 135 to warm up, he called it chicken weight. Then as I gradually moved the weight up, to 225, 315, etc. he said we were doing it wrong and we were going to get worn out. When we got to 405, he finally said, now you’re at my weight. I told him we planned to take photos and asked if he wanted to join us. Of course there was no camera. So he took off his shirt and we really oiled up his traps. Then we said we should keep working out until it was time for the photo. He only did a half rep (he was one of those guys who did twice the weight he should have and didn’t do full reps), but when he came up, because of the oil, the weight was 2 inches lower. On his second rep, the weight slid completely off and we caught it so he wouldn’t get hurt. I said, “You should really warm up next time.” After that, he never made fun of us for our warm-up, and he even joined in.

arnold and franco

I also pulled pranks on my best friends, like the time Franco had just arrived in America and I greeted him with a marijuana cookie. He was fresh off the plane and I wanted to be a little cautious so I only gave him half. I took him to my friends’ apartment and they couldn’t figure out why we spent an hour lying on their floor laughing. They only knew Franco’s reputation as the strongest man in the world, so they were shocked. Franco had a great time but didn’t know why. I finally told him a few days later.

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