Arnold Schwarzenegger Explains Why Bodybuilding Today Sucks

Arnold Schwarzenegger Explains Why Bodybuilding Today Sucks

Arnold Schwarzenegger is a true pioneer of the sport.

Arnold front double biceps

The man was a force of nature and dominated the bodybuilding scene in his youth.

These days the seven time Mr. Olympia has taken it upon himself to try to elevate the sport to a higher level.

But there are some bumps in the road that can make things difficult.

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In this exclusive lost scene, Arnold explains how bodybuilding is at a crossroads and the what it will take to elevate the sport to the next level.

Arnold Explains Why Bodybuilding today sucks:

Arnold In His Bodybuilding Prime

arnold prime

how every workout will be a winner

Arnold compared to Ronnie Coleman

arnold vs ronnie coleman

Arnold compared to Phil Heath

As you can there is some difference between old school and new-school bodybuilding.

What do you think is better?

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12 thoughts on “Arnold Schwarzenegger Explains Why Bodybuilding Today Sucks”

    1. There is no hobby that requires dedication from the time you wake-up to the time you go to bed, every meal, every weight and cardio training, every single portion of protein, carbs, fats being consider for endless years to achieve a decent physique. You are right, bodybuilding is not a sport, not a hobby, it is pure art.

      1. And any martial arts master or even a newbie could break the biggest bodybuilder into pieces by a simple punch. Kyokushin Power!

    2. Model planes and cars are hobbies, because you do it on your leasure time. Bodybuilding is an all day, everyday thing. Plus you don’t get paid to sit around and put models together.

    3. For some people, yes. For others, it’s actually their profession. I rebuild old cars in my backyard, that’s my hobby, I go to the beach and catch fish, that’s my hobby, I go to the gym and lift weights so I can look awesome, that’s my hobby.
      I build houses for money, I love doing it, I strive to be fucking good at it, that’s my profession.

  1. Willie Fistergast

    Arnold is the greatest ever, period, my idle since I was in high school. He always has the right answer, and I have never heard a word out of this mouth that didn’t include hard work, no bullshit, and making the future better. He would have been our best president.

  2. I would like to see the body composition of the one who calls bodybuilding a hobby. I have a pretty good idea though

  3. What a shit page. I have to scroll past all your bullshit adds and have no idea where to read the story.

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