Arnold Had Bad Genetics For Bodybuilding, This Is How He Overcame It

Arnold Had Bad Genetics For Bodybuilding, This Is How He Overcame It

F*ck genetics.

Creating the perfect body is no simple task. It requires sacrifice and hardship. Yes that sounds entirely overly dramatic, but when it comes to bodybuilding it’s true. In order to change your body composition it requires the person to diligently keep an eye on their diet as well as their methods of training. You can’t simply bench press time and again and expect to have a massive and chiseled chest. It takes much more than that. For those with inferior genetics it takes a great deal more to ensure that their physical frames can see drastic improvement.

Not everyone is given the same opportunity to shape their physiques into something impressive and worthy of merit. Some people don’t have the genetic ability to improve on particular problem areas or at least not to the extent that they’d want to anyhow. Some people have an extra layer of fat on their pecs while others can’t seem to get their biceps to grow while still others have zero back definition and just can’t seem to chisel them out at all. The sad truth is that unless you’re blessed like with superior genetics like a Phil Heath, then the chances of you making incredible gains can be stunted. That being said, it doesn’t mean you can’t push past that barrier.

The best example of an individual pushing past their limitations is undoubtedly seven time Mr. Olympia champion Arnold Schwarzenegger. The man is revered as the king of bodybuilding, yet he had his own problem areas he needed to take care of as well. His legs were never his strongest body parts yet he was able to emphasize his training in a manor that would see him making some quality growth and improvement.

Arnold trained his legs much differently than everyone else and former bodybuilder, pro wrestler, entrepreneur, and fitness personality Ric Drasin was there for it all. Take a listen to Ric as he breaks down how Arnold liked to his problem areas on leg day.

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