Are Steroids Legal? - Countries Where Steroids are Legal In

Are Steroids Legal? – Countries Where Steroids are Legal In

We have all heard about steroids, right?

But what are steroids?

Are steroids legal and why are they so commonly used by bodybuilders?

ATTENTION: EVERYTHING IN THIS ARTICLE MIGHT BE WRONG. Don’t get mad at us if you go to Thailand to buy steroids only to find yourself getting arrested and put in jail. We can not confirm whether or not any of the information in this article is true.

What are steroids?

broscience Steroids

Steroid drugs are synthetic hormones which were originally manufactured to treat medical ailments; there are two types of steroids.

So, what are the different types of steroid and which types are used by bodybuilders?

Let’s take a look:

Anabolic steroids

These are the most common steroid you hear about.These steroids are designed to mimic male sex hormones and are generally prescribed for treating late puberty or for those with significant muscle loss, such as patients with cancer and AIDS.


These are the ones which are also used illegally by bodybuilders and athletes to build muscle and enhance their performance!1

The second type of steroids are:


These are not as controversial as anabolics as they don’t build muscle or improve performance; this is probably why they are not so well known. These are used to treat such things as allergic reactions (e.g. asthma), autoimmune diseases and inflammatory conditions, such as arthritis.2

Both types of steroids can be taken orally, topically or intramuscular.

So why are bodybuilders and athletes taking anabolic steroids?

What do they get from them?

These steroids help them achieve fast and effective results with:

  • Muscle gain and mass
  • Fat burning
  • Enhanced endurance and performance
  • Faster results

Male and female bodies already naturally produce testosterone which is the hormone the body uses to facilitate muscle growth.

By taking anabolic steroids this happens much faster!

These faster results are what the bodybuilders crave! They want to bulk and cut but they want it fast! Especially those who are competitors in their sport.

Some studies have shown that more than 50% of bodybuilders are using steroids!3

But at what expense to their health?

Is it really worth putting these risks on your health?4


Are steroids legal?

Broscience bodybuilder

Keep reading and we’ll give you the information you’re looking for.

Long story short… No they’re pretty much illegal everywhere. HOWEVER. There’s a way for you to the results you’d get from steroids legally and safely. Check out the Top 10 Legal Steroid Alternatives here.

Depending on the country you’re in and sometimes what the steroid is depends on whether it is legal or not.

Here’s a look at some of the countries around the world and more information and answering the question, “Are steroids legal?” and if they are, then where?!


The States has very strict laws about anabolics. The FDA has them listed as schedule  III controlled substances; this is the same as for drugs like ketamine and morphine!

Only a very few of these drugs are even legal with a prescription; these may only be prescribed for certain conditions, such as late puberty, breast cancer and low red blood cell count.

So, are steroids legal in the US?

Well the answer is quite clearly no!


The question, “Are steroids legal in the UK?” is slightly more complicated than the US. They come under the category of Class C drugs and it is not illegal to possess them for personal use. However, you must have a licence if you want to manufacture or supply the drugs. You must also have a licence to possess, import or export steroids if you intend to supply/sell them.

It is also illegal to buy them online from overseas!

So if you only possess enough for your own personal use, then you could be ok.


Many people travel from the US to Mexico to get their steroids. he laws there are quite lax in comparison and you can buy veterinary grade steroids from a vet without the need of a prescription; there are also some human grade steroids available without prescription, such as Sustanon. Be warned though – it is illegal to take any of them across the border back into the US.

So the answer to “Are steroids legal in Mexico?” is yes they are, with the exception of a few. But they must be used in Mexico and cannot be taken across the border into the US.


Are steroids legal in Germany? Well, the laws regarding this keep changing. In 2007, Germany made it illegal to possess certain amounts of the drugs, whereas before this time, possession was legal. As of 2013, athletes caught using performance enhancing drugs now face the possibility of imprisonment.

So, for the purposes of performance enhancing, steroids in Germany are not legal.


Are steroids legal in Russia? Well it seems that the answer to this is quite simply yes. There appears to be no restrictions at all on their purchase or use!


Here, steroids can be used legally, IF you have a prescription. So, are steroids legal in Poland? Well, it seems not for the use of bodybuilders, because who would prescribe for this use, right?

Here are some other countries where steroids are only legal if you have a prescription:

  • Belgium
  • France
  • Japan
  • South Africa
  • Switzerland

As you can see, just from the few countries mentioned here, the laws differ greatly, depending on the country you are in.

So if you are planning on getting your steroids from another country, make sure before you go that you check:

Are steroids legal in that country!

broscience Steroid injcetion

Why do the laws differ so much about steroids?

Why are steroids legal in some countries but not in others?

Originally, steroids were banned from sports in the 1970s.

The reason for this?

This is because it was believed they gave users an unfair advantage as some athletes could not obtain them or were unable to use them.

But since then, some countries have changed their laws, mainly due to the harmful and nasty side effects these drugs cause, such as:

  • Irreversible liver damage
  • Heart problems leading to heart attack and stroke
  • High blood pressure
  • Impotence
  • Problems with kidney function and development of kidney stones
  • Aggression, anxiety and depression

And these are just a few of the known side effects!

Crazy, right?!

This is why there has been extensive clinical research into the effects of steroids and why many countries have changed their laws and still continue to review them as research continues.5

It seems that the US is the country with by far the strictest laws regarding steroids.

broscience world

There are still many countries where steroids are legal:

So where are steroids legal?


Are steroids legal in India? – Yes, here you are able to get steroids, with or without a prescription.


This country is known for many things and people have lots of reasons to travel here, but are steroids legal in Thailand?

Well yes, they sure are and there are no restrictions at all!

But beware, there are lots of fakes also being sold!

Here are some other countries where you can buy steroids without prescription:

  • Puerto Rico
  • Bahamas
  • Korea
  • Colombia
  • Egypt
  • Hong Kong
  • Dominican Republic

The laws in these countries are quite lax and people find it easy to purchase anabolic steroids without a prescription.

broscience law

But what about online?

Well this will depend on the laws in your country!

So before you buy online, ask yourself – are steroids legal in this country?!

It is not illegal to order them online, but to receive them in the mail may be a different matter.

The question is are steroids legal?

Well you need to consider the laws of your country.

Steroids are only recommended for medical use. So unless the laws in your country allow them to pass through the mail system or the laws are quite lax, then chances are you may not receive them!

For example:

Steroids in the UK are not illegal for personal use. So as long as you don’t plan to sell them you are able to import them – but you can only do this in person – it is illegal to import them by post!

But within the UK you need a prescription to get steroids.

Leaving you with the black market to buy these from, where they are made in unregulated labs!

Let’s face it…

What reputable company would break the law by selling steroids online without prescription and for non medical purposes?!6

What kind of product would you actually be getting??

These drugs already have some nasty side effects without running the risk of even worse ones from illegal, unregulated versions!

There are now lots of alternatives to steroids which mimic the effects of steroids but without harsh side effects.

No point getting your body looking how you want at the expense of your health, right?7

These alternatives may not be as powerful as the actual steroids, but many guys out there are seeing great results!

Such as these:

are steroids legal

are steroids legal online

are steroids legal usa


They have the added bonus of not causing you all those harmful side effects.

So what are these alternatives?

You can learn more about these legal supplements in our Ultimate Guide To Legal Steroid Alternatives.

It walks you through all the different supplements that are available in this range and which might be the best fit for you.

Just think about it: if you can get all of these results without putting your body through all the harsh side effects of steroids, that’s got to be much better.


You also have the added bonus of not having to keep asking the question, “Are steroids legal?” as they are all natural products, available online and in stores.

No illicit black market deals, no risk of fake imitation drugs, no harsh side effects!

I know which I would prefer!

Click here to learn more about these legal steroids alternatives.



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