Anavar Test Cycle - Steroid Expert Explains Shocking Results

Anavar Test Cycle – Steroid Expert Explains Shocking Results

If you have been considering starting an Anavar Test cycle, make sure you read this article first!

Initially, let me ask you something.

How often have you wished you could simply drop the excess body fat whilst still piling on lean muscle?

I’m guessing a lot!

It really is the Holy Grail of bodybuilding. A pure muscle bound body, highly defined with enhanced vascularity. It’s what we all want.

The problem is, it’s damn tough! And it’s counter-intuitive!

Broscience Anavar Test Cycle

We need to up the food intake to push through those reps and get the muscle to build, but we don’t want all those increased calories turning into fat! But if we diet during a cutting phase, we are going to lose that muscle, right?

Well, some guys have found an answer.

They have found that by completing an Anavar testosterone cycle in conjunction with training, their prayers have been answered. Fat is dropped, lean muscle is built and they have the body they always dreamed of!

But it’s never that simple, is it?

Taking steroids can have serious side effects, mentally and physiologically. And I, in no way condone their use.

Here’s the deal.

In this Anavar Test Cycle article I will explain the functions of this cycle, the effects – both positive and negative – and whether there are any preferable options.

You may be pleasantly surprised!

ATTENTION: Anavar and Testosterone are both illegal substances and should NOT be used. Click here to see the legal Anavar + Test cycle that mimics the results safely and legally.

Anavar Test Cycle

Broscience Anavar Test Cycle steroids

Let me make this perfectly clear again.

I do not agree with the use of steroids. Period.

I have been lucky enough to build a cracking physique through natural methods. Yeah, I use supplementation – it makes sense. But not steroids.

But here’s the thing.

We’re all adults. There’s no point pretending they don’t exist. And I would be lying if I said they do not work.  But they do come with some nasty side effects and, hey, they are illegal!

Ok, that’s outta the way!

So, an Anavar test cycle is simply how it sounds. It stacks the steroid Anavar with the hormone testosterone, which are taken together over a period of around 8-12 weeks.

This is completed in combination with a planned training regime and diet.

The key to this procedure is to drop the fat and retain and build the muscle.

But more on that later.

Firstly in this Anavar Test Cycle article, let’s look at the basics behind the two key components.

Broscience Anavar Test Cycle testosterone

What Is Testosterone and Anavar?

To understand the process behind the Anavar test cycle, we need to understand how these two individual supplements work.


Testosterone is simply what makes us into men!

Your body hair, deep voice and awesome tool between your legs were made by this impressive chemical! 1

Here’s the science.

In us guys, testosterone is the male sex hormone. The vast majority is created by your balls (in the leydig cells), and the remainder through your adrenal glands.2

This hormone is essential for daily life, as it affects bone density, libido and sperm fertility.

But most importantly for bodybuilding, it’s essential for building muscle! 3 4 5

Testosterone Use

It is this ability to bulk and build muscle that makes testosterone the go-to supplement for getting ripped.

Simply, testosterone powers muscle protein synthesis. The higher your T-levels, the faster and larger your muscles rebuild.6

Here’s the truth.

Testosterone, as an anabolic hormone (i.e. it builds muscle) is taken by some bodybuilders to make massive muscle gains and improve bone strength.

And it does work.

This hormone is usually injected directly into the system. Although there are a few capsules available which also contain testosterone, the injection forms the most effective and efficient way of utilizing it.

There’s more.

There are numerous forms of testosterone on the market, including:

  • Propionate
  • Cypionate
  • Enanthate

In essence they all contain the same amount of testosterone. Where they differ is in the esters (propionate, cypionate etc). These have the effect of either sustaining or delaying the action of the testosterone.

For example:

Propionate is fast acting and has a half-life of around 36 hours, so topping-up has to be done often. Conversely, cypionate is slow acting (with a half-life of 14 days), so injections do not have to be so frequent.

In many countries, unless you are receiving testosterone injections for medical reasons (severely low T-levels), it is usually illegal to purchase.


Broscience Anavar Test Cycle anavar

We can’t look at an Anavar test cycle without examining Anavar first!

Anavar is an anabolic steroid, also known also by its scientific name Oxandrolone. It was first developed in the 1960s as a medication for the bone pain associated with osteoporosis.

Get this.

Anavar is considered one of the most versatile of all steroids. It can aid muscle building (although it is not the most powerful steroid for this), inhibit catabolic muscle breaking hormones like cortisol and improve red blood cell count for endurance.


It is Anavar’s powerful fat burning properties that make it most useful for guys undertaking a cutting cycle.7

Anavar Use

Anavar is almost always delivered in tablet form, with a daily dosage of around 10 mg (although this can be dramatically raised during cycling).

As I mentioned earlier in this Anavar Test Cycle article, Anavar is usually taken as an important element in the cutting phase.

Here’s why.

Anavar works in two main ways:

  • Fat Lipolysis (breakdown) – Guys on a cutting phase are looking to shed the fat. Anavar metabolizes fats and allows it to be dropped easily.8
  • Muscle Building – When cutting, dieting can lead to muscle loss. All that hard-earned effort goes out the window! The muscle growth properties ensure that lean muscle is maintained through the phase.

“Why Combine Them?”

Stacking Anavar and Testosterone in an Anavar test cycle means that the best of both worlds can be obtained.

Testosterone builds the muscle, increases strength, reinforces bones and provides energy to fuel those workouts.

Anavar sheds the fat and retains that muscle mass to keep your physique in top form.

The result?

A tight, lean, defined, muscular body.

But there’s more.

It’s not just the individual capabilities that make stacking them attractive:

  • Anavar can lower testosterone – As with most anabolic steroids, it lowers T-levels. Taking it in combination with testosterone supplements means testosterone remains high and muscle can build.
  • Anavar is not an aromatizer – many steroids convert testosterone into estrogen, the female hormone. Anavar does not react in this way, so all the benefits of taking testosterone are not reduced.

Let’s get down to the meat!

Anavar Test Cycle

If you search for test and Anavar cycle before and after results, you will see it’s effective.

We have already seen the benefits of combining Anavar and testosterone, but what does that mean in real terms?

Broscience Anavar Test Cycle combine

The easiest way for me to explain is to give you an example. A typical beginner Anavar test cycle could look like this:

  • Testosterone Enanthate – 400 mg per week – from week 1 to week 12;
  • Anavar – 40 mg per day – from week 1 to week 8

So in total, the test enanthate and Anavar cycle is for twelve weeks, with Anavar running for the first 8 weeks then stopping.

By keeping testosterone levels high for the final four weeks, it ensures that T-levels remain in top condition and muscle growth still continues after dropping Anavar.

But keep this in mind!

This Anavar test cycle dosage and period is specific to these supplements. In general, an 8 week Anavar test cycle is a long time to use any steroid. This is really the maximum time to use Anavar.

However, as Anavar is one of the gentlest anabolic steroids on the liver, in this case it is ok. It would be rare to exceed 4-6 weeks for any other steroid.

Just another note.

After completing the test and anavar first cycle, you should have at least 12 weeks off before starting again with another test 250 and anavar cycle.

We have already seen in this Anavar Test Cycle article that genuinely impressive gains can be made by this stack. So it’s all good news, right?

Well, don’t call your local drug dealer yet!

Here comes the downsides!

Anavar Test Side Effects

As I indicated at the beginning of this Anavar Test Cycle article, I am going to be honest.

Steroids do work.

But, since I am being so truthful, there are some serious side effects that go along with these benefits (they are also illegal!).

Broscience Anavar Test Cycle side effects

Unnaturally boosting testosterone levels through injections can cause:

  • Gynecomastia (man-boobs) – overwhelming the body with ridiculous amounts of invasive testosterone means there is a glut. And the body converts this into estrogen, which can lead to unwelcome female traits 8
  • Water retention – leading to bloating and loss of definition 9
  • Acne 10
  • Enlarged Prostate – there is some belief it may increase risk of cancer 11

Remember, these are the effects of raising T-levels beyond what the body can do naturally.

The story with Anavar is also concerning; side effects include:

  • Cholesterol – this is the most serious. Anavar lowers HDL cholesterol (the good cholesterol) and raises LDL (the bad cholesterol)
  • Heart disease – increased LDL raises the chance of serious heart disease 12
  • Lowers testosterone – although not as serious as some steroids, Anavar does lower T-levels 13
  • Liver damage – again, it is not the worst steroid but it can still damage the liver 14
  • Declining mood – it can include depression and aggression

Scary yeah? That’s why I don’t take steroids!

But, there is an easy solution!

Legal alternatives for Anavar and Testosterone

Supplements have come a long way since the steroids of the 1960s!

Using an Anavar test cycle is not the only way.

Through increased scientific research, serious supplement manufacturers have found ways to mimic the effects of steroids without the health implications or side effects.

That’s a fact.

By using natural ingredients, these steroid alternatives have powerful bodybuilding benefits without the use of synthetics or invasive injections.

What’s more, they are perfectly legal!

As we are talking about an Anavar test cycle, let me show you exactly what I mean.

Broscience Anavar Test Cycle anvarol

This phenomenal supplement from the guys at Crazybulk mimics the effects of Anavar, but without the side effects!

Which means:

You will not be risking your heart and the cops will not be at your door!

Let me explain.

Anvarol has the power to:

  • Burn fat – perfect for a cutting phase
  • Increase stamina – through encouraging the production of Adenosine triphosphate
  • Reduce water retention
  • Maintain muscle – the formulation targets fat, not muscle. Your gains will remain gains!
  • Enhance definition and vascularity

The potent formula contains ATP for those muscles and a host of BCAA (branch chain amino acids) to burn fat and improve muscle.15

Learn more: visit Anvarol websiteread my full Anvarol review

Broscience Anavar Test Cycle testo max

Remember how I mentioned earlier in this Anavar Test Cycle article that testosterone injections were just too invasive?

I hope so!

That’s where all the side effects come from, simply overloading the body with synthetic testosterone that the body is not ready for.

What’s more, stop using testosterone injections and you will find your body has come to rely on this source! Your body is addicted!

The good news.

Again the serious guys at Crazybulk have found an alternative.

Testo-Max mimics the powerful effects of the steroid Sustanon (a proprietary name for different esterized testosterone compounds).

Get this.

This powerful formulation is not a testosterone injection, there are no needles! Available in tablet form, its scientifically proven ingredients have been shown to boost testosterone levels naturally.

Let me explain.

Instead of overloading the body with foreign testosterone, Testo-Max stimulates your body’s own production of this hormone. Those balls of yours already have the ability, they just need a little kick-start!

Testo-Max’s proven ingredients will:

  • Increase muscle mass
  • Improve energy
  • Help shed fat
  • Raise stamina
  • Raise libido
  • Enhance blood flow

The beauty of this product is the serious testosterone boosting D-Aspartic acid, together with Fenugreek and Zinc. All scientifically researched to raise those T-Levels.

Learn more: visit Testo Max websiteread my full Testo Max review

The Bottom Line

Broscience Anavar Test Cycle muscle

If you look at the Anavar test cycle reddit, you will read it’s a genuine way to drop fat, gain muscle and look lean and mean.

But it’s also illegal, expensive and will most likely damage your health.

Here’s my advice.

Get all the gains of this cycle, without the side effects, by using Anvarol and Testo-Max from Crazybulk together instead.

It’s super simple and easy.

Just click on these links:

Anvarol and Testo Max.

It will take you directly to the correct product page on their official website. Just add them both to cart and checkout securely online….

They have FAST and FREE shipping WORLDWIDE so you’ll soon be making awesome gains… legally and safely 🙂



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    Hi. Your article is very informative. I am 47 this year. I stay in Kenya and been lifting for 5 years but coz of work didn’t have a proper routine. Now I have 3 months time but feel my T levels are down. I have been researching about steroids. Thinking of taking a 4 week cycle. I don’t want to become very big. Just gain few pounds. I can get steroids cheaper here. But side effects are of a concern. Have read about crazy bulk but they are expensive. I am willing to sacrifice 2 months salary to order.. But please be honest.. Are those products any good? It takes alot to sacrifice that amount of money so I will really appreciate if you can guide me. Thank you

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      Hey Bobbby!

      Anvarol and CrazyBulk products are very good, for sure.

      But I personally would not sacrifice two month salary for ANY supplement. Not even the powerful one’s like CrazyBulk, not even real steroids.

      If you’re on a very low budget, you need to focus on your diet and training only. Then later, you can start thinking about supplements.

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