Anatoly “Gym Cleaner” Shocks Monster Bodybuilders with His Incredible Strength

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In the latest viral video sensation, Anatoly Powerlifter, known for his impressive strength and hilarious gym pranks, takes on some of the biggest bodybuilders in the gym. Watch as he leaves them utterly shocked by effortlessly lifting the massive weights they struggle with.

Who Is Anatoly Powerlifter?

Vladimir Shmodenko, popularly known as Anatoly Powerlifter, is a Ukrainian powerlifting prodigy who has taken social media by storm. His unique blend of humor and extraordinary strength has garnered millions of followers worldwide. Anatoly often disguises himself as an ordinary gym-goer or even a janitor, only to reveal his true strength in the most surprising ways.

The Video: Anatoly Powerlifter Ourlifting Monster Bodybuilders

In this particular video, Anatoly approaches some of the biggest guys in the gym, introducing himself as a personal trainer. With a slim build that belies his true power, he challenges these seasoned bodybuilders, claiming he can match their lifts. What happens next is pure gold.

Anatoly begins lifting weights that these muscle-bound giants struggle with, and he does it with astonishing ease. The reactions of the bodybuilders range from disbelief to sheer amazement, creating a highly entertaining and motivational spectacle.

Anatoly’s Impressive Lifts

Anatoly Powerlifter’s feats in the video are not just for show. His personal records are truly awe-inspiring:

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  • Deadlift: 290 kg (639 lbs)
  • Squat: 210 kg (462 lbs)
  • Bench Press: (details can be added if available)

These lifts are remarkable, especially considering Anatoly’s weight of just 78 kg (171 lbs) and height of 5’11” (181 cm).

The Prank That Never Gets Old

Anatoly’s pranks follow a familiar yet endlessly entertaining pattern. He approaches unsuspecting gym-goers, often posing as a cleaner or a novice, and asks if he can work out with them. Once he starts lifting, his incredible strength leaves everyone around him in utter shock.

One of his most popular collaborations was with Larry Wheels, a renowned powerlifter. In this prank, Anatoly pretended to be Larry’s coach. The gym-goers’ skepticism quickly turned to astonishment when Anatoly effortlessly lifted the massive weights, proving his claim.

The Impact on Social Media

Anatoly Powerlifter’s videos have gone viral across multiple social media platforms, amassing over 14.2 million followers on Instagram and around 5.3 million subscribers on YouTube. His unique approach to combining humor with impressive powerlifting has made him a beloved figure in the fitness community.

Anatoly’s Personal Life

Outside the gym, Anatoly shares his life with his girlfriend, Valery, who is also a fitness enthusiast and influencer. Together, they form a fitness power couple, inspiring many with their dedication and shared passion for health and fitness. Valery boasts over 130,000 followers on Instagram, contributing to their collective influence in the fitness world.


Anatoly Powerlifter continues to captivate audiences with his extraordinary strength and clever pranks. His ability to combine sheer physical prowess with a sense of humor has not only made him a viral sensation but also an inspiration to many aspiring athletes and fitness enthusiasts. Don’t miss out on his latest video where he leaves monster bodybuilders in awe with his incredible lifts.

For more jaw-dropping feats and hilarious pranks, be sure to follow Anatoly Powerlifter on Instagram and YouTube.

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