Anabolic Running Review: WHAT? Cardio Actually Builds Muscle Now?

Written by James C., M.S.(C), PT

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anabolic running reviewI hope you’re not easily stunned. If so, sit down and take some deep breaths. This Anabolic Running review could cause a shock to the system.

It’s like this.

I thought I knew most of the do’s and don’ts of building muscle. Eat protein, hit the gym, rest between sets—you understand what I mean.

Then the critical rule—dodge cardio, it kills muscle gain.

True, right?

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Cardio exercise slows recovery and uses valuable energy required for muscle mass increase.

Or does it?

Turns out this may not be entirely true. Sure, if you’re doing cardio training like a marathon runner you’ll never bulk up like a beast.

But, I stumbled across something that utterly freaked me out.

Apparently cardio can increase lean muscle mass.

In this Anabolic Running review, I’ll reveal the jaw-dropping truth about this program. Not only how it works, but what happened when I decided to take the plunge.

This will screw your mind.

Table of contents

What Is Anabolic Running?

anabolic running reviews

Let me tell you how writing this Anabolic Running review began.

I’m frequently browsing the web for any new supplements, diet plans, and exercise programs. It’s essential to check for developments and my mind is usually open to new things.

That is until I came across the Anabolic Running program.

I was totally skeptical. Another damn scam. I began reading it to see how much BS this article contained.

After five minutes, my curiosity was triggered. Could this anabolic running actually work?

So, what is anabolic running?

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Simply, it’s this—to build muscle instead of burning it.

To be fair, the author indicates that intense and extended running will hamper muscle gain, reduce testosterone and deplete energy levels. On that point, we agreed. 1

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But here’s what hooked me.

There are no lengthy daily runs to perform. Just a few minutes of intense exercise twice a week.

These powerful and short-burst workouts push the body into creating lactic acid. This, in turn, boosts production of testosterone, nitric oxide, and human growth hormone.

Basically, everything that’s required to increase strength, build muscle, improve vascularity and reduce fat storage. 2 3 4

When I thought about it this much while doing this anabolic running review, it began to make sense.

Then I discovered its background….

anabolic running testimonialsThe system (revealed on their website here for a limited time only) could be one of the oldest known to man. It’s based on the methods used by tribal hunters to track, catch and kill prey.

Not only did these ancient guys have to be strong and lean to be effective huntsmen, they also needed to be attractive to the opposite sex.

Those who failed, died without any offspring, the end of their gene pool. The most successful hunters and testosterone-saturated guys had the pick of their women.

Despite having a girlfriend, my interest was growing.

In high school, I loved running, but since I started bodybuilding it had completely left my training regime. Could this be a way to reintroduce it while not losing muscle?

It was too tempting not to try. Sadly there was no anabolic running free PDF. So, although still cynical and thinking I was wasting my money, I purchased the program.

Anabolic Running Review Overview

I couldn’t write an Anabolic Running review without giving you the benefits and drawbacks of the system. Here’s a quick run through.


  • Boosts production of testosterone, human growth hormone, and nitric oxide.
  • Burns fat while making lean muscle gains.
  • Insane muscle pumps.
  • Raises energy levels.
  • Increases overall fitness and cardiovascular health.
  • Boosts vascularity.
  • Improves oxygen delivery to muscles.
  • Raises definition.
  • Improves sexual performance and libido.
  • Reduces feminine characteristics—lose the man-boobs.
  • Increases testosterone related pheromones—attracting the opposite sex.
  • Just a few minutes hard exercise per week.
  • Improves mental focus and confidence.


  • Only available on their website.
  • Increased testosterone and libido can lead to unwanted erections.

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My Anabolic Running Results

So, all in the name of this Anabolic Running review, I started the program.

It was tough, but to give it a proper test I ditched the gym for an entire month. I didn’t want my bench work to create any false positives.

Week 1

The first thing I had to do was get some running shoes! It had been so long since I’d hit the road that I had no idea where my old ones were.

The second hurdle was getting out of the door and actually running.

Man, I press pounds down the gym every week—I don’t care who sees me. But, weirdly, I was concerned that people were going to be pointing at my flailing arms and long legs as I ran through the park.

Anyway, trying to forget the feelings of self-consciousness, I began to follow the program.

From reading the workout section, I decided I fitted into the intermediate category—definitely not advanced! So, just 16 minutes a week to exercise.

Can’t be that tough, right?


After that first session, I was thinking I should have picked beginner’s level! I felt more drained than I did after my toughest weight sessions. But, the program did say this was to be expected.

So, session complete, I went for a cooling shower.

Afterward, I felt GREAT! I’d forgotten how much cardio can actually boost endorphin levels. That said, I still wasn’t looking forward to the second session of the week!

This Anabolic Running review was off to a great start!!!

Week 2

By now, I had completed four sessions. I had chosen not to alter my usual diet as again this could lead to inaccurate results.

The workouts hadn’t become any easier, but I was no longer dreading them. Running now felt natural again, and the attraction of the post-session “rush” was becoming like a drug.

During these 14 days, I had seen a difference. Firstly, I had lost a little weight on my flanks—it’s always been an issue for me. However, the scales hadn’t moved.

Surely, I hadn’t lost fat and gained muscle?

But the mirror didn’t lie. I even checked with my girlfriend for her opinion and she agreed.

Having said that, she would probably have said yes to anything. Over this second week, I had massive libido peaks—and my girlfriend was happily making the most of it!

Week 3

Week 3 using anabolic running program

It was getting a little ridiculous!

Two unwanted boners while my mother-in-law was visiting. Ok, she’s attractive but she ain’t that hot!

It could have been down to the libido shakes! I’d only tried a few, mainly because they sounded so damn tasty, but they definitely didn’t hurt the old sex drive!

Get ready for this:

I gained more muscle.

It screwed with my head! The libido increases, fat loss, and endorphin rush were welcomed—but they were no great surprise. Yet, this promised muscle gain was the reason I tried the program.

And after nearly three weeks, it was obvious.

By the end of week two, I did think my abs were looking tighter and cleaner, but I just put it down to positive thinking. However, at the end of week three, it was clear.

Tight and toned muscle, with slightly more definition than I’d had for a few months. I know I shouldn’t have done this, but I dragged out the barbells and completed 10 reps.

Damn! That was some serious muscle pumps! My biceps looked something else!

I was so happy at this point for deciding to finally do this Anabolic Running review for my readers.

Week 4

The end of my cardio journey and it had been a hell of a final week.

After three weeks, I decided it was time for the advanced workout, so I took my final sessions to the max.

I could feel the difference. It showed this was a program that can move with you during your progress. They were tough, and took a little longer than the intermediate, yet again I felt terrific afterward.

Walking home, I’m sure I caught a quick smile from a passing woman. Was that the pheromones? Maybe!

I took one final look in the mirror before finishing this program and going back to my regular gym routine.

It was impressive!

There was no doubt about it. I had definitely lost fat and gained lean muscle mass. I wasn’t the Hulk, but I wasn’t expecting to be. Yet, I was looking damn amazing!

Anabolic Running Before and After

anabolic running before and after

I’m not going to lie.

Before I started this program I wasn’t overweight and had been attending the gym. I was looking reasonably good.

However, this program had provided me with INSANE results. Better than I could ever have imagined. I don’t recall being this ripped and vascular since a crazy cutting session a couple of years back.

The love-handles, although only small to begin with, had gone completely. And all I could think about was getting the girlfriend into the bedroom to celebrate—for the fifth time that week.

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What Exactly Do I Get?

what do I get anabolic running

One of the most important questions in this Anabolic Running review.

The beauty of this program is that it can be read from beginning to end. It’s what I did, and found it both compelling and eye-opening.

However, if you’re not interested in the background or science, you can dip directly into the workouts and begin the journey. It’s all laid out in an easy-to-access system.

This isn’t just a brief anabolic running PDF. It’s a complete program to take fat loss, muscle gain and testosterone levels to the limit.

Here’s what’s included:

1. The Anabolic Running Protocol for Men

Incredibly in depth, it describes the history and science behind this program. It explains clearly, with humor, how traditional cardio is not ideal for the human body.

Also, it has numerous hints, tips and hacks to increase muscle power, strength, libido, and sexual attractiveness.

2. Anabolic Running Workout Manual

Every single cardio exercise you need to build muscle and shed fat. It has workouts for beginners through to advanced—whatever your current fitness level. It explains precisely how to perform anabolic running.

Anabolic Running Video Library

3. Anabolic Running Video Library

15 bespoke videos created especially for this program. They also illustrate anabolic boosting warm-up exercises.

4. Indoor Anabolic Running

If the weather is awful outside, there’s no excuse for missing a training day. It includes cardio workouts designed for muscle gain that are suitable with or without a treadmill.

5. Shock and Awe Strength Training Program and Videos

Used in combination with the Anabolic Running workouts, this program takes muscles building and fat loss to the absolute max.

6. Libido Boosting Brews, Shakes and Smoothies

Drinks that can be prepared and taken at any time of the day—turning you into a bedroom animal.

7. Libido Boosting Supplements for Men

This includes important supplements containing ingredients proven to boost testosterone levels and raise sex-drive.

8. Testosterone Hacker Handbook

Over 40 different ways to boost testosterone levels. Which, in turn, can assist with fat loss, bone strength, libido, fertility, and muscle gains.

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Anabolic Running Exercises

Anabolic Running Exercises

Depending on your current fitness level, these powerful anabolic running exercises only take 10-20 minutes every week. Giving you more time in the bedroom with your partner, girlfriend, wife or friend’s wife.

Each session, completed twice a week, starts with a warm-up (not included in the 10-20 minutes). These are clearly explained in the accompanying videos.

Once completed, it’s time for the serious stuff!

Depending on ability, these include 8-10 minutes of sprinting workouts—all perfectly described in the program. They include different exercises, techniques, and durations—depending on ability.

Each exercise is repeated, with a rest period in between.

The program breaks them down into beginner, intermediate and advanced levels. But these are not just abstract concepts. It details how to “measure” yourself into each of these categories.

As you advance you can move up a level.

Room for Improvement

After completing the program for the month, I only have one criticism.

I wanted more variety in the workouts. Admittedly, you are only doing them for a few minutes per week, and they are effective.

Just a few different exercises would make this system perfect.

Review Conclusion – Is Anabolic Running Worth the Money?

A resounding YES!

In fact, after this Anabolic Running review, it is definitely our #1 recommended cardio choice for men.

Let me tell you why.

Sometimes we concentrate so hard on our gym work, cardio is forgotten about. Although, this isn’t surprising when excessive levels can ruin our muscle building results.

But, as I have explained in this Anabolic Running review, short and intense cardio running can reduce fat, boost lean muscle and increase testosterone.

Whether you want to give the gym a break, or just want to add variety to your exercise routine, this is the only cardio program you should consider.

Want to learn more? Visit the official website >



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