Alpha X Boost Review – Do The Ingredients Cause Side Effects?

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As testosterone boosters are the supplement of the moment, I’m going to add to the hype with this Alpha X Boost review.

But before we get into the juicy details, I want to run something by you.

We all want the perfect physique right? Let’s face it that’s why we hit the weight room or the gym.

Yet, do you ever feel your performance involves forever fine tuning the sweet spot? I know i’m always looking for that extra edge.

Here’s the thing.

This is why testosterone boosters have become so popular. They are made to help us achieve what we want – faster and easier.

Here’s the worst part.

Along with the great there’s a fair share of shocking ones too. And that’s why we are here today, to learn how to spot a good (or bad) testosterone booster.

In this Alpha X review you are going to find out what’s in it, how it works and whether it belongs with the “keepers” or in the trash.

Warning! Dear Alpha X Boost reader: Click here to see why this booster did NOT make it to the list of Top 5 Test Boosters.

Alpha X Boost Review:

alpha x boost

Do you want to:

“Unleash your inner beast!”

It’s all a bit cringeworthy if you ask me, but it’s their choice of words – not mine.

In short.

Alpha X Boost is a testosterone booster designed as a performance aid for more than just your gym session.

It’s made up of all natural ingredients and a mix of science, which they claim is both safe and effective.

Now let’s take a look and see what it can do….

What Is It?

Want to know the score with Alpha X Boost?

This testosterone booster along with a healthy diet plus a solid training plan will pave the way for:

  • Lean muscle mass
  • A suped up sex drive
  • Full throttle fat loss
  • Clear cut mental focus
  • Supercharged stamina
  • Speedier recovery times
  • Natural hike in testosterone levels

Sounds promising – right?

Yet, who’s this all really aimed for? That’s an easy answer……

Who Should Use Alpha X Boost?


Alpha X Boost is geared for guys who:

  • Need to big up their testosterone levels
  • Want to improve their performance in the weight room
  • Are looking to bump up bedroom activity
  • Feel like brain fog has kicked in
  • Want to build up muscle and ditch the fat – faster

So if you are looking to target any of the above, we could be onto a good thing so far.

Who Should Not Use Alpha X Boost?

As a rule, testosterone boosters (including Alpha X Boost) are not the right supplement for everyone. Here’s who should skip them and move onto the next option:

  • The under 18’s: this supplement is for men not boys
  • Guys who are exercise shy: t-boosters need activity to get results
  • Bro’s who love the juice: there’s no synthetics here
  • New dudes on the block: master the technique first, then focus on t-boosters

By now you should know whether you are in team “should” or “should not”, but the next important question is how does it do what it says.

Honestly, most men won’t feel any difference.

How Does Alpha X Boost Work?

alpha x boost

I don’t know about you, but I always like to know the in’s and outs of something before clicking “buy”.

Maybe it’s just a general sense of curiosity or i’m just plain nosy. Besides it should form part of this Alpha X Boost review.

So, for all the “nosy” bro’s out there, let’s probe into Alpha X Boost.

This is going to sound totally obvious, but Alpha X Boost works by raising natural testosterone levels in the body.

Ok, i’m not going to leave it at that.

This biological benefit causes a chain reaction which works it’s magic in other areas:

Nitric Oxide Production

When it comes to kick starting your dick into action, increase in blood flow is priority. Nitric oxide plays a role in this whole process.

Testosterone and NO2 team up and work in partnership to boost blood flow and your boner.1

Fat Oxidation

Having more of the male sex hormone in your body will help you lose a few pounds – of body fat.

An increase in testosterone will improve insulin regulation and it also streamlines the breakdown of fats. This means your body becomes an efficient fat burner. 2

Protein Synthesis and Nitrogen Retention

Testosterone is about anabolic status, which is ideal territory for muscle building and preservation. It does this by fast forwarding protein synthesis and also encouraging nitrogen retention. 3

So, you’ve got the know how, but what makes it tick? Read on to find out…

Alpha X Boost Ingredients

In this Alpha X Boost review we’ve seen how it works and what it claims it can do, but the proof is all in the pudding. That’s right, it’s the ingredients which will make or break this testosterone booster.

Want to see the ingredients that actually work? Visit our ultimate guide to Test Boosters here.

Take a look at the list, and then we’ll get down to the “science” bit.

 alpha x boost ingredients label

Horny Goat Weed Extract

This herbal extract sounds like it was made for boosting sex drive.

In Asia, they believe so, horny goat is used as an aphrodisiac and to treat erectile dysfunction.4

However, in western medicine they aren’t totally convinced.5

Tongkat Ali Extract

The exotic plant of tongkat ali is touted as “home grown viagra” in some parts of the world.6

300 mg of tongkat can increase libido, increase sperm quantity and also their “swimming” speed. 7

Saw Palmetto Extract

If you have an oversized prostate, you might be familiar with this palm berry extract.

Saw palmetto is often used as an alternative treatment for BPH (Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia). It also has a standing for dudes with waterworks issues. 8,9

As for testosterone – it’s a mixed bag.

If you are supplementing with 1200 mg of the stuff, you could end up with a 38 percent rise. Yet, others have reported a loss of libido as a result of taking it. 10,11

Orchic Substance

This ingredient has nothing to do with the exotic plant – in fact it’s far from it. Orchic actually comes from a bull’s balls.

That’s right.

It’s taken from the testes and rumours are it can increase testosterone and bump up sperm count.12

As it’s extracted from the place of “action”, you would think it stands good stead. However, I cannot find one single piece of concrete evidence to confirm it does anything of the sort.

Wild Yam Root Extract

Wild yam, is a root veg, but i’m a bit confused as to why it’s on the list. It’s a popular alternative for treating women’s monthly issues if you get what I mean.

It’s also been used for estrogen replacement therapy.

Now, any guy wanting to boost testosterone levels should know estrogen traps free testosterone and holds it hostage.13


It’s a herb touted as a hormone balancer and an aphrodisiac14

However, finding any proof to back this up just led me to dead ends.

Nettle Extract

Nettle might have a sting, yet it’s good for taming your prostate. 15

It can also block out testosterone restraining SHBG (sex hormone binding globulin), which is a plus if you need a lift of male sex hormones.16


It’s a mineral which does generate a positive stance on all things testosterone.

Boron can increase levels of the “free” stuff.17


This mineral will keep your bones fighting fit and also plays a role in muscle function.

Interestingly, it might even be possible to boost testosterone levels by combining calcium with a mix of weight training.18

Alpha X Boost Ingredients breakdown:

That’s the long and short of the formula, I think you will agree after a promising start, the cracks are starting to appear.

We won’t lose hope yet. Let’s pit Alpha X Boost against the top testosterone boosting ingredients to see how it stacks up:

  • ✘D-aspartic acid
  • ✘Vitamin D-3
  • ✘Fenugreek
  • ✘Zinc
  • ✘Vitamin B6
  • ✘Vitamin B2
  • ✘Vitamin B5
  • ✘Selenium
  • ✘Ginseng
  • ✔ Boron

See the top rated testosterone booster on the market that contains all these ingredients.

Based on the grounds of this it doesn’t look like a top t-boosting formula does it?

There’s another problem.

Alpha X Boost is a FlowViv MAX-Test Blend with a total dosage of 1484 mg per serving.

Granted it does sound like you are getting a decent quantity, but of what? How can you tell? There is no transparency.

To sum it up.

There’s only 1 top rated testosterone ingredient. What’s more, you can’t even verify the quantities of what’s included. Basically, this renders the whole formula null and void in my book.

And to top it off.

They can’t even spell the ingredients correctly.

I also question who put this formula together, because it definitely seems like they could have made it much better very easily.

Alpha X Boost Side Effects

side effects

This part of the Alpha X Review is going to hit on the drawbacks. What kind of alpha x boost side effects are you going to get from this supplement?

Unsurprisingly, Alpha X Boost avoids divulging any info on this kind of thing. This meant I had to switch to “detective” mode and go digging.

I went through the list and found the following:

  • Horny goat weed: can cause fever, increased heart rate, irritability. 19
  • Saw palmetto: stomach ache 20

Alpha X Boost Before After Results

By now you might be wondering.

Can this part of the Alpha X Boost review prove the science wrong?

In this section I’m going to tell you what you want to know – the before after results.

The word from Alpha x boost is that you need to give the formula a full 90 days to get max results.

First up, this is what a testosterone booster should do for you:

Your muscles will start to gain in both size and strength. In terms of weight loss, body fat will melt and that lean looking physique will rapidly take shape.

In the bedroom your newly found stamina and endurance will literally reinvent your sex life. Energy levels will also go through the roof, which will make lifting weights feel like child’s play.

Based upon Alpha x Boost reviews, this is what you actually get:

“Muscle tone has improved and he feels better and stronger. His sex drive is on point and is longer lasting.” Sara

“Lots of energy and alpha x boost weight loss” C.H

“My arms feel broader and stronger” Michael P

“I did not feel or see a change” T Krycek

“Doesn’t do much” Dan C

“IT DIDN’T WORK” Ricardo E

Bottom line

It’s not unanimous is it?

Where to Buy Alpha X Boost ?

An Alpha X Boost review wouldn’t be complete if I didn’t give you the lowdown on Alpha X Boost where to buy info.

Here’s the deal.

If you search Alpha X Boost GNC you won’t find it. However, if you do the same for Amazon or ebay you will have a better chance.

There is an official Alpha X Boost website, yet you can’t seem to buy the supplement without signing up. They offer a 14 day trial service, which actually turns into a subscription scheme.

After this point in time, they will debit your account the princely sum of $93.78 for the trial bottle. They will then carry on taking your cash until you call to cancel.

Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Alpha X Boost Review Conclusion:

alpha x boost review
Our #1 recommendation is TestoFierce. Click here to read our TestoFierce Review

In this Alpha X Boost review i’ve tried to cover all angles. We’ve looked at the facts and the claims.

Here’s the thing.

Alpha X Boost does only contain a single top rated t-booster ingredient. It’s also a proprietary blend which is another black mark in my book.

The customer reviews are moderate, but it’s nothing that jumps out at me.

In short, I would happily pass on this one and head for the solid “keepers” out there.


How to Take Alpha X Boost?”

The directions are standard for a testosterone booster:

Take 2 caplets 1 to 2 times daily

Unfortunately there is no indication as to when you take them so you will need to best guess that one.

“How Much Does Alpha X Boost Cost?”

In terms of Alpha X Boost cost, prices do vary depending on where you buy.

The official website will take $93.78 out of your account each month for the privilege

Amazon offer 60 caplets (30 day supply) listed at $38.00, however on ebay I found it for $29.99.

Is Alpha X Boost Safe?”

Alpha X Boost claim it’s formula is both safe and effective, however a few of the ingredients have reported side effects.

“Where Can You Buy Alpha X Boost?”

The official website only seems to offer a trial service, which looks like you end up getting sucked into some kind of auto-subscription scheme.

Currently Amazon and ebay are the only places I could find Alpha X Boost available for a one time purchase.

Does Alpha X Boost Really Work?”

Some reviews say it does, others say no way. Going off the science I would say very doubtful.

“Is There a Money Back Guarantee?”

There is a returns policy, but I would use the term “money back guarantee” very loosely. The Alpha X Boost website states “they will credit one returned, unopened product per customer”

You also have to get it back to them within 30 days of the original postmark.

How Long Do You Have to Take Alpha X Boost Before Seeing Results?”

Going by what the many customer Alpha X Boost reviews have to say, it’s anybody’s guess:

 “amazing results in just two weeks” or “on day 5 and yes I do see a difference in the gym and the bedroom”

On the other hand

Others report, “Taking everyday for a week and I feel no different” or “I have been on Alpha X Boost for 30 days and cannot feel any difference.”

“Do They Ship Worldwide?”

Alpha X Boost only ships within the US.



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