Alpha Tren Review (2022) – Is it just another Free trial scam?

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This Alpha Tren review could prove to be the most shocking article you read this year.

Let’s face it, we’re no fools. When we see supplements make incredible claims—we’re rightfully questionable. We take time to read other users results and check out the ingredients and dosage.

Right, yeah?

Yet, unscrupulous manufacturers are often clever—using proven ingredients but hiding their quantities away in proprietary blends. You believe you’re getting a potent product—instead of the underdosed and ineffective supplement you actually receive.

But sometimes, a supplement is so incredibly awful—it’s amazing the people behind it think guys will fall for its promises.

This Alpha Tren review exposes the astounding facts behind this supplement. If you want to see how blatantly dodgy some products are—read on.

Alpha Tren Review

Alpha Tren Review
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Let me start off this Alpha Tren review with some background—or what little there is.

So, what is Alpha Tren?

This supplement is marketed as a muscle builder, testosterone booster, or both—depending on which marketing blurb you read. I’m guessing the name has been chosen to associate it with the powerful steroid trenbolone.[1]

As such, this supplement claims (in their words) that it will help you:

  • Build muscles faster.
  • Last longer (not sure if that’s in the bedroom or gym).
  • Improve faster (improve what I’m not sure).
  • Maintain peak performance.
  • Have added stamina (or stamins as they spell it).

Pretty vague, right? Trust me, that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

There’s no indication of the company behind this Alpha Tren supplement. All that’s ever shown in online adverts is the front of the bottle. Nothing more.

Furthermore, there’s no official website. The only web-presence this supplement has are numerous (and hilarious) one-page advertorials such as pictured below.

what is Alpha Tren

These pages may, or may not, include the name Alpha Tren in the domain, and seem to appear as fast as they disappear.

Clicking on the “buy” or “rush order” links either direct you to an auto-ship program, result in a dead-end, or lead you to a completely different supplement.

Everything about these one-page “sites” should set your alarm bells ringing. The main issues being:

  • Different advertorials make alternative claims to the results you can expect.
  • Although they refer to Alpha Tren in the headlines, often the text beneath talks about a different supplement (copy-paste anyone?).
  • Its manufacturers aren’t named.
  • You can only obtain the product by signing up for a free trial (and naturally handing over your card details and agreeing to an auto-ship program first).
  • There is zero indication of the price.
  • The text includes glaringly obvious spelling and grammar mistakes.
  • Ingredients aren’t declared.
  • There’s no explanation of how the supplement works.
  • Some “buy now” links lead to domains made to look like well-known and respectable nutritional supplement manufacturers.

Seriously, bro, I could go on.

Has this Alpha Tren review made you worried yet? If not, let me correct that now.

How Does Alpha Tren Work?

If you’re looking for a definitive answer to how does Alpha Tren work—you may be disappointed.

The only indication of its working process is that it claims to increase levels of free testosterone.

If that was the case, it’s true that elevated T-levels can promote muscle growth, stamina, and fat loss.[2][3][4]

However, the best testosterone boosters on the market usually address three aspects of T-boosting—not just one.

These powerful and proven products aim to heighten testosterone stores by:

  • Raising the availability of free testosterone.
  • Reducing the effects of the T-killing estrogen.
  • Stimulating the body into producing more testosterone.

Even if this Alpha Tren review illustrated it could work—it’s disappointing it only addresses one area.

Alpha Tren Ingredients

Alpha Tren Ingredients

Do you want to know the Alpha Tren ingredients? To be honest, so do I.

None of the advertorial pages either list the ingredients or provide an image of the supplement label.

If your product was packed with scientifically proven T-boosting compounds—wouldn’t you be proud to announce them to the bodybuilding world? But no, Alpha Tren just tells you it will boost testosterone.

I dunno, magic maybe?

The only description of ingredients I’ve found is on equally dodgy 30-second YouTube and Vimeo clips.

These videos (basically a slideshow of the advertorial websites) sometimes include some overlaid text which lists the ingredients. Although, they make no mention of dosage.

Bear in mind these clips are made by third parties, not the manufacturer, and look like they’ve been put together with early 1980s editing software. So, they cannot be considered a reliable source.

However, here are these theoretical ingredients:

  • Pyridoxine—vitamin B6 which can improve the effectiveness of existing testosterone.[5]
  • Yohimbe—while thought to boost fat loss, research indicates it has little effect.[6]
  • Horny Goat Weed—although it can heighten testosterone, that’s only in guys suffering from hypogonadism[7]
  • Tribulus Terrestris—a compound which some studies show can boost testosterone.[8]

Even if these ingredients are genuine, there are two main problems. Firstly, the supplement only includes two useful T-enhancing compounds—the best ones on the market contain around ten.

Secondly, none of the ingredients are quantified. Hence, even if they can boost testosterone—the dose is likely to be so low it will not promote any bodybuilding benefits.

Bear in mind, I had to conduct extensive research just to locate the possible ingredients for this Alpha Tren review.

This leads me to the scariest aspect behind this supplement.

Alpha Tren Side Effects

Alpha Tren Side Effects

Let me quickly summarize four key points from this Alpha Tren review:

  • There are no definitive ingredients—only theoretical ones on third-party sites.
  • You have no idea of the company behind the product or its source.
  • There are no directions on the website on how to take the supplement.
  • The guys behind it can’t even use a spell-checker—you think they can put together a safe and effective supplement?

With these factors in mind—do you want to start knocking back these pills?

In my opinion, taking this supplement is like playing Russian roulette—with five bullets. You’re using an untested, unresearched, and unknown product. You have no real idea of what chemicals or compounds you’re ingesting.

The best case scenario is you’re going to waste your money. Worst case, you’re gonna do damage to your body.

It’s difficult to say what the side effects are from using Alpha Tren as the formulation is, in truth, a mystery.

The safest bet—don’t take it.

Alpha Tren Benefits

In short, none. Even if I was being incredibly generous and assuming the four ingredients mentioned earlier in this Alpha Tren review are genuine—it’s too weak to have any effect.

If you try an online pros and cons Alpha Tren search—you’ll find there are many disadvantages, but no benefits.

Alpha Tren Before After Results

This supplement is highly unlikely to promote any positive bodybuilding results. I tried to locate customer testimonials and was actually happy to find none. Hopefully, most guys have seen through this supplement and decided not to purchase it.

However, one result does seem to be assured—you’re going to lose some money.

It appears when you sign up for the free trial, you’re agreeing to an auto-ship program. They send you your first bottle free (and naturally take your card details). The following month you are billed for your next bottle.

The issue is, there’s no indication of how much you’re going to be charged—it’s never mentioned. Guys have found that between $85-$115 is taken monthly.

Alpha Tren Review Conclusion

Alpha Tren Review Conclusion

Incredibly, I’ll start this Alpha Tren review conclusion with a positive—it’s freakin’ hard to get hold of this supplement.

Many of the “buy now” links are outdated or link elsewhere—you’re gonna have to go through some serious detective work to purchase this product.

But even if you do find it, don’t buy it.

Everything about Alpha Tren is worrying—unprofessional website content, lack of nutritional information, unknown manufacturer, and a deceptive “free trial offer”.

I’m not saying it’s a scam—but if it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck, right?

The bottom line:

Never take any supplement which doesn’t clearly state its ingredients. Confine Alpha Tren to the trash bin. Instead, seek out the best testosterone boosters which proudly declare their ingredients and doses.

Alpha Tren Review FAQ

“How to Take Alpha Tren?”

There’s no information on how to take this supplement. It’s supplied in pill form, but the amount that needs to be ingested every day and at what time isn’t explained.

“How Much Does Alpha Tren Cost?”

Online advertorial sites don’t disclose Alpha Tren’s actual price. After signing up for the “free trial” offer—guys have been charged between $85-$115 dollars for this product.

“Is Alpha Tren Safe?”

A supplement which doesn’t declare its ingredients can never be considered safe.

“Where Can You Buy Alpha Tren?”

It’s very difficult to obtain. Many of the links are outdated or lead to alternative products.

“Does Alpha Tren Really Work?”

As there are no definitive ingredients—it’s impossible to say.

However, as the manufacturers are very secretive about its formulation—the chances are it will have no effect.

“Is There a Money Back Guarantee?”

There appears to be no money back guarantee associated with this supplement.

“How Long Do You Have to Take Alpha Tren Before Seeing Results?”

With no information on the ingredients—it’s impossible to say. Probably never.

“Do They Ship Worldwide?”

There’s no indication of a worldwide shipping option.



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