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alpha king testosterone booster

Alpha King did not make it to the top 10 list of testosterone boosters ; See complete list here


  • Contains a good Fenugreek dose
  • Missing most key ingredients
  • Very expensive
  • Low dosed only 1 capsule per day

Alpha King from Force factor is a testosterone booster that comes with a hefty price tag of $69.99 for a one month supply. The formula contains four ingredients and is sold widely online. In this Alpha King review, we will go over the details about this supplement, if the ingredients are good, how effective it is, and if it is worth to buy. 

Here’s the deal:

There are many testosterone boosters on the market and many of them are simply ineffective. Find out if Alpha King is one of them in this comprehensive review. 

About Alpha King From Force Factor

alpha king

First, the facts.

Alpha King is manufactured and marketed by Force Factor LLC. You may have heard of them before as they are responsible for a lot of supplements out there.

Some good, some not so good.

Founded in 2009, this established company is a master of marketing, with presence all over social media and TV. Sheesh, you can even buy Force Factor merchandise if that’s the kind of thing you are after.

It still doesn’t mean all their supplements work though!

So, let’s get down to the product itself.

Alpha King is designed as a testosterone booster. As you are aware, these extremely popular supplements are formulated to elevate testosterone levels in your body naturally.

It’s like this.

You are not injecting testosterone, you are just taking a supplement which stimulates its production.

Sounds good right?

Well, it is.

Boosting testosterone is proven to increase muscle, reduce fat, raise strength and increase libido.1 2 3 4

But these amazing benefits only occur if that testosterone is actually boosted!

Alpha King claims it will:

  • Raise testosterone levels
  • Build lean muscle
  • Increase sexual appetite
  • Amplify passion
  • Provide more energy
  • Make you ascend to the crown of manliness (whatever that means)
  • Give you power, confidence, leave a legacy and live like a king

(Yeah, the last two are a little tenuous I know! But that’s what they claim!)

Alpha King says it will achieve these awesome results through its ‘new generation’ formula and it’s ‘so powerful you only need one small capsule’!

The more I read, the more it sounds like marketing hype.

But let’s not get too judgmental yet!

How Does Alpha King Work?

alpha king review

Let’s be honest.

We either know guys who have taken steroids or heard about them.

I’m right, yeah?

And why do they do that?

Because steroids do actually work. Yeah, they will make your balls shrink, give you man boobs and probably give you a heart attack; but they are effective! 5

Alpha King and testosterone boosters in general work by naturally increasing the amount of testosterone in the body.

So no nasty side-effects to worry about.

It’s the perfect combination.

So, let’s see in this Alpha King review how the product claims it works.

Inhibit Estrogen Production

Us guys have the female hormone estrogen in our bodies. We need it for strong bones, brain function and a healthy heart. It’s definitely important.

But there’s an issue.

Too much of this hormone leads to man boobs, body fat and lack of muscle development.

Here’s some science for you!

In females, estrogen is produced in the ovaries. But guess what, guys don’t have ovaries! So how is it produced in men? 6

I’ll tell you!

A clever enzyme called aromatase converts testosterone into estrogen. It doesn’t take a scientist to figure out the result! If this happens the amount of testosterone is reduced and estrogen is increased.

The result?

‘Lady’ characteristics, fat gain, loss of muscle definition and sexual dysfunction.

Alpha King aims to block aromatase, meaning testosterone levels remain stable and the body does not receive an estrogen surplus.

Reduce Existing Estrogen

So you already have estrogen in your body. Alpha King promises to reduce the amount of this hormone through estrogen inhibiting compounds.

Raise Libido

The formulation of ingredients (more on their effectiveness soon) are aimed at increasing libido and improving sexual function.

Boost Testosterone

As a testosterone booster, you would expect the supplement to actually supercharge the production of this hormone.

Does it?

Well that’s the claim.

But let’s get straight into the Alpha King review ingredients and see if it is actually effective.

Alpha King Ingredients

pill supplement

Alpha King contains just four ingredients.

That’s not always a bad thing.

I have seen supplements with over twenty ingredients before, and they were totally ineffective.

Here’s the key.

If the ingredients are safe and scientifically proven to achieve the results promised, you can have an amazing supplement with just a few key elements.

Let’s see how many of the proven ingredients Alpha King contains:

  • X symbolD-Aspartic Acid
  • X symbolZinc
  • X symbolVitamin B6
  • X symbolVitamin D-3
  • X symbolMagnesium
  • Check mark symbolFenugreek
  • X symbolAshwagandha
  • X symbolBoron
  • X symbolVitamin K-1
  • X symbolGinseng

It worries me an expensive product like Alpha King only contains one out of the top 10 ingredients to look for.

Let’s go over the details of ingredients the supplement contains:

Fenugreek (AlphaFen®)

This herb, quite common in supplements, has been refined into the proprietary ingredient AlphaFen which promises to be more powerful than just plain Fenugreek itself.

(Don’t confuse this AlphaFen with the same-named ibuprofen pain reliever!)

It is proven to block aromatase (as previously mentioned in this Alpha King review) which is the enzyme responsible for converting testosterone into estrogen.7

Which means:

Testosterone levels are kept in balance and not outweighed by conversion to estrogen. Muscles can be built and fat is lost.

But bear this in mind.

Whilst Fenugreek maintains solid testosterone levels and increases libido, it does not supercharge testosterone production.

Tribulus Terrestris

This plant extract, commonly known as goat’s head, is proven to increase sex drive and performance. 8

Whilst that is true, numerous studies have shown that it does NOT increase testosterone levels.9 10

Black Maca

The Maca plant is high in antioxidants and can promote energy and stamina.

It has been shown to increase fertility in sperm, but there is no evidence it can boost testosterone levels11

The bottom line:

It may help you hit the gym and the bedroom harder, but your T-levels will not increase.


This compound reduces estrogen circulating within the body. That’s a fact.

But get this.

There is some evidence that it also reduces testosterone!

You may end up with less testosterone than before you started! 12

Overall, it’s like this.

Alpha King looks like it should be able to block the production of estrogen. That’s good. It means testosterone levels remain stable and you aren’t going to develop an awesome set of breasts.

What’s more:

Some of the ingredients are proven to boost energy and libido.

But honestly guys, that’s it.

There is no evidence of any potent and scientifically tested testosterone boosters that are going to send your hormones through the roof. Key T-boosting ingredients such as D-Aspartic Acid and Zinc are simply not included.

It’s disappointing when it promises to reach ‘the pinnacle of manhood’.

Alpha King Side Effects

I thoroughly researched evidence of side effects for this Alpha King review.

The good news is I couldn’t find any.

The ingredients are natural. Most likely they will not boost testosterone, but they are indeed safe.

Alpha King Before After Results

This is where you expect me to show you some amazing before and after photos in this Alpha King review, right?

Well, that was the plan.

Sadly, I could not find any genuine images showing the effectiveness of this supplement.

That speaks for itself.

I have however plowed through the numerous Alpha King reviews and testimonials. Here is an honest indication of the most common ones:

Waste of money, but you don’t know and can’t go by what anybody else say until you give it a try which I did and didn’t notice a thing

-S.E. Davis

“This is the 3rd bottle I purchased, and I found this product is not for me. I don’t feel it.”

-H King

Not worth the price


“Short energy boost but no other real benefits

-Denis Banks

Seems to be working. Will place order again”

-Gee Key

As you can see, the testimonials are far from great. The final review was the most positive one I could find.

The consensus?

It’s a safe product, but it offers little in return.



Alpha King is a low dosed testosterone booster that’s highly-priced, you are paying $69.99 for only 30 capsules.

On top of that, it’s missing almost all the proven ingredients to look for in a testosterone booster.

Look, I will give it some credit.

It does contain ingredients that may prevent testosterone from turning into estrogen. On balance, your testosterone should be slightly higher in the testosterone/estrogen ratio.

That’s good.

Equally, it can increase energy and libido, which is what it claims.

But that is as far as I will praise it.

The promises of raising muscle levels, shedding fat, and powering through rep sets just does not hold true.

Here’s the kicker.

There are simply no T-boosting ingredients in this formula to put your body into super testosterone overdrive.

You are not going to be a king as they promise. Not even a damn prince.

The bottom line.

Forget about Alpha King.

Get yourself a proven and potent testosterone booster instead that will supercharge your T-levels and make you become an absolute beast in the gym!


How to Take Alpha King?”

Take one capsule every day with breakfast.

How Much Does Alpha King Cost?”

One bottle (30 capsules – one month’s supply) costs $69.99.

Is Alpha King Safe?”

There are no reported side-effects from taking Alpha King.

Where Can You Buy Alpha King?”

Force Factor Alpha King is available from the official website, Walmart and Amazon.  An Alpha King GNC search will yield no results.

Does Alpha King Really Work?”

Alpha King may help restore a healthy testosterone balance to your body, but nothing more.

If you are looking to raise T-levels to immense levels, build muscle and power through like a train, this will not work for you.

Is There a Money Back Guarantee?”

There is no money-back guarantee that I am aware of.

How Long Do You Have to Take Alpha King Before Seeing Results?”

If you are just looking to boost energy levels, you may start noticing effects after a couple of weeks.

If you want to build hard muscle and shed the fat, that probably will never happen using Alpha King testosterone booster.

“Do They Ship Worldwide?”

Currently, Alpha King is only available in the USA.



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