Alpha Fuel 720 Review : Free Trial Scam or an Effective Product?

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Before I plunge into the detail in this Alpha Fuel 720 review, let me put something out there.

There are a lot of testosterone boosters on the market. In general, anything that is proven to boost those T-levels is a supplement worth having!

The problem is, amongst the few amazing and powerful boosters available there’s also a load of trash too.

You agree with me right?

We are all looking for the key that will push our training and results to the absolute limit. We’re already working damn hard to keep that body ripped, but naturally we are never satisfied.

We want to be bigger, stronger and we want it now!

Well, here’s the truth.

Some guys have already discovered that taking testosterone boosters provide phenomenal rewards for the work they are already putting in.

They have found that muscle is piling on faster than what is considered ‘normal’, their strength has gone stratospheric and they are smashing out reps that previously they considered impossible!

But that’s only if the testosterone booster is effective!

Here’s the issue.

Warning! Dear Alpha Fuel 720 reader: Click here to see why this booster did NOT make it to the list of Top 5 Test Boosters.

There are a lot of products on the market that simply do not work. Or companies trying to make a fast buck. You need to be careful.

The deal.

In this Alpha Fuel 720 review, you will discover whether this is a T-booster worth considering. I will explain what it is, how it works and whether it is worth your time and money!

Alpha Fuel 720 Review

alpha fuel 720

Let’s get straight down to business in this Alpha Fuel 720 review.

I’ll be completely honest.

There is very little information available on this supplement. At the moment there appears to be no official Alpha Fuel 720 testosterone booster website, the domain expired in 2017.

That’s not great news.

It appears the only web presence that that Alpha Fuel 720 has is with third party resellers.

Finding information for this Alpha Fuel 720 review has been very difficult. Even sites which claim to be selling it either link to another product (usually with the word Alpha in the name) or direct to dead ends.

It appears that it may have been discontinued.

But here is what I have discovered about this supplement from old marketing images and web pages.

Alpha Fuel 720 is advertised as a post-workout testosterone booster. It claims it can:

  • Increase recovery time (it actually says that! I’m guessing it means decrease.)
  • Replenish energy levels
  • Improve muscle mass

Alpha Fuel 720 promises it can do this by “delivering the nutrients the body craves after stringent workouts”.

Well further in this Alpha Fuel review, we will see if this is true!

But first, is it for you?

Who Should Use Alpha Fuel 720?

alpha fuel 720 review

If you are looking for a reliable supplement provider (and one you can actually find), you should probably avoid this product!

But, assuming you can get hold of it, Alpha Fuel 720 is designed for guys:

  • Looking to make fast muscle gain
  • Wanting to recover faster between sessions
  • Desiring more energy for mammoth rep sets
  • Demanding extra strength

Like all T-boosters, Alpha Fuel 720 is marketed at guys looking to get more from the effort that they are already investing into their training.

Who Should Not Use Alpha Fuel 720?

I’m not trying to be funny guys, but any product which is so difficult to find information about should probably be avoided.

But in general, testosterone boosters are not designed for:

  • Guys under the age of 18
  • Steroid junkies – T-boosters are natural products with none of the nasty side effects of steroids
  • Gym novices – learn the equipment, understand training and watch the diet before starting on supplementation
  • Magic pill seekers – testosterone boosters only give back when you put in!

A testosterone booster is like getting a bonus on your salary! The harder you work the more you get back! But watch TV all day and eat junk – you will see no rewards.

How Does Alpha Fuel 720 Work?

alpha fuel 720 review

It’s difficult to give an accurate Alpha Fuel 720 review without any information from the product manufacturers themselves.

It seems that even when the website did exist, there was no detail on the working processes of this formulation.

So here’s the deal.

I’ve personally put the effort in for Alpha Fuel 720! By looking at the ingredients, I have worked backwards to take an educated assumption how this product should function.

Here we go:

Increases Muscle Protein Synthesis

OK guys, back to the days when you first started bodybuilding!

The key theory:

Work muscle – Muscle is damaged – Muscle repairs – Muscle is larger.

It’s why we hit the gym so damn hard every week!

This process occurs through protein synthesis. The proteins in amino acids rebuild the punished muscle, and the power behind it is testosterone. Without this hormone it simply would not occur! 1

The more testosterone that is surging through your veins, the faster and more efficiently this can happen.

More testosterone = faster muscle building.

Improves Blood Flow

This function has little to do with testosterone directly.

Alpha Fuel 720 does contain ingredients which can dilate the blood vessels. When these essential human motorways are open, blood flow around the body is improved.

This results in:

  • Oxygen and nutrients reaching the muscles more efficiently – faster muscle gain and quicker recovery times
  • Increasing blood flow to the groin – harder erections
  • Testosterone reaching muscles faster – improved muscle building

Boosts Human Growth Hormone

Remember when you were a kid and just wished you were taller?

Well, human growth hormone (HGH) is responsible for turning you into that towering guy you are today!

But HGH is not just for growth during adolescent years. It’s also responsible for building impressive muscle mass and shedding fat! 2

Get this.

Testosterone can boost production of HGH, meaning muscles build faster and fat is dropped!

That’s how I assume that Alpha Fuel 720 is designed to work, based on the ingredients.

But listen.

Even the ingredients in this T-booster are not clear cut!

The next part of this Alpha Fuel 720 Review makes things even more interesting..

Alpha Fuel 720 Ingredients

Want to see the ingredients that actually work? Visit our ultimate guide to Test Boosters here.

This Alpha Fuel 720 review would not be complete without a list of its ingredients.

But it’s not that simple.

When the official website did exist, it only included three of its ingredients (horny goat weed, tribulus terrestris and fenugreek). Although it did mention it had ‘other effective compounds’.

It also did not include any information regarding the quantities of these ingredients, which makes it impossible to determine its efficacy.

And there’s more.

The third party retailers that are now selling this product (even though they all seem to direct to other supplements) have different ingredient lists. In fact I have found four different combinations.

Agreed, Alpha Fuel 720 may have changed its formulation, but still it’s a little concerning.

Get this.

I did find one Alpha Fuel 720 bottle image which detailed the ingredients, but this product and design is completely different to the one that is being marketed at the moment.

I guess it’s either a previous incarnation of the product or a different but same-named supplement.

Here’s the deal.

For this Alpha Fuel 720 review, I have used the most commonly agreed ingredients.

Tribulus Terrestris


A popular ingredient in testosterone boosters.


Because it’s actually scientifically proven to boost testosterone! 3

What’s more, this ingredient has been shown to increase nitric oxide levels which can dilate the blood vessels.

So blood flows more efficiently around the body with the benefits mentioned above. 4

Horny Goat Weed

If ever a plant sounded sexual, it’s this one!

This plant from Asia has been proven to promote efficient and healthy blood flow.

Which means:

Muscles receive more nutrients and oxygen. This allows them to build larger and recover faster. Improved blood flow could also assist guys with erectile dysfunction.5



A plant extract that should be looked for in any serious T-booster.

This ingredient has been proven to raise T-levels.6

But a word of caution.

That study illustrated that testosterone levels were raised when guys took 500 mg of this supplement daily. It’s impossible to say whether Alpha Fuel 720 includes this volume of the extract.

Amino Acids and Vitamins

Sorry guys, but I have no more detail than that! That is exactly the information which was provided on the official website.

Naturally the amino acids will help promote muscle growth, but lacking any detail about the vitamins means I cannot indicate their function.

Glutamine Peptides

I cannot understand why this ingredient is in Alpha Fuel 720.

Firstly, it has no effect on testosterone production, so your T-levels are not elevated.

Secondly, although it is required for building muscle, it has been shown that supplementation does not enhance or improve muscle growth.. 7

Green Tea Extract

green tea

Shedding fat is important for getting that perfect definition, and green tea is an effective ingredient which can boost fat loss.8

However, it has been shown that in some circumstances green tea can actually reduce T-levels! 9

That’s not what you want!

Alpha Fuel 720 ingredients breakdown

As previously pointed out in this Alpha Fuel 720 review, this is the most commonly agreed formulation. But there is no information regarding quantities, so its power cannot be assessed.

Let me put it on the line.

If you are looking for a serious, powerful and proven testosterone booster, these are the important ingredients you should look for.

I have illustrated how Alpha Fuel 720 compares:

  • ✘D-aspartic acid
  • ✘Vitamin D-3
  • ✓Fenugreek
  • ✘Zinc
  • ✘Vitamin B6
  • ✘Selenium
  • ✘Vitamin B2
  • ✘Vitamin B
  • ✘Ginseng
  • ✓Tribulus Terrestris

(see the top rated testosterone booster that contains all the best ingredients)

It’s clear. Even if the ingredients are in sufficient quantities to be effective, Alpha Fuel 720 is a very weak formulation.

Alpha Fuel 720 Side Effects

I tried to find evidence of side effects for this Alpha Fuel 720 review.

To be honest, I found none it all.

Since it contains all-natural ingredients it appears this supplement is safe.

Alpha Fuel 720 Before After Results

When the official website was available, there were images of totally ripped guys on every page.

Interestingly, these images (and a great deal of the marketing blurb) were exactly the same as I have witnessed on other dubious T-booster sites. Same photos, same claims, same ingredients, different product.

There appears to be no genuine before and after images available.


Instead I did manage to find some customer reviews, this is what they said:

“A scam from start to finish. Did nothing at all. Overcharged and have the same muscle I started with 3 months ago. Avoid”


“Tastes of ginger. I think I would have gained more muscle eating ginger actually. Pointless supplement”

Alan B.

“Avoid this. If anything my energy levels have dropped

K. West

“I have taken t boosts in the past and they worked great. This Alpha rubbish doesnt make any difference. Waste of a lot of cash

B. Evans

Genuinely I could not find one positive review online. Guys either saw no results or were scammed out of money (more on that soon).

The Alpha Fuel 720 results are very disappointing.

Where to Buy Alpha Fuel 720?

Damn good question!

If you want to buy this product (you don’t), you need to be like Sherlock Holmes to find a site that sells it.

The official website has gone. It is not available on Amazon, Walmart or GNC.

Even trying to buy from apparent third party resellers is impossible. They advertise it, give you some information and then ask you to ‘click to buy’. That’s when you get directed to a different product entirely.

That speaks for itself.

Alpha Fuel 720 Review Conclusion

alpha fuel 720 review

Our #1 recommendation is TestoFierce. Click here to read our TestoFierce Review

I’m sure after reading this Alpha Fuel 720 review you know what I am going to say.

But first. Let me at least indicate something positive.

A couple of the ingredients in Alpha 720 are proven and effective T-boosters.

That’s it. Now the negative.

Everything about this product rings alarm bells:

  • Alpha Fuel do not provide a full ingredient list
  • Ingredients vary from seller to seller
  • None of the ingredients are quantified and hence cannot be judged
  • There is no official website
  • When the website was running it had hardly any detail
  • Sites purporting to sell it direct you elsewhere

Apart from all the above, even if I could direct you to a site to buy it I wouldn’t.

Just looking it as a testosterone booster, it is very weak. With just a couple of effective ingredients it is a poor supplement.

Here’s the truth.

If you want to see massive returns on your hard work, build muscle, shed fat and generally become totally jacked, look elsewhere! Get yourself a seriously powerful T-booster including the ingredients listed above.

You will see the benefits!

Alpha Fuel 720 Review FAQ

How to Take Alpha Fuel 720?”

Alpha Fuel 720 recommended you take two capsules per day.

“How Much Does Alpha Fuel 720 Cost?”

As it appears it is no longer for sale, I cannot give you the current cost.

Although I can tell you about the historic price and deal!

Listen to this.

Initially it was ‘free’ on a trial basis. All you paid was $5.99 shipping and handling. If you didn’t cancel within three weeks (and in most cases, even if you did) you were charged a further $89.99! So basically $95.00 in total.

That’s one expensive T-booster!

You were then rebilled at $95.00 per month.

But get this.

The trial period wasn’t a trial! If you did not want to get billed for the full price of the product it, it had to be returned unopened!

You could not even try the product!

Probably a good thing it’s so difficult to buy now.

“Is Alpha Fuel 720 Safe?”

This Alpha Fuel 720 review could find no reports of any side effects with this supplement.

“Where Can You Buy Alpha Fuel 720?”

I could not find anywhere online genuinely retailing Alpha Fuel 720.

It may appear occasionally on Amazon or eBay. That’s if someone is sitting on some product I guess.

“Does Alpha Fuel 720 Really Work?”

I could not find a customer testimonial that indicated the product had any effect.

The formulation appears to be very weak so this is not surprising.

“Is There a Money Back Guarantee?”

I could not find any evidence of a money back guarantee.

“How Long Do You Have to Take Alpha Fuel 720 Before Seeing Results?”

How long have you got?

Seriously, I have found no evidence of guys seeing benefits taking this product. There are no positive results.

Do They Ship Worldwide?”

When the official website was running, they did offer worldwide shipping.

Now it has gone, there is no shipping at all.

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