A-HD Elite Review – BPI – Side Effects – Do The Ingredients Work?

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a-hd elite testosterone booster

A-HD Elite did not make it to the top list of testosterone boosters : See complete list here


  • Contains Zinc in a decent dosage
  • Contains a low dosed proprietary blend
  • Missing most key ingredients
  • Only a 1 capsule serving per day (4-7 in the best testosterone boosters)

 What Is A-HD Elite By BPI?

If you’ve been involved in the fitness and bodybuilding world for a while now, chances are, you’ve heard of BPI supplements before.

This well-known brand has a whole line-up of products, many of which have done very well, which may naturally lead you to think that their A-HD Elite will be just as good.

But, how does this product stack up? Will it help you make great gains in your muscularity?

A-HD Elite, like any testosterone booster attempts to put you in a more anabolic state, helping you see faster overall rates of muscle growth.

Let’s take a closer look at what this product has to offer and whether it’s one that you should consider investing in.


A-HD Elite By BPI Ingredients – How Does It Work?

To kick things off, A-HD Elite provides you with 15 mg of zinc.

Zinc is very well-known to be connected to testosterone levels as, according to research,[1] those who suffer from zinc deficiency also typically show signs of low testosterone levels.

Keep in mind that males lose some zinc from their body each time they ejaculate, so if you have an active sex life, it’s really quite possible that you are low in this nutrient.

While you can get it from whole food sources such as beef and oysters, often men are not taking in enough to really reap full benefits of what it has to offer in terms of testosterone production.

Beyond the zinc, you also get a proprietary blend of :

  • Montana tomentosa
  • Chenopodium
  • Caesalpinia benthamiana
  • Curcuma longa
  • as well as Trichopus.

Unfortunately you do not know the full dosages of these ingredients in the product, which can make it hard to really determine the effectiveness of this product overall.

These are also not well-known ingredients and not the most common of line-up that you’d see in other testosterone booster products.

How do they stack up?

Caesalpinia benthamiana may help to increase vasodilation, improving the nitric-oxide pathway and this could potentially help to increase your overall performance, increasing the amount of blood and nutrients flowing to the muscle tissues.

Studies[2] do suggest that using chenopodium may help to increase sperm count in men, so it does appear this will help improve sexual performance, however little research suggests it will help increase testosterone levels.

Research[3] also suggests that trichopus may have aphrodisiac properties, so the inclusion of this may help to improve your overall sex drive as well.

All in all, this product seems to do far more for increasing your overall sexual performance and desire than it does for improving your degree of muscle mass tissue.

Even though you combo it with another product from their line which is called Solid it still not great.

That’s the reason it did not make it to our top 3 best testosterone boosters list.


  • Is a natural supplement that shouldn’t cause many side effects
  • May boost sex drive and/or performance
  • May help increase exercise performance through vasodilation
  • Could give you stronger muscle pumps during your workout


  • Does not give you the full dosage of the ingredients it contains
  • Does not come with a 100% money back guarantee
  • Appears to be more of a sex enhancement product than it does a physical performance enhancement one
  • Studies are not definite about the benefits this product provides
  • Missing some key testosterone boosting ingredients
  • You must cycle this product, taking 4 weeks off at a time 
  • Contains a proprietary blend and did not make it to the top 3 best testosterone boosters list.

The Verdict

All in all, this product does contain zinc which will help you boost your testosterone levels if you are currently low, however beyond that, it doesn’t offer much promise.

You should certainly get an increase in your sexual performance and drive however by using it, so this may offer some hope to individuals suffering in this area.

You may also find it does give you a slight edge in the gym thanks to the nitric-oxide boosting benefits, however this could easily be accomplished with any other nitric oxide product out there on the market as well.

The price point on this product is relatively good, however given the fact it really doesn’t offer that strong of a benefit line-up in terms of increasing your lean muscle mass, you may want to keep looking at some of the other testosterone boosters out there.

As we said before this product is missing a few key ingredients and it’s hard to prove that the ingredients in this product really boost testosterone.

We would recommend looking at the top 3 best testosterone boosters list to find a product containing more proven ingredients.


Does A-HD Elite By BPI Come With Side Effects?

What sort of side effects can you anticipate with A-HD Elite? This product is quite well-tolerated by many as it contains no stimulatory ingredients or anything else that should have much of an adverse reaction.

This said, as these are all herbal ingredients, do check with your doctor before using them to ensure the safety with regards to any other medications you may be using.

Where To Buy A-HD Elite By BPI

You can purchase BPI A-HD Elite at any major sports supplements stores or online at Amazon.com or Bodybuilding.com. It sells for around $30 for a 30 capsule bottle, which will last you for a one month period.

How Do I Take A-HD Elite By BPI?

For optimal results with A-HD Elite by BPI, you should take one capsule daily in the morning after eating breakfast. It’s highly recommended that you take this on a full stomach, not an empty one to avoid gastrointestinal distress.

You should also only use this product for four to eight consecutive weeks, upon which, you should take a four week break.

Would You Recommend A-HD Elite?

It may contain a few decent ingredients but I strongly believe there are other testosterone boosters on the market way more effective than A-HD Elite.

If you want a sexual performance boost this is a good product but if you are looking for a product that increases your testosterone levels this might not be the best available.

Check out our top 3 choices for testosterone boosters.

Does It Come With A 100% Money Back Guarantee?

Unfortunately A-HD does not come with a 100% money back guarantee unlike so many testosterone boosters on the market.

You can only return the product if it is unopened in original packaging within 30 days of purchase and only if you buy directly from the BPI website.

Do You Have To Cycle A-HD Elite On/Off?

After using the product for 4-8 weeks it is recommended to cycle the product off for 4 weeks.


Prasad, Ananda S., et al. “Zinc status and serum testosterone levels of healthy adults.” Nutrition 12.5 (1996): 344-348.[1]

Baldi, A., and R. Gupta. “Effect of Chenopodium album on sexual behavior and sperm count in male rats.” II International Symposium on Medicinal and Nutraceutical Plants 972. 2009.[2]

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