Ageless Male Review – Reveals If The Ingredients Really Work

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ageless male testosterone booster

Ageless Male did not make it to the top 10 list of testosteorne boosters, See complete list here


  • Contains ZMA
  • Decent dose of Fenugreek
  • Magnesium dose low
  • Missing many proven ingredients
  • Basic formula just ZMA supplement with fenugreek

If I said to you, it claims to be America’s #1 nonprescription formula, I think you will agree an Ageless Male review should be on the cards.

Here’s why. 

You want to know the bare facts and the hard truth and I’m totally with you on that one. Who wants to buy a product that promises all singing and dancing results, but in reality turns out to be a total dud.

We’ve all made that mistake before.

Besides we are talking about male enhancement, if you get it wrong it’s not only your pride that’s at stake, right?

Do you want to hear the good news?

Well, because of the importance you could say I’ve done my homework. For this article I’ve read Ageless Male review after review so you don’t have to.

What’s more I went all out and hit the gym to ask you guys the questions you want answered in this Ageless Male review.

So here’s what I have in store for you.

You are going to know the truth about what’s inside the box and hear all about what people really have to say about it. To top it off, just because I’m a cut the crap kind of guy you will find out the most important question:

“Does ageless male really work?

So let’s dig in and jump straight to it, check out my Ageless Male review.

What is Ageless Male?

Ageless Male is made by New Vitality, a company which produces a wide range of nutritional supplements for both men and women. Our product in question is listed in their men’s health section as part of their anti-aging range.

“What is Ageless Male?”

This Ageless Male reviews shows you that it is designed with a dual purpose – it’s geared as both a testosterone booster and a male enhancement supplement.

New Vitality Ageless Male claims to deliver the following benefits:

  • Increase free testosterone levels
  • Promote lean muscle and strength training
  • Healthy energy metabolism
  • Sexual health, libido and arousal

It also boasts zero stimulants or caffeine to help you avoid “crash” effects experienced with other supplements of the same niche.

“How do you take Ageless Male?”

I can honestly say, in this department they get top marks for convenience (us guys will do anything for an easy life, right?) To sum it up, you simply neck 2 capsules in one hit on a daily basis – easy.

There’s also enough in the tub to keep you going for 30 days.

How Does Ageless Male Work?

ageless male review

You can see what it’s supposed to do for you “but how does Ageless Male work?”

Here’s the deal

There are two types of testosterone “serum” and “free”.

“What’s the difference?”

Serum testosterone is the total amount of hormone in your bloodstream. Now this includes the stuff that’s tagged onto other hormones (in effect this renders it unavailable for what’s inside your pants)

Free testosterone is the active stuff, it’s literally “free” to float around your body and do what it needs to boost male health and your sex life.

My point is.

Ageless Male reviews show that it has selected compounds that use certain mechanisms to help set loose and raise levels of free testosterone. This means you should reap the benefits linked with healthy levels of the hormone.

Ageless Male Ingredients

ageless male ingredients

Now, let’s talk about these compounds in this formula.

One thing’s for sure, it won’t take you long to read the Ageless Male Ingredients. Here’s what’s inside the tub:

  • Vitamin B6 (4.9mg)
  • Magnesium (16mg)
  • Zinc (15mg)
  • Fenugreek (300mg)

At first glance it’s clear the Ageless Male ingredients are well known and scientifically proven. But have they focused on quality and not quantity? Is there enough clout in Ageless Male to make any noticeable difference?

Let’s take a close look at the ingredients and see what science has to say on the matter.

Vitamin B6

Vitamin B6 is one of your daily essentials and comes with a recommended dietary allowance (RDA) of 1.3mg for an adult guy.

This nutrient has a definite link with energy, metabolism and also hormone production, but can it boost the one in question? – testosterone. 1

This is what I found.

Research tells us there could be a link between low testosterone and vitamin B deficiency. However the data was taken from lab rats and not actual people so it’s difficult to know for sure.3


The mighty mineral magnesium is another compound needed to keep your body going. It plays a role in over 300 different body routines including energy regulation, protein synthesis and electrolyte balance. 4

So where does it fit into Ageless Male male enhancement?”

Here’s the deal.

The science looks good for magnesium, experts rate it and tell us magnesium has a positive influence on anabolic hormones. 5

What’s more, experts have discovered magnesium has the power to unblock testosterone from other compounds. This means it can make more of the male hormone readily available. 6


Zinc is a popular mineral with many male enhancement supplements and also an ingredient of this Ageless Male testosterone booster.

This staple nutrient paves the way for hormonal balance, muscle growth and can even bump up your immune system.

“How does Zinc enhance your manliness?”

If you are deficient in zinc there is a very high possibility your testosterone levels are below par too. This means sexual dysfunction will be on the cards. 7

Here’s something interesting to think about.

The effectiveness of zinc could be dose dependent. One study revealed supplementing 10 mg of zinc actually had a negative effect on libido.8


The biggest concentration and bizarrely the main focus of Ageless Male is fenugreek. This ingredient is a medicinal herb used to settle your stomach, lower cholesterol and even improve body strength.9

“How does fenugreek fit the profile of a testosterone booster?”

Doing this Ageless Male review I found out it actually uses a fenugreek extract called Testofen. This compound has had positive results in scientific studies. In only 12 weeks 600mg increased testosterone levels and bumped up sexual function. 10

However, other studies weren’t so cut and dry.

Granted fenugreek did have a positive effect on libido, including increasing arousal and orgasm. Yet in this case testosterone levels did not budge an inch and remained the same. 11

Who Should use Ageless Male?

ageless male review

So we know it’s a testosterone booster come male enhancement supplement all wrapped into one, but who should use it?

Low Testosterone Levels

Ageless Male is marketed as part of their “anti-aging” range and mainly targeted at guys who are 40 plus. This is obviously down to the fact free testosterone levels drop as you get older.

However I guess this applies to anyone at any age who has low levels of testosterone.

Want to Improve Performance?

Do you spend more time in the gym than at home? Ageless Male aims to increase muscle mass and strength training, so could be touted as a performance enhancer outside of the bedroom.

Need a Boost?

If you are a guy seriously lacking “get up a go” these types of male enhancement supplements could appeal. Improving low energy and concentration levels is something Ageless Male says it can fix..

Call for Sexual Healing?

Male enhancers are also one for helping improve things in the bedroom. Guys who feel like their sexual stamina or performance isn’t quite up to their “usual” standard should use this kind of supplement..

Ageless Male Reviews

ageless male reviews

I couldn’t do an Ageless Male review without finding out opinions straight from the horse’s mouth. To be honest necking the pills myself, is not what I call a non-biased point of view. (besides thankfully my libido is fully charged)

Let’s face it, Ageless Male is America’s #1 formula – so there’s got to be plenty of people both taking and talking about it.

I took myself off in the search of Ageless Male reviews amazon style, and this is what I found:

  • “Works great. Feel emotionally balanced”
  • “I’ve taken it for 30 days with no improvement”
  • “Good product and it helped libido, but too expensive”
  • “I haven’t noticed any beneficial changes from using this supplement”
  • “Don’t waste your money”
  • “It may not work for all but this product has helped me”

There are also plenty of customer testimonials on the Ageless Male website – here’s a round up of the 5 most recent and what they had to say about it:

  • “Did not work at all.”
  • “The price is still a little too much for me.”
  • “Very sad, another product that takes your money and doesn’t do anything.”
  • “I have been using Ageless Male for several months and I feel terrific.”
  • “I like it.”

“What about Ageless Male clinic reviews?”

Yes there are clinic reviews surrounding the ingredients, but these are all on an individual basis. I cannot find any concrete science to say it or the combo of compounds actually works together.

Ageless Male Side Effects

ageless male review side effects

If you check out their website, New Vitality assures you there are no known side effects with Ageless Male – providing you use it as guided.

Another plus is that it’s stim free which means you won’t get that “wired” feeling like some other male enhancement supplements.

Needless to say

We can all agree any kind of supplement has the potential to cause some kind of reaction simply because they all affect us in different ways.

New Vitality stand by their statement of zero Ageless Male side effects. However I’ve come across a few possible downsides:

  • Stomach upset
  • Gas
  • Bloating
  • Diarrhea
  • Nasal congestion

“Is Ageless Male Safe?”

When you consider most of the ingredients are regular vitamins or minerals providing you follow orders, it shouldn’t be life threatening to take it.

However, magnesium can lower blood pressure and fenugreek can reduce blood sugar levels which means it might not be suitable for everyone.

In addition to that.

All the ingredients can interact with other medication, so if you are taking prescription drugs it’s best to check with the doc first.

Ageless Male Results

disapproved ingredients in ageless male

New Vitality openly admit, they have purposely designed it not to make a difference overnight. Their intention is to avoid bumping up energy levels artificially so that you don’t come crashing down.

But that’s not all

They are also very vague as to when it will start to take effect. They suggest some guys will notice improvements within a week or two, whereas others could take the whole month.

What this means is

Ageless Male results is a bit of a guessing game – but how long do you wait before you call it a day?

This got me thinking.

I did some Ageless Male review type searching for “test drivers”, to see what results they expected and also what they ended up with.

One user stated:

“I noticed a marked increase of endurance within 1 week. The effect peaked in the second and hasn’t changed since.”

However, another guy wasn’t so successful:

“I tried it for 6 months and experienced the exact opposite results of everything they claimed”

Bottom line

It’s certainly seems a mixed bag when it comes to time frame and pot luck if you strike gold.

Does Ageless Male Work?

So we’ve finally come to the hot topic, “does Ageless Male work?”

Well, here’s the interesting part,

When you look at the Ageless Male amazon reviews, the percentage who rate it 5 out of 5 is exactly the same number as who voted it 1 star. So we have an equal amount of happy and unhappy users.

What does this mean?

Well it’s not exactly an overwhelming yes now is it, which does raise questions around the effectiveness of the supplement. One could say it’s a 50/50 chance whether you fall into the 5 or the 1 start category.

I will leave you to decide.

Where to Buy Ageless Male?

ageless male reviews

Let’s face it, we all love a bargain right?

“But where to buy Ageless Male?”

If you are anything like me, I love to lazy shop and I’m talking about online. Couple of clicks and your purchase is on it’s way – simple. So I checked out the supplement big guns for Ageless Male.

Here’s the thing.

You won’t find Ageless Male gnc affiliated because it’s not something they supply. Also on the Ageless Male amazon site its fulfilled by New Vitality, so at this point I’m thinking your best bet is direct.


If “grab and go” is more your style you can always rely on the Ageless Male walmart approach.

“How much does Ageless Male cost?”

You will have to dig deep for this supplement, the price can vary from $30.00 to $50.00 depending on where you purchase.

Get this.

Buyer beware, there is an older version, which has a different range of ingredients. Make sure you know exactly what you are buying before you click “check out”.

Ageless Male Review Conclusion

ageless male review

Let’s round off this Ageless Male review with a quick recap and my thoughts on the supplement.


Ageless Male review of the less than a handful of ingredients, shows that it’s a very basic formula – some guys might prefer this type of thing.

Another tick in their favor is they use all fairly well known compounds with scientific backing. Yet in truth, these are essential nutrients you should already be taking for general health.

The other point bothering me is that I’m not entirely confident whether the dosage is enough to get the job done.


The price is in the region of what you expect to pay for this kind of testosterone booster. New Vitality could argue its a 2 in 1 kind of supplement, therefore it’s good value for money.

Here’s the kicker.

You may or may not be aware, three of the main ingredients zinc, magnesium and vitamin B6 can already purchased in a supplement called ZMA. This supplement works out to be a third of the price of Ageless Male.


It’s perfectly clear Ageless Male isn’t designed for rapid results, which means if you don’t like waiting around it’s not for you.

On top of that according to user reviews there is a degree of uncertainty as to whether these results will ever even materialize. What’s more there are other male enhancements out there which are more powerful and have clear results to reflect it.


The good news is that all the ingredients are totally legit and it’s stim free too, which should stave off the sides.

Final Word

I’m not going to say either way whether you should try or avoid, that’s not my style. It’s my job to give you the info and if you have read the review the answers are all there.

Look at the facts and make your own mind up about Ageless Male.

Want to get real results with the most value for your hard earned money? Go and see the top 5 test boosters that actually work for men all ages.



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