Inhuman Pre-Workout Review: Banned Ingredient

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AfterDark Supplements Inhuman High-Stim Pre-Workout

This pre-workout supplement contains DMHA which is not legal and potentially dangerous.

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The fitness supplement industry continually evolves, bringing forth products designed to enhance workout performance and efficiency. AfterDark Supplements has introduced Inhuman Pre-Workout, claiming its place in the high-stimulant category aimed at experienced gym enthusiasts. Marketed for those seeking an intense boost, Inhuman Pre-Workout pairs energy enhancement with nootropic elements to cater to both physical vigor and mental focus.

Inhuman Pre-Workout Review

Ingredient scrutiny is paramount in this sector, and Inhuman Pre-Workout presents a robust profile, including stimulants like DMHA, alongside nootropics such as Noopept for improved cognitive function. This potent blend is crafted to deliver a steady flow of energy without the common adverse effect of jitters. Consumer feedback often hails the product for its ability to sustain performance levels and focus for hours post-workout, placing it as a serious contender among pre-workout formulas.

Key Takeaways

  • Inhuman Pre-Workout targets advanced athletes with its high-stimulant formula.
  • The product combines energy-boosting stimulants with cognitive enhancers for sustained focus.
  • Consumer experiences underscore the supplement’s lasting effect and balance between energy and concentration.

Product Overview

AfterDark Supplements has garnered attention with its robust line of products, notably the Inhuman Pre-Workout. This product reflects their commitment to enhancing workout performance through scientifically-backed ingredients.

About AfterDark Inhuman Pre-Workout

The Inhuman Pre-Workout by AfterDark is designed for athletes and fitness enthusiasts seeking a potent formula to elevate their training sessions. Known for its strong stimulant profile, the product provides a high energy kick and focus without the common downsides such as jitters.

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Key Features

  • Stimulus Intensity: Inhuman boasts a significant stimulant composition including 400mg of caffeine from three different sources.
  • Focus and Cognition: The supplement contains 25 mg of Noopept, promoting enhanced cognitive function and mental clarity during workouts.
  • Ingredient Synergy: Alongside DMHA and caffeine, Inhuman integrates other elements that synergize for sustained energy and focus.
  • Availability: The product is widely accessible through various online retailers, reflecting Afterdark’s commitment to making their prehistoric-inspired solutions available to a broad audience.

Ingredient Analysis

Inhuman Pre-Workout Review

Analyzing the key components of AfterDark Supplements’ Inhuman Pre-Workout reveals a full-spectrum blend aiming to enhance energy, muscle pumps, and focus. The comprehensive mixture includes well-researched ingredients targeting various aspects of workout performance.

Core Ingredients

  • Caffeine Anhydrous: A central nervous system stimulant that enhances alertness and postpones fatigue.
  • Beta-Alanine: Known to increase carnosine levels in muscles and may enhance performance by reducing muscle acidity during high-intensity workouts.
  • L-Tyrosine: An amino acid that may improve mental focus under stress, typically found in pre-workout supplements to enhance cognitive function.

Energy Complex

  • Caffeine Malate (Dicaffeine Malate): A fusion of caffeine and malic acid, it provides a smoother and more prolonged energy release than caffeine anhydrous.
  • DMHA (Dimethylhexylamine): Acts as a bronchodilator and central nervous system stimulant, contributing to increased energy and focus.
  • Micro-Encapsulated Caffeine: This form of caffeine offers a sustained release, ensuring ongoing energy without the typical crash.
  • Noopept: As a nootropic, it may augment cognitive sharpness and concentration.

Muscle Pump Blend

  • L-Citrulline Malate: Supports nitric oxide production, which may improve blood flow and result in better muscle pumps during workouts.
  • Creatine Pyruvate: Enhances muscular endurance and power, combined with the potential benefits of improved blood flow and potentially greater pumps.
  • Taurine: This conditional amino acid may play a role in increasing blood flow and reducing oxidative stress, contributing to muscle pump and overall workout performance.

Benefits and Efficacy

Afterdark Inhuman pre-workout review

The Inhuman Pre-Workout by AfterDark Supplements is designed to improve workout performance by incorporating an energy complex aimed at boosting strength and endurance. Its formulation leans on muscular volumization and a sustained energy and focus blend to meet the demands of fitness enthusiasts engaged in intense workouts.

Performance Enhancement

The product promises to amplify explosive strength and endurance during exercise. The inclusion of clinically-researched ingredients ensures that users may experience enhanced neural activation for better performance.

Sustained Energy and Focus

To combat the common problem of energy dips during workouts, Inhuman Pre-Workout includes a mix of stimulants designed for sustained energy. This long-lasting energy is meant to keep the user focused and driven, potentially translating into more effective exercise sessions.

Muscular Volumization and Pumps

The supplement aims at achieving inhuman muscular volumization through ingredients that are said to enhance muscle pump and vascularity. This effect not only contributes to the visual aspect of muscle fullness but may also play a role in muscle function and growth.

By concentrating on these specific aspects—the enhancement of physical capabilities, maintaining energy and concentration, and supporting the muscle pump—the Inhuman Pre-Workout positions itself as a potent tool for individuals looking to take their fitness to new heights.

Flavors and Mixability

When considering the AfterDark Supplements’ Inhuman Pre-Workout, prospective users often inquire about its flavors and how well it blends with liquids. This section addresses these practical matters in detail.

Taste Profile

The Inhuman Pre-Workout is available in several flavors that cater to a variety of taste preferences. Among these flavors are:

  • Paradise Punch: Often described as a tropical blend that offers a sweet and fruity experience.
  • Snow Cone: A flavor that attempts to capture the essence of the classic icy treat with a burst of sweetness.
  • Watermelon: A summery, refreshing taste that’s a favorite for many who prefer a more natural flavor profile.

Each flavor has been created with the aim to provide a pleasant and enjoyable pre-workout drink, avoiding the chemical aftertaste that can accompany some supplements.


The mixability of a pre-workout powder is crucial as it affects both texture and ease of consumption. Inhuman Pre-Workout is designed to dissolve efficiently in water, reducing the likelihood of clumping or residue. Here are the specific solubility characteristics:

  • Mixing Instructions: Combine one scoop with 8-10 ounces of water and shake well.
  • Resulting Texture: Expect a smooth, consistent liquid without grittiness when mixed as suggested.

Users typically report that Inhuman Pre-Workout stirs into solution relatively easily, ensuring that each sip is uniform in flavor and composition.

Usage Instructions

Inhuman Pre-Workout Review

Inhuman Pre-Workout by AfterDark Supplements is designed to optimize one’s gym experience. Proper dosage and timing are crucial to maximize the benefits of this pre-workout supplement.

The user should adhere to the dosage recommended on the product label to ensure safety and efficacy. It’s important not to exceed the stated dosage as individual tolerance can vary.

  • Initial Use: For those new to pre-workout supplements, it is advisable to begin with a half serving to assess tolerance.
  • Regular Use: Once tolerance has been established, the user may consume one full serving before a workout session.

Pre-Workout Timing

Timing the intake of Inhuman Pre-Workout is key for optimum performance during a workout.

  • Optimal Window: The pre-workout should be consumed approximately 30 minutes before beginning exercise. This allows the user’s body to absorb the ingredients for a full effect by the time they start their workout.
  • Consistency: For the best results, the supplement should be taken consistently before each workout session.

Potential Side Effects

When considering the potential side effects of AfterDark Supplements’ Inhuman Pre-Workout, users should be aware of their individual tolerance to stimulants and the possibility of experiencing a post-workout crash.

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Stimulant Sensitivity

Inhuman Pre-Workout contains significant stimulants such as caffeine and DMHA. Individuals with a low tolerance to stimulants might experience insomnia, jitters, or increased heart rate. Specific stimulant-related side effects to watch out for include:

  • Insomnia: difficulty falling or staying asleep due to heightened alertness
  • Jitters: a feeling of unease or nervousness, sometimes accompanied by shaking
  • Increased heart rate: a noticeable quickening of the heartbeat

Caution is advised when one is sensitive to alpha yo, as its inclusion can amplify these effects.

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Handling the ‘Crash’

The ‘crash’ refers to feelings of fatigue and irritability that can occur as the effects of stimulants wear off. Key points to mitigate this include:

  • Hydration: Adequate water intake may help to smooth out the comedown.
  • Balanced nutrition: Ensuring the body has enough fuel to recover can alleviate the severity of a crash.

Users should be aware that pre-workouts like Inhuman are designed for seasoned athletes and not for those who are new to such supplements. Monitoring one’s response to the product is crucial to personal safety and effectiveness during workouts.

Consumer Insights

In analyzing consumer experiences with AfterDark Supplements’ Inhuman Pre-Workout, there is a consensus on its impactful energy boost and enhanced focus during workouts.

User Reviews

User feedback on Inhuman Pre-Workout highlights two prominent benefits: an intense energy surge and a significant improvement in workout focus. Energy: Customers consistently report a marked increase in energy, which is sustained throughout their exercise sessions. Focus: A notable enhancement in concentration is frequently cited, with users appreciating the nootropic elements that contribute to a more dialed-in gym experience.

  • Positive Outlook: Many express satisfaction with the product’s ability to elevate their training without the common side effects of jitters or a crash.

Expert Opinions

Fitness experts who have reviewed Inhuman Pre-Workout underscore the formulation’s efficacy. The inclusion of 220 mg of DMHA is often pointed out as a key ingredient for the stimulant effect, while 25 mg of Noopept is associated with the cognitive benefits experienced by users.

  • Recommendations: Professionals in the fitness industry recognize Inhuman Pre-Workout as a potent option for those seeking a ‘stim junkie’ pre-workout, with advice to start with a lower dose to assess tolerance.

Health and Safety

When considering the AfterDark Supplements Inhuman Pre-Workout, potential users should be informed about the health and safety aspects, particularly pertaining to medical considerations and regulatory compliance.

Medical Considerations

Individuals with pre-existing medical conditions or those on current medication regimens should consult with a healthcare professional prior to consumption of Inhuman Pre-Workout. Ingredients such as DMHA and Noopept may interact with various medications or exacerbate certain medical conditions. Stimulants, for instance, can lead to increased heart rate and blood pressure, which could cause damage to individuals with cardiovascular diseases.

Furthermore, the presence of high levels of stimulants might not be suitable for everyone and could result in adverse effects such as jitteriness or an elevated heart rate. It’s crucial for users to adhere strictly to the usage guidelines provided to minimize potential risks.

Compliance with Regulations

Inhuman Pre-Workout’s terms and conditions on the packaging and accompanying documents should be examined to ensure compliance with local and international supplement regulations. The product’s label must list all active ingredients, and it should not contain any banned substances as per the prevailing dietary supplement regulations. Users are advised to verify that all ingredients are in accordance with the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act (DSHEA) and any relevant food and drug safety standards.

Regulatory compliance also ensures that the product meets manufacturing quality standards and is free from harmful contaminants. Users should look out for certifications or approvals from reputable third-party organizations, which can provide an additional layer of confidence in the product’s safety profile.

Comparison To Other Pre-Workouts

This section examines how AfterDark Supplements’ Inhuman Pre-Workout stands up to its rivals in the bustling pre-workout market and performs a side-by-side ingredient analysis.

Market Alternatives

Inhuman Pre-Workout distinguishes itself with a potent mix of stimulants and nootropics designed to deliver sustained energy and focus. Comparatively:

  • Transparent Labs BULK is touted for its balance of ingredients that cater to various workout needs.
  • Wrecked tops the list for those seeking intense stimulant effects.
  • Redcon1 Total War is noted for boosting focus, but Inhuman Pre-Workout edges ahead with its inclusion of Noopept and DMHA to heighten cognitive enhancement.
  • Non-stimulant options like Pump Serum Huge Supplements appeal to users looking for pre-workouts without caffeine.

Ingredient Benchmarking

Regarding energy, Inhuman Pre-Workout has a powerful blend of 400mg caffeine sourced from three different types, ensuring a smooth and consistent energy release. This combination outpaces products like C4 Original Pre-Workout, which offers a standard caffeine dosage suitable for beginners to moderate users.

In terms of focus and cognitive benefits, the 25mg Noopept in Inhuman Pre-Workout is a notable outlier when benchmarked against the competition, where such powerful nootropics are less commonly found. The energy and focus effects are further amplified by the inclusion of DMHA, a known central nervous system stimulant, providing a comprehensively stimulating pre-workout experience.

While some products concentrate on muscle pump and performance without high-stimulant profiles, Inhuman Pre-Workout attendees to users that prefer a high-stimulant experience aiming at heightened energy and focus.

Purchase Information

Consumers seeking intense focus and energy for their workouts can consider AfterDark Supplements’ Inhuman Pre-Workout. It’s important to assess both the availability of the product and the cost before making a purchase decision.

Availability and Ordering

Inhuman Pre-Workout by AfterDark is available to order online, providing convenience for customers. Retailers like Nutrition Cartel and Supps Central list this pre-workout supplement among their products, often with various flavor options. Customers can place an order directly through these websites, benefiting from a streamlined purchasing process.

Cost Considerations

The price of Inhuman Pre-Workout is typically listed around $44.99, but this may vary based on the retailer and available discounts. For instance, promotional codes like PREWORLD may offer a 15% discount at certain stores such as NutriCartel. It’s suggested to compare prices and explore available deals to find the best value.

  • Standard Price: $44.99
  • Payment Plans: Some retailers offer installment payments (e.g., 4 interest-free payments of $11.25 with specific payment partners).
  • Pricing Options: Discounts may be available; check various retailers for promo codes.


In reviewing AfterDark Supplements’ Inhuman Pre-Workout, consumers find a product that is potent and designed to cater to intense fitness goals. It is enriched with a substantial 400 mg of caffeine and 220 mg of DMHA, giving users a significant boost in energy and focus. Moreover, its unique nootropic component contributes to enhanced cognitive functions, providing an intense focus without the common side effects of jitters associated with high caffeine intake.

For individuals seeking an extra edge in their workout routine, Inhuman Pre-Workout may offer the necessary stimulation. The product’s ability to support sustained motivation and positive mood is noteworthy, potentially leading to more productive workouts. However, users must consider their own tolerance to stimulants and adjust their intake accordingly.

AfterDark’s Inhuman Pre-Workout also addresses the desire for a mood lift, with users reporting a euphoric feeling during their exercise sessions, enhancing the overall workout experience. This mood elevation could be a determining factor for those who rely on their training sessions not just for physical benefits but also for mental well-being.

The combination of potent ingredients in Inhuman makes it a strong contender in the pre-workout supplement market of 2023. It is advisable for consumers to assess their health conditions and fitness objectives before incorporating it into their regimen to ensure it aligns with their workout needs and lifestyle.

About AfterDark Supplements

AfterDark Supplements is recognized in the fitness industry for their pre-workout products that cater to the demands of those seeking intense workout experiences. The brand focuses on delivering formulations that provide energy, focus, and improved exercise performance.

Brand History

AfterDark emerged in the supplement market with a clear focus on robust and potent pre-workout formulas. They aim to serve customers who pursue a significant boost in energy and focus during their training sessions. The brand has built a reputation among users, especially stimulant-lovers, for its effective and high-stimulant product offerings.

Product Lineup

The AfterDark product array is headlined by their signature offering, AfterDark Supplements Inhuman Pre-Workout. This particular pre-workout is celebrated for its unique blend of stims and nootropics, delivering what many users describe as a jolt of energy, heightened focus, and endurance. The lineup is designed with the goal of enhancing the workout experience without causing negative effects such as jitters typically associated with high caffeine content.

Supplement Facts

AfterDark Supplements’ Inhuman Pre-Workout distinguishes itself with a transparent label, showcasing a comprehensive blend of ingredients. This allows users to understand exactly what they are consuming and in what amounts, catering particularly to the needs of experienced lifters looking for high-stimulant content.

Nutritional Information

The product includes key vitamins such as Vitamin B3 (Niacin) and Vitamin B6 (Pyridoxine), which play a role in energy metabolism and reducing fatigue. Inhuman ensures a combination of ingredients that go beyond simple stimulation to support workout endurance and focus. The inclusion of Theobromine adds a subtle energy boost to the formula, while Alpha Yohimbine stands out for its potential to support fat loss and energy without the harsh side effects commonly associated with standard Yohimbine.

Serving Details

Inhuman Pre-Workout is designed to accommodate a standard regimen with a container providing 21 servings. This serves as a practical quantity for consistent gym-goers, ensuring that the product can sustain a user for a reasonable amount of time given its intended frequency of use. The supplement’s delivery mechanism is focused on quick absorption, leveraging each serving to provide the anticipated high level of stimulation and focus required to power through intense training sessions.

BroScience Verdict
AfterDark Supplements Inhuman High-Stim Pre-Workout

This pre-workout supplement contains DMHA which is not legal and potentially dangerous.

Top 3 Alternatives

Frequently Asked Questions

This section provides clear and straightforward answers to common questions regarding AfterDark’s Inhuman Pre-Workout supplement.

What are the main ingredients in AfterDark’s Inhuman Pre-Workout?

AfterDark’s Inhuman Pre-Workout contains a blend of ingredients such as Beta-Alanine, caffeine, and various amino acids. It is also infused with Vitamin B6, which aids neurotransmitter production and amino acid metabolism.

How much caffeine is contained in Inhuman Pre-Workout?

The precise amount of caffeine in Inhuman Pre-Workout is not specified in the search results provided. Consumers should refer to the product label or contact the manufacturer directly for accurate caffeine content information.

Where can I buy Inhuman Pre-Workout nearby?

Inhuman Pre-Workout can be purchased from online retailers such as Nutrition Cartel, as well as other dietary supplement stores. Availability in local stores may vary.

Is there a significant difference in results between pre and post-workout supplements?

Yes, there is a difference in results between pre and post-workout supplements. Pre-workout supplements like Inhuman are designed to enhance energy and focus during workouts, while post-workout supplements typically focus on recovery and muscle repair.

What are the effects of Inhuman Pre-Workout and how quickly do they manifest?

Users report feeling energy boosts within the first 5 to 10 minutes and may experience a tingling sensation from the Beta-Alanine. Full effects may be felt within the first 30 minutes of consumption.

Which pre-workout supplement is considered the strongest on the market?

The term “strongest” is subjective and varies based on individual tolerance and the specific ingredients used. AfterDark’s Inhuman Pre-Workout is marketed towards those with a high tolerance for stimulants and is considered potent within the pre-workout category.

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