A Lifter Roasts A Stranger That Spotted Him "Incorrectly" Joey Swoll Responds

A Lifter Roasts A Stranger That Spotted Him “Incorrectly” Joey Swoll Responds

Joey Swoll has been labeled as the CEO of gym positivity and is on a mission to change toxic gym behavior.

Joey, a famous fitness influencer, is using his vast social media platforms to share gym positivity, attempting to change gym culture.

With the existence of smartphones with HD cameras, everyone now has a camera in their pocket.

We have seen a significant increase in videos filmed in the gym that mock innocent gym members or belittle them.

Joey Swoll is firmly against people filming others in the gym and posting the footage online to ridicule or belittle them.

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Joey has taken matters into his own hands and is now responding to the gym bullies that film innocent gym goers in the gym for likes and attention.

Recently a man asked a stranger for a spot in the bench press.

We all know how frustrating it is to get a spot you don’t need or someone touching the bar when you can lift the weight yourself.

However, the stranger didn’t know any better and wasn’t given proper instructions by the lifter who asked him to spot him.

Joey Swoll responded to this arrogant lifter who roasted the spotter who spotted him out of kindness and was trying to be helpful.

Here’s what Joey Swoll had to say:

So this is something I’ve seen a lot of on social media lately, people asking strangers in the gym for a spot and then posting the video after to make fun of them or mock them if they don’t do it the right way. First and foremost, it is your job to tell them how to spot you, when to lift off, when to touch the bar, how you want to be spotted, etc. Secondly in this video even if you told that man how to spot you, did you tell him before filming that: “Hey if you don’t do it right, I am going to zoom in on you and post the video on social media to mock and make fun of you.” You are literally putting your life in this man hands and he just cares about helping you out, he is not trying to ruin your video or ruin your lift. The only thing you should do after this lift is stand up and delete the video and shake that mans hand, say thank you and be grateful, be better than that, mind your own business.

A Lifter Roasts A Stranger That Spotted Him “Incorrectly” Joey Swoll Responds (video)

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