9 Ways to Stay On Your Diet While Travelling

9 Ways to Stay On Your Diet While Travelling

Generally speaking when people go on a vacation, or any type of traveling for that matter, their diets tend to fall apart. It’s a result of going out to restaurants serving high carb/low protein foods and not doing any training. Just one of these meals can have several times more calories than what you’re accustomed to. This leads to your body storing the extra calories as body fat. Although staying disciplined while travelling is tough, it is definitely possible with the right planning. If you travel frequently, or have a trip coming up in the future, check out the article below for tips on how to stick to your diet for the duration of your trip.

1) Pack Healthy Foods that Don’t Need To Be Refrigerated

Apples, Bananas, nuts, seeds and beef jerky are all foods that can easily be packed in your carry-on bag and don’t need to be kept cold. If you have these foods on hand you will be less likely to go to a restaurant and order a calorie-dense meal. Simply combine a few of them as a meal, or have a snack to keep you feeling full until you can find a healthy meal option.

2) Book a Hotel that has a Microwave and Refrigerator

Try to find a hotel that has a microwave, refrigerator and even stove top if possible. Typically that would mean booking on AirBnB. These types of rentals allow you to buy groceries and more importantly cook your own meals. These will be a lot healthier than anything you can find in a restaurant, not to mention they will save you money.

3) Pack a Grill

Depending on where you are travelling and how much space you have in your luggage, consider packing a portable grill. This will allow you to pick up some chicken breast at a nearby grocery store and cook them in your own room. As we mentioned above, doing your own cooking is always cheaper and healthier than going out for meals.

4) Look Up the Nutritional Information of the Restaurant

Many restaurants now post the nutritional information either on the menu or online. This is very helpful as you can get an idea whether or not something will meet your macros. Even fast food restaurants are now making this information available and are offering some healthier options for people on a diet like us.

5) Pack Protein

This one is easy yet it is often overlooked. Simply packing some protein bars (or a homemade protein snack) in a container can be all that you need to hit your daily protein goals. As we mentioned earlier, foods sold in restaurants tend to be high in carbs and fat, so being able to supplement them with your own protein will give you a lot more flexibility.

6) Substitute the Fries

Most restaurants will serve fries as a side-dish to whatever entree you order. However, if you ask the waiter they will often be willing to substitute them for something healthier – such as potatoes, rice or vegetables. This is important as fries are considered lower quality carbs given that they are deep fried.

7) Drink Lots of Water

You may have heard that most people are not drinking enough water. As it turns out, when travelling people are far more likely to be dehydrated! Make sure you are drinking tons of water as this will make you feel more full. Yes it’s a pain in the ass to constantly have to get up to use the washroom, but it’s better than overeating and messing up your diet. Drinking more water will also help reduce the likelihood of getting sick while travelling.

8) Pack a Fat Burner

When traveling for long periods of time we tend to be seated which means our metabolism slows down. This is where fat burners can help you. A high quality fat burning supplement will contain ingredients that help boost metabolism while also providing you with more energy and helping you feel full. The great thing about fat burning products is that they are easy to pack in your luggage and can be taken any time. Click here to check out our guide on fat burners so you can find the right product for you. Remember that high quality products (just like high quality foods) make a huge difference – so don’t go cheaping out!

9) Take Salad Dressing On The Side

Think you made the right choice by ordering the salad? We’re proud of you for not ordering the Philly Cheese Steak, only there is one problem – that salad is slathered in dressing that is high in calories. Most restaurants try to improve the taste of salad by putting tons of dressing on it and often these dressings are very high in calories. So if you want to make sure you don’t fall into this trap, ask the waiter to bring the dressing in a cup on the side. This will allow you to put just as much as you need to make it enjoyable but without messing up your diet.

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