9 Ways the Gym Benefits You in Various Aspects of Life (It’s not just about dumb meatheads throwing weights about!!)

Written by James Caird

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Many people think that the gym only has one purpose, and that’s to you get in shape… However, the gym not only conditions the body, but the mind as well, developing and teaching you many skills and lessons that can carry over and enhance various other aspects of your life! Here’s our list of the top 9 ways in which the gym can benefit you…

#1 – Relieves Stress

One of the biggest benefits of going to the gym is stress relief! When stressed, people use various methods to deal with it. Some choose food (comfort/binge eating), some choose alcohol, some choose the gym. For many the gym is the answer, providing an hour or two away from the realities of life, where nothing else matters, just you and the weights and pushing yourself to the limit! Easily the healthiest option of the 3 methods listed too!!

#2 – Goal Setting

People who regularly go to the gym learn that progress is much more satisfying, fun and visible when you utilise goals! The gym is a perfect environment to get to grips with goal setting in order to drive progression, whether that be a new PR goal, a bodyweight goal, or even to step on stage and compete! This then makes you much more likely to then implement this principle outside of the gym, in your everyday life, to help you progress and succeed, whether that be academically, at work, or even in personal relationships.

#3 – Consistency

In progressing in terms of the gym, consistency is absolutely key! No one successful, whether that’s in sports, business or personal relationships, has ever been truly successful without consistency. The gym quickly teaches you the value of consistency, returning continuous, consistent efforts with rewards in the form of progress! This lesson then makes you much more likely to utilise consistency principles to benefit you in other areas of your life!

#4 – Cost Effective Hobby

Say your gym membership costs you $30 a month, that’s $1 a day… What other hobbies are out there that you can partake in for less than $1 a time?? It provides a limitless number of possibilities, goals, variations and most good gyms are filled with like minded, nice people, that you would otherwise not meet! Not to mention the various physical and mental health benefits!

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#5 – Physical Appearance

If you go to the gym, train/diet – even moderately well, then odds are that you’re going to be in better shape than 95% of the population! Also, when you’re in shape, you look better in clothes as well as out of clothes! You can even get away with wearing simple/cheap clothes when you’re in shape and still look amazing! And you know what they say, “look good, feel good”.

#6 – Habits

The gym and having a regular routine helps you break bad habits and replace them with good ones! For example you’re much less likely to go out on a Friday night for a few beers if you’re planning on hitting the gym Saturday morning, or chow down on a few slices of pizza and a handful of fries if you’re trying to get shredded abs, but instead, much more likely to be getting an early night, plenty of sleep and alternatively opting for a much more healthy dinner! Call that “boring” if you want, but each to their own – the gym lifestyle isn’t for everyone!

#7 – Mental Strength

Pushing your body to it’s absolute limits, whether that be smashing a 1 rep PR, forcing out them last few reps, or grinding out that last mile on the stationary bike… That not only requires elements of physicality, but mentality as well. Over time, continuously pushing yourself in the gym will allow you to hone and develop your mental strength, allowing you to push yourself to places you never though possible! This mental strength can then be utilised in many other areas of your life, such as at work, at school, in relationships, and though general hardship or challenging times!

#8 – Overall Health

Our day-to-day health is something many people take for granted. Going to the gym, participating in regular exercise has been shown to effectively reduce the chance of bad health issues in the future, such as cardiovascular issues and even potentially fatal health issues such as cancer, heart disease and strokes! Better health means better quality of life, a lot less stress and potentially a lot less costs further down the line!

#9 – Responsibility

Going to the gym, striving for progress, will highlight to many the link between their actions and outcomes. For example if you put a lot of hard work, effort and time into the gym, you will more likely than not, get much better results! Once this is experienced and an understanding of the basic line of “what you put in is what you get out” is gained, this can then be relayed in other areas of life such as the workplace, resulting in better work ethic, increased productivity and much more positive outcome!


The gym will not only provide numerous obvious physical benefits, but many mental benefits as well! It will allow you to learn and develop various skills, methods and attributes that can then be carried over into your everyday life, allowing you to enhance your life endlessly! All in all the gym, is one of the most well rounded, beneficial hobbies there is!

Author: James Caird for BroScience

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