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9 Signs You Are No Longer A Non-Lifter

Big is beautiful and don’t ever let anyone tell you otherwise.

Looking like everyone else, being able to wear designer clothes with no alterations needed and having the ability to blend into a crowd with very little ease should be at the bottom of your list of things to do if you’re a bodybuilder.

Years of dedication and hard work are needed in order to gain a substantial amount of size but when you finally get to the point where your mass is too much for people to ignore, certain signs will begin to appear letting you know that you have finally made it.

Here are some of these signs in no particular order.

Can’t fit in normal clothes

This one is usually a given once you start putting on some serious size.

It’s not so much your training gear or active wear that is bothersome but rather the clothes you’d like to wear in a more formal setting or for a night out on the town.

Jeans are extremely difficult to find especially when your quads tape out at around the 30 inch mark while your waist measures out at around the same, a little more or a little less.

Dress shirts will never button up to the top and wearing ties gets troublesome.

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Also, let’s hope you don’t get invited to be in a wedding party; getting a tuxedo to fit you off the rack is damn near impossible!

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Unsolicited Comments

For whatever the reason, people like to comment on your current size.

Most times the comments are friendly in nature and the comments you’ll receive from others at the gym are usually always positive.

Then you get the comments from total strangers when you are simply walking down the street or through the mall.

“Dude, you’re huge”,

“How big are your arms”,

“How did you get so big”,

“How much can you bench”,

“Why would you want to look like that”,

“That’s gross” etc.

These comments sometimes catch you off guard and unless you are quick on your feet and very witty, elicit a response unfavorable to the person asking.

Or you simply ignore the comment and carry on with your day.

Try walking around with a professional bodybuilder in a public place and you’ll know what I’m talking about here.

Dazed and Confused

Ah yes, the glazed eye stares that usually occur prior to the comment.

Sometimes people unknowingly enter into a staring competition with your body simply due to the fact that they’ve never witnessed another human being look that way.

When you’re huge you cast shadows, block out entire people, take up a ton of real estate, stick out like a sore thumb in a crowd and warrant any and all looks you receive.

It’s hard not to take a good look at something you are unfamiliar with and I don’t really think there’s any harm in that.

Rich Piana Bodybuilder

Machine Adaptation

When the makers of most gym equipment create their designs and subsequent manufacturing process, they aim to produce equipment that will “fit” most people.

Of course there are certain adjustment mechanisms on most machines if not all but sometimes your size is just too much for the machine.

I like to think it’s for this reason we see so many different exercise variations for the same pieces of equipment; it was born out of necessity by larger bodybuilders who still wanted to use that piece of equipment.

If you find yourself working on something and it’s not feeling the way you want it to feel in whatever muscle group you’re training, make the machine fit you.

It’s as simple as that.

Down south they call you Rambo

This one is a great ego booster and some reassurance that you are in fact big and muscular enough to be compared to one of the greatest action movie heroes of all time; Rambo.

Now I know Rambo wasn’t the biggest guy out there and there were of course other larger action hero stars of that time, but for whatever the reason, anytime you are down south on vacation and you’re big and in good shape I can almost guarantee you that at some point during your stay you will be called Rambo by the people working at your resort or by the locals if you venture into the nearest town.

Snore like a Bear

There is a ton of good that comes with being huge but there is also a downside and one of those is your ability to snore like a bear.

During the night if you get yourself into a good sleep (well even if you don’t I guess) you will probably cut around 8-10 cords of wood per night.

It’s awful for anyone who has to have the unfortunate experience of sleeping in the same room or even in the same vicinity as you and chances are you’ll be the only one getting any sleep.

But you’re huge so who cares right?

Kai Greene Bodybuilder

Are you a Football player or a Wrestler?

This is simply an extension of the unsolicited comment section that I already covered but I thought it was important to point out these two very specific comments or questions.

And the reason I’m doing so is to point out the fact that bodybuilding is still very much a subculture sport and the general public still does not recognize a bodybuilder when they see one.

So what do most people associate significant size with?

You got it, football players and/or wrestlers (I guess you could be compared to worse right?)

Get asked to leave a bar for no reason

This has got to be the best ever.

You know you are big when you walk into a bar and in less than two minutes you are surrounded by the bouncers.

With no provocation whatsoever you kindly get asked to leave the premises.

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Of course there is bewilderment on your part because you just got there.

Then you proceed to ask why and you are promptly given the answer that if anything was to break out and you were to get involved, there is no way the staff could handle you.

And for this reason and the safety of the bouncing staff, we’d kindly like you to leave. True story even though I know size can have nothing to do with your ability to fight.

ronnie coleman bodybuilder eating

Get asked to leave an all you can eat buffet

You know you are in the company of giants when you are the smallest of your group of friends and you are weighing in at 250lbs plus.

Take this group and then go to an all you can eat buffet.

No problems right?

Think again.

After a solid two and half hours of eating and numerous comments about how much you are able to shovel into you the manager shows up to your table with cheque in hand and very politely asks you to finish up and leave before you’ve had a chance to hit up the desert tables.

It’s a very unfortunate situation to be in but at the same time laughable because with one look around the table you are sitting at and the aftermath of two and a half hours of straight eating you can see why.

If you can relate to any of the above mentioned scenarios you are without a doubt huge and I’m very happy for you.

Stay true to who you are regardless of the situation you are presented with and keep fighting to good fight to be larger than life because why, well normal sucks!

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