9 Natural Ways To Supercharge Your Testosterone Production

9 Natural Ways To Supercharge Your Testosterone Production

So you want to know how to supercharge your testosterone production?

Chances are you are already well aware of the benefits of high testosterone levels.

These include more muscle mass, less body fat, better mood, higher libido, more energy, etc.

These are all masculine qualities, which shouldn’t be surprising given that testosterone is the hormone that makes us men.

We won’t spend too much time convincing you why you should want to increase your levels – we figure you are already well aware of why that’s important.

Instead we are going to provide you with 9 ways that you can naturally increase your testosterone levels.

Check out the article below for 9 proven ways to naturally supercharge your testosterone production to the highest they can be.

9 Natural Ways To Supercharge Your Testosterone Production

9 Natural Ways To Supercharge Your Testosterone Production


Get Plenty of Sleep

Believe it or not, one of the best ways to absolutely ruin your testosterone levels is to not get enough sleep.

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Studies show that restricting yourself to 5 hours per night of sleep rather than the usual 8 for an entire week can result in a 15% drop in testosterone levels.

If you reduce that down to 4 hours of sleep your testosterone levels will be less than half the level of your peers that sleep for 8 hours. Now, you don’t need to freak out if you occasionally get less than 8 hours of sleep.

Sometimes for whatever reason that’s not possible and it won’t cause your t-levels to plunge right away. However, you should be getting at least 8 hours the vast majority of the time.

If you are regularly getting 5 hours of sleep or less your testosterone levels will drop significantly. As a result you will be less effective throughout the day both inside and outside of the gym.

Stay Lean

You don’t have to be a skinny, wimpy-looking guy- you need to keep your body fat levels down.

Stick to the 8-15% range – anything higher than that will impact your testosterone levels negatively.

Having high body fat levels leads to increased estrogen production which actually works against testosterone.

It causes further fat gain and muscle loss – basically the opposite of what we are going for. Keep your testosterone levels up by shedding that extra body fat.

Once you get down to that 8-15% range you will have a much easier time maintaining it as that extra testosterone will help you put on more mass and keep the fat off.

You also want to make sure you always have a decent amount of muscle mass as this will also help boost t-levels.

Keep your Balls Healthy

Yes you read that right – and it’s for good reason. 95% of your testosterone production comes from inside the testicles, so making sure they are healthy and that your circulation is strong is very important.

You want to keep them cooler than the rest of your body, so wearing loose boxers, taking cold showers and even sleeping naked will help improve testosterone production.

9 Natural Ways To Supercharge Your Testosterone Production

Limit Alcohol Consumption

We aren’t saying that you need to cut out the booze completely, but it’s not doing your testosterone levels any favors.

If you are regularly getting shit-faced you can be sure your t-levels are probably getting destroyed but having a few drinks here and there won’t cause you any significant problems.

So how much do you need to drink before your testosterone levels are impacted? One study shows that consuming 5% of your calories from alcohol results in a reduction in testicular size.

Numerous other studies show that heavy alcohol consumption reduces testosterone levels, although each study differs in the exact amount.

However, alcoholics tend to have very low testosterone levels and high estrogen levels compared to others.

Fortunately there are also plenty of studies that show low or moderate consumption as not having a serious negative effect on testosterone levels.

Consume More Dietary Fat

Dietary fat is without a doubt the most important nutrient when it comes to testosterone production.

There are tons of studies that show that consuming healthy sources of dietary fat leads to higher testosterone production.

The key here is the type of fat – saturated fats and monounsaturated fats are positively correlated with testosterone levels.

Meanwhile, polyunsaturated fats and trans-fats have been shown to suppress testosterone.

Ideally you should strive to get 40% of your daily calorie intake from fat sources, mostly monounsaturated and saturated.

Don’t worry too much about having heart problems as a result of the high saturated fat and cholesterol consumption – it’s a myth and is actually a result of overall diet and lifestyle.

Get that Cholesterol

Poor cholesterol – it’s been given such a bad reputation.

The truth is that it is directly correlated with testosterone levels. Steroid hormones are actually made from cholesterol!

While your body naturally creates testosterone in the bloodstream you can get additional benefits by increasing your daily intake of cholesterol.

So make sure you eat those egg yolks and keep those blood cholesterol levels high.

Stay Hydrated

Water is crucial for the overall proper functioning of our body – that includes testosterone production.

It’s very easy to stay hydrated – just carry a water bottle around with you and refill it several times per day.

When you are weight training it’s even more important to stay hydrated as not getting enough water will lead reduce your t-levels and increase cortisol release.

Being less than 5% dehydrated can even have drastic effects on testosterone levels.

Make sure you drink plenty of water throughout the day and remember that coffee actually dehydrates your body. For every coffee you drink you will need to drink an equivalent amount of water just to get back to even.

9 Natural Ways To Supercharge Your Testosterone Production

HIIT Training

High intensity interval training is the best type of cardio out there for both shedding fat and maintaining muscle.

Well as it turns out it also boosts testosterone levels. As a result of the explosiveness of the workout , use of fast-twitch muscle fibers and lactic acid build-up it results in higher levels of free testosterone and growth hormone.

High intensity interval training programs can include sprinting, running hills, circuit training or cycling.

Testosterone Boosters

Did you know that some men naturally have low testosterone levels?

If you have low testosterone levels you won’t be able to build a lot of muscle and you will probably not be as lean.

Even though you train hard and diet well you still won’t make the progress you are hoping for.

As we have discussed in this article testosterone is responsible for muscle growth in your body.

That means that if you have higher testosterone production in your body you will build more muscle.

Some men do everything they can to keep their testosterone production as high as possible.

Following the tips above is a great start.

Supplementing with an all natural testosterone booster will allow you to maximise the testosterone production in your body.

The most effective way for you is supplementing with an all natural testosterone booster that contains the right ingredients.

Are you one of those who would like to have superior testosterone production?

If your answer is yes to that question then right now I am inviting you to check out our detailed report on testosterone boosting ingredients that actually work.

That way you will make sure you are investing in a testosterone booster that actually works and contains all the right ingredients.


You won’t get far when it comes down to building an impressive physique without having high enough testosterone levels that support muscle growth.

So now you know that:

Now you know that: Getting plenty of sleep is absolutely crucial to support testosterone production in your body.

Now you know that: If you stay lean you will produce and maintain your testosterone production at higher levels.

Now you know that: Your testicles produce testosterone so keep them healthy at any cost.

Now you know that: Go easy on the alcohol it can ruin your testosterone production.

Now you know that: Dietary fats support testosterone production so include them into your diet.

Now you know that: Cholesterol supports testosterone production, eggs contain cholesterol.

Now you know that: Staying hydrated is important for overall health as well as keeping the testosterone production in check

Now you know that: HIIT cardio is the best cardio for muscle building and testosterone production.

Now you know that: Supplementing with a testosterone booster that contains all the right ingredients is the best way for you to get superior testosterone production in your body.

How many of these tips were you already following?

Chances are there were a few items on that list that surprised you but don’t worry – you can easily correct them going forward.

Remember that making these changes won’t result in higher levels of testosterone overnight.

It takes time for your body to adjust but after a few weeks we are confident you will be very pleased with the change in your physique and attitude.

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