9 Good Reasons Why Couples Should Workout Together

9 Good Reasons Why Couples Should Workout Together

Couples who work out are physically congruent. It matters.

1. Couples who Train Together are Physically Congruent.

If one of you is Fit and the other is Not, it says something about the latter’s amount of self-respect and regard for their Partner. It Matters.

2. Sex, needless to say, is Much Better for Couples that Work Out.

You need a remedy for a poor sex life or inattentive husband or wife? Pick up a Weight and go to a Gym.

3. Couples who Work Out are more likely to Remain Together.

t-nationAccording to a recent Social Study, Couples that share a similar Purpose have higher chance of Sticking Together.

4. Food will No Longer be a Source of Contention.

When One Among You is Conscious about What to Eat and the Other Isn’t, there’s Tension and Disharmony.

5. Couples who work out don’t fight over where to go on Vacations.

t-nationIf both of you are working out, it’s a done deal. The two of you would want to go to the Bahamas or Hawaii; anyplace you can strip down to your swimsuits or trunks and show off those glistening physiques.

6. Couples who work out tend to spend a lot more time Together.

If one works out and the other doesn’t, remorse and animosity inevitably builds up. She’s mad because you spend so much time at the gym instead of at home scrap-booking with her.

7. Getting gifts for each other is easy for couples that work out.

If you both work out, you don’t have to stress over whether or not she’ll like the Red Sweater or a Stiletto. You can get her workout tops, yoga pants, gloves, foam rollers, even a Prowler, and you can’t go wrong.

8. Couples who work out are more Productive.

Women who work out are more functional; they are as able as men when it comes to performing physical labor.

9. Couples who work out Fight Less.

When you both work out, you are likely to release your frustrations in a healthy way.

source: t-nation

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    faith shorthouse

    So what you are saying is that women who are at home just sit around scrap-booking with all of their “free time” as if we have nothing more productive or intelligent to spend our time doing, like, I don’t know, helping children with their homework, taking them to sports practices, or working on our higher education goals? And that women who don’t work out aren’t productive because why? So only women who work out are productive and have important things to contribute to their “man’s” life?

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        Seriously. Faith, go crawl back under your rock and be a curmudgeon elsewhere. This article mentioned NOTHING about /quote contributing to their man’s life /unquote. Feminists lashing out at everyone (including their own supporters, like this article), are only contributing to the inequality because you sound completely irrational. Liberal America doesn’t really want change, they just want to play the victim and enjoy getting riled up. The real life equivalent of Internet trolls.

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