8 Ways to Keep Motivated & Make More Gains

8 Ways to Keep Motivated & Make More Gains

Surround yourself with like minded people

This is probably the most important point!

If you fill your life with people that think like yourself and have similar goals, your life will automatically gravitate towards a higher focus on these goals and progression with more of your conversations and time being orientated around your goals.

People with a similar mind set are also much more likely to understand you and be supportive in your journey. You will generally find yourself in a much more positive community of people.

Distance yourself from negative people

This is on the opposite side of the scale to the point mentioned above…

These people will hold you back in life, discouraging you from achieving your goals and often directly knocking you off track to achieving them. This could be due to jealousy or to make themselves feel better about their own lack of achievements.

They will also drag you down mentally, often wanting to “bad talk” others, downplaying them or plain “bitching” about them. This is such a negative practice and does nothing to benefit anyone!

This may be hard, but you need to remove these people from your life! Avoid engaging in negative conversation and try to distance yourself from these people and gravitate towards a more positively focused circle of people.

Watch videos relating to your goal

In this day and age we have an enormous, constantly growing catalogue of video content at our fingertips! YouTube is such a useful resource in many ways…

On YouTube there are videos about nutrition, training, lifestyle and just about anything else you can think of!

Watching videos orientated around your goals is not only a much more productive use of your time than watching mind numbing TV, educating yourself, but will also motivate you to stay on track.

Read an article relating to your goal

This point follows a similar principle to the above, expanding your knowledge whilst keeping yourself orientated and motivated towards your goals.

There are many extremely useful articles available for free at your fingertips on the internet, opening up doors to learn things that before our generation you’d have had to pay for in the form of books or classes!

Follow like minded people/people who inspire you on social media

Instagram, Twitter & Facebook to name the big ones… On these platforms you’ll be able to find people who you aspire to! Constantly seeing people who you aspire to be like will keep reminding you of your goals and the reason you are working towards them!

Another useful way to use social media to motivate yourself is to get involved in communities of like minded people on similar paths to yourself. Finding people with similar goals, commenting, liking, interacting and supporting each other can be highly motivating!

Make others aware of your journey

Let others know what your goals are as well as where you’re at in your journey… This transparency will give others a clear view and be able to hold you accountable.

It will also add a layer of ”pressure” but in a positive way, as if you know that everyone knows about your goals, you’ll be less likely to cheat on your diet or miss a workout, jeopardising your goals, because you know that other people will know if you fail to achieve your goals.

And who wants to be associated with failure?

Lifestyle Changes

Avoid viewing this journey to achieving your goals as temporary, one off events and instead view it as a change in the way of life…

Completely immerse yourself in it… If this is in regards to achieving a dream physique, then immerse yourself in the lifestyle that will allow you to not only achieve this, but maintain it as well!

Eat healthier, train harder and supplement smartly

Find a gym that motivates you

Everyone has their own preferences on gyms, i.e. what kind of environment that they like, as well as the kind of people they want to be surrounded by when they workout!

Find out what you want in regards to these things and find a gym that suits them, whether it’s a nice, vibrant, clean gym with fancy equipment, or an oldschool, dirty, hardcore gym… Find what motivates you!!

You might have to pay a little bit more, or travel a little bit further but trust me, it will be worth it!

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