8 Easy Shortcuts To Bigger Arms - It's Sad When Guys Don't Do #4

8 Easy Shortcuts To Bigger Arms – It’s Sad When Guys Don’t Do #4

Let’s be honest guys, none of us are happy with the size of our arms – we would all love to be able to add more mass to them and get bigger arms. In fact, most people would rather gain more mass on their arms than any other part of their body.

Check out the tips below for some shortcuts to turbo-charge your arm growth!

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8 Shortcuts to Bigger Arms

Work Arms at the Beginning of your Routine

If you currently are doing arms at the end of your routine, after other muscle groups, you might want to look at giving them their own day.

This way you can hit them when they are fresh and get more exercises in, focusing your energy that day just on those muscles. Although the big compound exercises like deadlifts, bench press, dips and pull ups will help a lot early on, if you want to get to the next level you really need to give them their own focus.

Use a Stress Ball

Squeezing a stress ball actually improves the strength of your forearms which, aside from building muscle, will also improve your performance on deadlifts, chin-ups, dips and other exercises.

Best thing is you don’t even need to leave your desk to perform these.

Change the Number of Reps

If you are currently doing low-reps on arms and using momentum to get the weight up, try reducing the weight.

This will allow you to put greater focus on contracting the muscle you are trying to work and will increase the amount of time under tension.

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Don’t neglect Compound Exercises

Isolation exercises are definitely great and have their place. Performing them in conjunction with the compound lifts will definitely help improve the muscle development in your arms.

If, however, you are relying solely on isolation exercises for growth you are absolutely selling yourself short.

Compound exercises like Deadlifts, Bench Press, Dips, Pull-Ups and Rows add a lot of mass and strength to the arms.

Work you Deltoids

Adding mass to your deltoids will give them that round, boulder look and improve the appearance of your entire arm.

There are many great exercises for hitting all areas of the shoulder and many people neglect to work their shoulders as they feel there already get enough work indirectly from their chest and back routines.


No, not in the mirror at the gym or in the washroom, we mean during the exercise! Focusing on really flexing those muscles will help get a solid contraction and boost your strength on the lift.

Remember, you aren’t just trying to lift weights here – you are trying to stimulate growth in particular areas of your body. If you aren’t feeling your biceps getting work when you are curling then you need to change things up.

Up Your T-Levels

This one should be a given. High t-levels will not only help you put on lean muscle mass more faster, but it will also:

  • make you more powerful,
  • alpha,
  • self confident
  • and more appealing to women.

That’s why so many guys take steroids. Because that’s basically what steroids are, synthetic testosterone.

But taking steroids is still the dumbest thing you could ever do because once you stop taking them, you lose all your gains (not to mention the disgusting side-effects that come with it such as man-boobs).

Besides, the supplement industry has already got their hands on effective natural ingredients that can boost your bodies own testosterone production. These products are completely natural and you also get to keep your gains once you stop taking them!

I’m not gonna lie, they’re not as effective as steroids. But if you make sure that your testosterone boosters contains these ingredients you will be sure that you’re getting the best product that’s available on the market right now.

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Practice your posing routine

Flexing your muscles (mirror optional) will help get blood into the muscle which helps with recovery.

Additionally, it will help build that mind-muscle connection which will translate into improved performance when doing your lifting routine.

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