8 Secrets to Building Muscle Mass Fast

8 Secrets to Building Muscle Mass Fast

Just like almost every other bro out there you want to put on mass FAST. Well here are our secrets to building muscle mass as fast as possible in no particular order.

1. Don’t f*cking worry about your abs
Look mate, if you’re going to be serious about building mass fast you should not worry about being shredded….. for the moment.

2. Stuff your mouth
Literally always be eating. Eat a meal before your meal, you know what I’m saying.

3. 5-10 reps
Some guys think that it’s best to go heavy as f*ck and only do 1-5 reps when trying to build mass. This is bullsh*t. You need to do reps between 5-10 to maximize your mass gains.

4. Squat is the exception, do at least 10 rep squats
Unless you’re a powerlifter. In order to stimulate your whole body you need to do at least 10 heavy reps.

5. Learn to rest properly
You need to get at least 8 hours of sleep and absolutely no f*cking cardio, EVER! Literally try to park your car as close to the mall as possible so you have to walk fewer steps.

6. Leave 1-2 reps
Don’t lift until failure. Yeah, I said it. Hate to break it you but you’re not Arnie level yet and it’s better for you to get a couple of more sets in instead of being exhausted after 2 sets till failure.

7. Wear hoodies
So your body doesn’t have to spend energy on keeping you warm. The most bro advice on this list, but it works.

8. Testosterone.
The foundation to mass gain is the male hormone. Testosterone works its muscle-building magic by increasing muscle protein synthesis. So, basically more testosterone = more muscle. See our top choice for test boosters and why in our guide here.

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    5-10 reps is not the best range for growth. No way. Anything below 8 is a waste of time. If you goal is maximum muscle. 8-12-15 is the best range.

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