8 Requirements Girls Have To Meet If They Want To Be With Bodybuilders

8 Requirements Girls Have To Meet If They Want To Date Bodybuilders

If you are a girl and you are planning on getting into a relationship with a ripped bodybuilder there are a few things you have to keep in mind. There are certain requirements girlfriend’s of bodybuilders have to meet if they really want to be the special girl for him. We have found the 8 most common requirements every girl has to meet if she is in a relationship with a bodybuilder.

Jay Cutler Bodybuilder

1. Great cook

Many bodybuilders in today’s society really suck at cooking, the only things they can cook are bland chicken, steak and fish with rice cakes. That’s when the girlfriend steps in, cook him nice chicken, fish, steak dishes every night, calculate the exact macros and I will promise you he will ever leave you!

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2. Great shape

If you want to be with a guy that is obsessed with how his chest development is progressing, how his tear drop is showing and just generally obsessed with how he looks, you have to at least take care of yourself and not be a sloppy fat bit*h. Bodybuilders love girls that workout and girls that strive to look their absolute best.


3. Support his bodybuilding journey

If you want to be with a bodybuilder you have to support him to reach his goals  That means when he is spending time following his passion, you should never give him shit for always being in the gym and not spending time with you. That’s how breakups happen, if you really want to be with a bodybuilder just accept the fact that he is going to spend countless of hours in the gym working on his physique.


4. Sexually active

Bodybuilders have very high testosterone production which means they need more sex than others to feel satisfied. That’s a fact girls have to realize before they jump into a relationship with a bodybuilder, if you can’t keep him satisfied someone else will.

Jay Cutler bodybuilder getting a massage

5. Great Massager

Bodybuilders will need massages after heavy workout sessions, that’s when the perfect girlfriend comes in. If you can’t give your bodybuilder boyfriend a massage after a heavy leg day you will not last long in this relationship.

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6. Wash his workout clothes

Bodybuilders love nothing more than to go to the gym in their fresh and clean stringers. If you clean his clothes frequently for him, he will absolutely love you. You will be an essential part of his life.

7x Mr. Olympia Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Blueprint To Cut

7. Don’t let him pay all the time

Being a bodybuilder is expensive. There’s supplements, great amounts of food, gym memberships and workout clothes. This sh*t is expensive as f*ck. If he has to pay for you guys most of the times he will eventually get really tired of it and it will affect his bodybuilding lifestyle. If you will be generous with your money it will definitely pay off.


8. Don’t bake a cake in his cutting phase

If your boyfriend is cutting you must realize the mental struggle that he has to go through. It’s extremely hard to cut down below 8% body fat for many bodybuilders. When he is eating chicken and broccoli for dinner don’t eat pizza or bake a cake in front of him and say “You want some, I know you do, have a pizza slice”. If you do stuff like this he will eventually start hating you.

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