8 Reasons You Can’t Build Boulder Shoulders

8 Reasons You Can’t Build Boulder Shoulders

Shoulders are the muscle group that makes you stand out from the crowd, they complement your physique in a way that if you have good shoulders you will look much bigger.

That’s why it’s a hot topic in the fitness industry and most guys are doing everything they can to improve their shoulders as much as they can.

In this article we will discuss why you might not have been successful in building boulder shoulders and what you can do to fix that problem.


8 Reasons You Can’t Build Boulder Shoulders

You Don’t Give Them Enough Attention

There is a lot of advice out there that says trainees should focus on training the big muscle groups like chest, back and legs.

While these areas will give you the best bang for your buck it will also lead many trainees to neglect their shoulders.

If you are doing them after, say, legs chances are you are already tired out and probably aren’t devoting too much time to them.

Instead, give them their own day so you can make sure you are able to work all three heads properly.

Not Using Supersets

Remember that it is important to be changing up the kind of exercises you throw at your muscles.

If you perform the same exercises for the same number of sets/reps every time then your body will adapt to them and the results will diminish.

Instead, try incorporating supersets (performing one exercise right after another), drop-sets (dropping the weight down after a certain number of reps so you can do more) or giant sets (multiple exercises one after another) to shock the shoulders into growth.

This will also help your shoulder day become a bit more exciting if you find that your routine has become too monotonous.


Not Training Them Enough

Many trainees hit their shoulders about as often as any other muscle group.

While this might work for the bigger muscles that require more time to recover, chances are your deltoids don’t need a full week to get back to 100%.

Try adding in an extra day to work shoulders – for example, in addition to giving them their own day, do a couple sets of them after chest day or back day.

Try mixing up the exercises you do on those days as well as the weight/rep ranges.


Bad Form

If you are using momentum to swing your dumbbells up during the lateral raise, or moving your butt forward on the seated dumbbell raises to incorporate chest you aren’t putting the pressure on the right muscle.

Most of the time this stems from using too much weight so leave your ego at the door and make sure your form is strict.

8 Reasons You Can’t Build Boulder ShouldersNot Working All Three Heads

Most trainees put way too much work into the front delts compared with the side and rear delts.

Remember that your front deltoids already get a lot of work on chest day and are likely already imbalanced from the other two heads.

The side deltoid is actually what gives them that capped, round appearance not to mention it contributes to your body’s overall v-taper.

Make sure your training routine hits all three heads to really fill out those deltoids.

No Mind-Muscle Connection

If you are just trying to max out the weight chances are you aren’t focused on actually working the shoulders as much as you are trying to lift the weight.

If you don’t feel a solid contraction in the deltoid head you are trying to work then it is time to lower the weight and be stricter with the form.

Reps are too Low

Shoulder workouts are not the time to be training for your 1RM – leave that for chest, back and leg day. Stick to higher rep ranges with proper form and a good contraction on each set.

Low Testosterone Levels

No matter how good your routine and diet are, if your testosterone levels are low you simply won’t grow.

Testosterone is the male hormone responsible for muscle growth.

That’s why most bodybuilders do everything they can to boost their testosterone levels.

A great way to support and increase your testosterone production is taking in testosterone boosters designed to increase natural testosterone production in the body. See the 3 best  testosterone boosters here.

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