8 Reasons Why Your Muscles Have Stopped Growing

8 Reasons Why Your Muscles Have Stopped Growing

We see it happen all the time.

A guy starts lifting, makes gains for a little while (aka the noob phase) but then all of a sudden those gains stop.

This is where guys tend to get frustrated and give up entirely on lifting.

However, it doesn’t need to be that way.

Check out the article below for the 8 main reasons people stop making gains.

Fix these areas and you will be well on your way to improving your physique again!

8 Reasons Why Your Muscles Have Stopped Growing

1: Not Enough Sleep. Did you know that most muscle growth occurs while you sleep? If you aren’t getting a full 8 hours per night of sleep don’t expect to make any gains. In fact, not getting enough sleep will actually reduce your testosterone levels and make building muscle even harder!

2: Too Much Drinking. Chances are most successful bodybuilders you know don’t do much drinking. That’s because alcohol is simply a physique killer. If you are truly committed to building a great body you need to reduce your drinking or cut it out altogether.

3: Not Enough Protein. Protein is the building block your muscle needs to grow. Make sure you are consuming at least 1 gram of protein per pound of bodyweight from high quality sources. These include whey protein, chicken, tuna, steak and eggs.

4: Low Testosterone Levels. If your t-levels are low you simply won’t grow, that’s all there is to it. Diet, training and sleep are all important factors in determining how high your testosterone levels are. If you really want to get your t-levels up there try taking a testosterone-boosting supplement. – see our guide on the best testosterone boosting supplements here.

5: You Don’t Lift Heavy. In order to get bigger you need to constantly be challenging your muscles with heavy weight. That weight also needs to increase over time. If you lift the same amount of weight today as you did 4 months ago then you probably didn’t get any bigger.

6: Training Too Frequently. Are you training chest 4 times per week? If you don’t give your muscles enough time to recover, then they won’t grow. Give each muscle group a minimum of 48 hours to recover before working them again.

7: You’re Doing the Same Exercises. Every few months you need to change your training program to give your muscles a different look. Over time your muscles get used to performing certain exercises and they cease to be effective.

8: Long Workouts. While Arnold might have bragged about spending hours in the gym you shouldn’t follow his model. 45 minutes is all you need to get a quality training session in. Any more than that and you could be doing more damage than good.

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