8 Reasons Why Everyone In Your Gym Hates You

8 Reasons Why Everyone In Your Gym Hates You

So you might be wondering why people give you evil looks while you work out, why people can’t stand to see you in the gym. Is it because they don’t like you? Probably the reason for that being is because you are behaving like an idiot in the gym and people take notice of your behaviour. Here are 8 reasons why people in the gym can’t stand you.

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You don’t re rack the weights

Lets say you have a loaded squat bar with a total of 400 pounds on it. After you half repped it for 5 reps you leave all the plates on the bar for the next person to take them off. And you wonder why people hate you?


You flex your abs like an idiot

A quick flex here and there is acceptable, but when you take your shirt off in a crowded gym and pose like an idiot people will get annoyed by your behaviour. Don’t pose like an idiot in a crowded gym unless you are a competitive bodybuilder trying to work on your posing routine.(Like Arnold)

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You are too slow

Another reason why nobody likes you in the gym is because you take forever to get your sets done. It takes you 30 minutes to do 4 sets in the bench press while other guys are waiting. This is probably one of the most annoying things bodybuilders experience in the gym, when you are taking forever to finish your sets.

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You don’t do anything

If you are coming to the gym everyday working out without even pushing yourself you are wasting space, equipment and you are showing much disrespect to your fellow gym goers. If you don’t come to improve your physique and train hard, please get out of others people way who are serious about lifting.


You sweat too much

If you sweat like a pig while working out and leave sweat all over the equipment you use people will instantly hate you. Nothing is more annoying then coming up to a bench and it’s just wet after your sweat.


You are a cocky douchebag

You don’t treat people in the gym with respect and if someone asks you how many sets you got left you answer them in a irritated way. If you think you are the king of the gym and better than other people you will probably not be liked by other gym goers.

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You are chatting and wasting space

You and your 3 mates who go to the gym together are using the gym as a social place to hang out. Laughing, joking around and taking forever to finish your sets, people will get annoyed by you real fast. Please go somewhere else to hangout with your friends.


 You are a guy and wear tight yoga pants

I’m not sure why but for some reason some guys wear tight yoga pants when training. Maby they are proud of their co*k and want to show it off in the gym but it’s definitely not a pretty sight for the average gym rat.

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