8 Reasons Why Bodybuilders Cheat On Their Girlfriends

8 Reasons Why Bodybuilders Cheat On Their Girlfriends

Bodybuilders are by nature more dominant looking and more alpha than other people. It is an extremely hard journey becoming the best bodybuilder you can be but many guys are willing to whatever it takes to achieve their bodybuilding goals. It seems like for some reasons bodybuilders are caught more cheating on their girlfriends than the average Joe’s. You might be wondering why they would do that? we talked with many bodybuilder and they told us the reasons why they cheated on their girlfriend.

More options=more risk

If you are a bodybuilder you probably have girls in line waiting for you to call them and dominate them in the bedroom. That can be hard for some bodybuilders to cope with and some of them can’t let go of the temptation and end up of cheating on their girlfriend.

Not enough sex

Bodybuilders have higher testosterone production than normal guys and therefore have more sex drive and need more sex. Some girls can’t please their bodybuilding boyfriend as much as he needs so they end up cheating with a girl that is willing to please them sexually like they need and desire.

Their girlfriend doesn’t squat

Bodybuilders usually like girls that take care of themselves and their body. If they ever find themselves in a relationship were their girlfriend does not lift weights or do some sort of an activity that keeps her in shape it is an easy task at hand for the bodybuilder to get the number from the squat queen in the gym and get the best sex of their lifetime.

Their girlfriend does not approve of the bodybuilding lifestyle

If a bodybuilder is in a relationship and his girlfriend does not approve of the lifestyle,  like all the money he spends on supplements, gym memberships, time he spends in the gym, expensive foods and so on . He will eventually find himself a girl who appreciates all the hard work that goes into bodybuilding and have sex with her.

She does not cook for him

Bodybuilders need more food than normal people and if their girlfriend is not willing to sacrifice some of her time to cook healthy and nutritious meals for them. They are much more likely to cheat on their girlfriend and find a girl that understands the importance of getting your meals in.

They have experienced the best

Bodybuilders have experienced sex with many of the hottest girls around. So it quickly becomes boring to have sex with the same girl time after time again. it’s like lifting weights in the gym sometimes you need to mix things up to progress in the gym, bodybuilders think the same way about sex, sometimes they need a little change or another partner to get what they need.

They like the simple lifestyle

Bodybuilders are very simple creatures, they feel the best when they get their workouts, cardio and meals in. They feel the best when they are performing well in the gym and their size and strength is increasing. Some girls always want to go on expensive dates and take boring trips. If a bodybuilder finds that the girl is taking away his precious gym time and taking him out of his natural environment he might be tempted to cheat on his girl as a revenge for ruining his gains.

She wants to be the most important thing in his life

Serious bodybuilders have a mission in life and that mission is to be the best bodybuilder that they can be. If a girl thinks she should be nr 1 on his priority list most bodybuilders will be very quick to find themselves another girl that knows her place in his life.

Author: Charlie Green for BroScience

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