How Many Hours Of Sleep Are Vital For Your Muscle Growth

How Many Hours Of Sleep Are Vital For Your Muscle Growth

While some people might proclaim that sleep is for the week, this really couldn’t be further from the truth.

It will make you stronger both physically and mentally.

This is doubly the case if you are training hard and pushing yourself.

All the supplements, training and good nutrition will mean nothing if you are not getting enough rest and recovery, this will all be for nothing.

Being deprived of sleep leads to weight gain, an increase in your stress levels and will affect your cravings and appetite.

Sleep is the key to general wellbeing and building muscle.

Here is what happens to the body when it comes to muscle growth during sleep.

Above view of man sleeping

When it comes to sleep, there are four main stages, changing between REM and on-REM (Rapid Eye Movements) every 90 minutes or so.

The first stage is when you initially doze off and can be woken easily. The brain wave patterns at this stage are associated with muscle memory.

Stage 2 is a light sleep where brain activity slows. The body relaxes to prepare for deep sleep and you will start to produce Human Growth Hormone (HGH) ( you can see the top 3 hgh supplements here) which leads to muscle tissue growth and metabolism regulation.

The 3rd stage is the most restorative part of the sleeping cycle. Blood supply to the muscles increases and further amounts of HGH are released and repair and growth occurs the most here.

An anti-inflammatory hormone is also released.

The final stage is the REM phase where brain activity starts up again, which is why you will be more likely to dream during this period. Extra oxygen is passed through your body to buffer the lactic acid.


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