8 Excuses Non Lifters Use To Skip Leg Days

8 Excuses Non Lifters Use To Skip Leg Days

We all know that one guy that doesn’t train legs and if he does it’s some kind of a sissy workout with no squats or lunges included. These guys that skip leg days always seem to have the perfect excuse of why squatting is bad and why they don’t do them. Here we have the 8 most common excuses guys use to skip leg day.

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1. It ruins your knees

Some guys claim that if you squat it will ruin your knees, I am sure some people have ruined their knees by doing squats with incorrect form and way to much weight. This excuse is definitely not good enough to skip leg days though!

2. I want to fit in my skinny jeans

This must be the most stupid excuse I have heard, ” I have a collection of skinny jeans and I’m not going to get my legs bigger because then I won’t fit in the jeans” If you think this is an acceptable excuse you should stay out of the gym.

3. Squats are only for powerlifters

Squats are not only for powerlifters they are for everyone that wants to increase their strength, size and get gains of their lifetime.

4. Why would I need stronger legs?

“Why would I want stronger legs,? , it’s not going to help me in my daily life activities.”

5. I don’t want to become a freak

Some people really think that if you squat you will get legs like Ronnie Coleman in 3 months.


6. I’m training for aesthetics

Squats are obviously going to help people on their journey to an aesthetic physique but some guys claim that squats will make you look to “freakish” and that’s the reason why they avoid them.

7. My legs are sore for 3 days after squats

Well that’s clearly a sign you did something beneficial in the gym! DOM’S are a killer but a sacrifice most lifters are willing to do.

8. People don’t see my legs anyway, why should I train them?

If you don’t see the benefit of doing squats just skip them, then you won’t be in my way when I am going to use the squat rack.

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