8 Bullsh*t Excuses For Not Hitting The Gym

8 Bullsh*t Excuses For Not Hitting The Gym

Everyone wants results… Everyone wants to look like the guy/girl in the front cover of the magazine… Or be able to perform like their favourite athletes… But not everyone is willing to put in the work and will form a list of bullsh*t excuses to justify their laziness and make themselves feel better about their sedentary progression and mediocrity.


Excuses or success… You can’t have both!

#1 – I don’t have time

This is the biggest and worst excuse of all time! EVERYONE has time! Everyone has the same 24hrs in a day and this is not an excuse to skip the gym!

Say you sleep for 8 hours a day, spend 8 hours a day at work, 2 hour commute there and back, and allow 1 hour for eating, that still leaves 5 hours in the day to spend however you like.. but most people opt to surf the internet, play video games or watch Netflix…

You do have time! It’s just a matter of priorities!

#2 – I’m too tired

Maybe you’ve been burning the candle at both ends? Or had a long busy day at work? But so have hundreds of thousands of other people and you don’t see them making excuses! Instead they’re making progress and smashing their goals!

Get a quick pre workout meal for some energy in you, shot down 2 scoops of your favourite pre workout and go hit the gym like you life depends on it! Workouts on days when you’re tired can turn into some of the best workouts of your life!!!

#3 – I can’t afford it

Today you can pick up a gym membership in most places for in the region of £20/month in the UK or $35/month in the US, with some places in the US even offering memberships for as little as $10/month!

If you can’t find less that £5/$10 a week in your budget, but yet you can still afford that fancy chocolate, or to go out partying on a weekend, maybe you need to revaluate your priorities?

Regardless, going for a walk, hike or run is absolutely free! So what your excuse to not be fit and healthy?

#4 – I don’t want to get too big

This is like saying you don’t want to drive a car in case you become a NASCAR Driver. It’s not going to happen. Building the muscular physiques that you see in magazines and on the internet take years, even decades of hard work in the gym, diet and discipline!

Women tend to use this excuse a lot, however they fail to understand that they lack the hormones naturally that are required for them to obtain the development to achieve that bulky/muscular look that they fear!

So truth be told, no, you’re not going to get too big, if it was that easy we’d have hundreds of thousands of enormous muscular individuals strolling about the streets!

#5 – I don’t know what I’m doing

Guess what?… Everyone at some point in their lives wouldn’t have known what they were doing or where to start if you plonked them in a gym.

In this day and age there is no excuse to have no idea of what to do in the gym as there is an enormous wealth of information available at your fingertips, FOR FREE, on the internet. Whether that be in the form of informative articles or videos on YouTube, there is no excuse!

Another alternative is to find someone who does know what they’re doing, whether that be a friend or a personal trainer at your local gym, and then try and learn as much as you can from them!

#6 – The gym is too crowded

How is this legitimate excuse? There is no reason why this physically stops you from going to the gym!

You’ll find that most people are dead friendly in gyms and will often be willing to share equipment with you. This also introduces a social aspect to the gym and you never know, you could make some really good friends in there!

#7 – The gym is intimidating

We’ve all been there… I’m pretty sure everyone found a building full of grunting, testosterone pumping thought their veins, muscular men intimidating at some point… But the best progress and development is made outside of your comfort zone!

Tackle your fears and insecurities head on, and you’ll be amazed at how fast you progress and develop both as an individual as well as physically!

#8 – I don’t like working out alone

It’s nice to have a workout partner, yes, but it doesn’t always work out, with clashing time schedules and both having lives outside of the gym, but that is no excuse!

When you can’t find a workout partner to train with, its time to don the headphones, blast some music and smash it out solo!

Often, it is much easier to maintain a strong mental focus when you train on your own due to less talk of which can lead to detractions.

Put your excuses aside

There we have it… 8 common excuses, totally invalidated in one tiny article.

So next time you’re thinking of skipping the gym, ask yourself, can you really not make it today? Or is it just another bullsh*t excuse??

Results or Excuses… You can’t have both!!

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